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Cantonese !!


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Pretty sure the tone modification in Cantonese that isn't technically "sandhi" is still commonly enough referred to as "Cantonese tone sandhi" that the question is kind of facetious if that's what it's directed at.

If you meant that the 眼 in 白鴿眼 should retain its lexical tone, then yeah it should but I have heard people modifying low register tones to HR where they "shouldn't" before and while I hesitate to assume Publius's ear for Cantonese tones is accurate, I wouldn't be all that surprised to hear a pronunciation like that.

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Just another nugget for anyone interested:





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I think it is common to write inexpensive as 平, not 便?

Also there appears to be a typo: 佢地見面後

Fong Sun is a bit of a user, eh? Apparently Siu Yuet is good enough to call up when he needs a computer but not good enough to defy his parents for.

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Thank you.

Perfection is elusive.

I think I do like 平. Edit: She says that both are good but in her own experience 便 is more common. I'll just add 平 to the same flashcard and learn both (as I did with 起床/起身).

Yes, maybe the stories at a higher level will be more nuanced. :-)

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