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Actually, i liked it. Seemed like a professional presentation.

A message brought by someone who is physically attractive is easier to take in than when it comes from someone with open sores, warts and hair growing out of the nostrils... That said, where are the attractive men in these "learning" videos? They don't have to be naked or semi-naked but when are we women finally getting to enjoy some eye candy? When?

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SexyMandarin men version sounds like a plan, but who wants to see two men in action? It might look a bit gay...

So... you're implying that two women getting it on isn't gay, but two men getting it on is? I think you've misunderstood the meaning of the word "gay" here... But I guess that if your target audience is straight females instead of gay males, you'd probably be better off with a solo man (talking to the camera?) or a man and a woman. I'm basing that assumption on female-targeted advertising and female-targeted porn.

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I think it is interesting to see simplified Chinese only characters in Japanese.

I don't have a japanese IME currently installed on my computer, so I had to make do with my Chinese one. I suppose I could have used traditional characters, but I'm using 搜狗 and I'm not sure how to change to traditional output.

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This kind of reminds me of 'flirty fishing' brought to you by a Christian cult that sent attractive girls out in order to get men to join up.

Although, it has to be said they did get 'something' in the end. And it wasn't Mandarin.

I wish they'd bring back that cult. Maybe call it 'Mandarin fishing' and base it in the mainland. Why is it I always miss these cult movements...

The best way I ever found to learn Mandarin was finding a Chinese girlfriend that spoke about ten actual words of English. Three months of that and your Chinese improves in leaps and bounds. It helps if they also have absolutely zero desire or intention to learn English.

Arguments go fantastically well too. Their angry and I say the three magic words, 'ting bu dong le!'.

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  • 1 month later...
I give it a couple of months before they figure out this is no way to make actual money.

There've been a couple of videos since, but that's all. Either they're already making money hand over fist from what they've got, or I was right. I should consult.

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