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Hello, 好,

do you know about that website SexyMandarin: http://www.sexymandarin.com/ ?


It offers Mandarin live video lessons online with native mandarin teachers, it uses "wiziq" an application directly on the website (very simple to use).

You can also have group lessons, where you can interact with the other students.

Private and Group Lessons are 1 hour.


Want to study on your own too? you can! :

  • Watch the SexyMandarin video lessons(not live) and pass the test to activate the next lesson! 
  • View the lessons online: Vocabulary, Dialogue, Grammar, Exercises
  • Access to Flashcards
  • Survival Guide covering a lot of useful topics.

You get a new word each day too.


Give it a try =)



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Me, two years ago: "I give it a couple of months before they figure out this is no way to make actual money."

Them, now: "We're profitable, growing and offer a great work environment."


I stand corrected. Turns out sex sells. 


The pricing plans are eye-opening. $39.95 and you're eligible for group lessons on a 'first come first served' basis (?). $74.95 and you get access to the "poker sized game" 

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Well it's 10 people per group lessons, you can book on a calendar at the time that suits you the best.

In fact the teachers are not in lingerie during the Live video lessons, they are very professional and want their students to focus on learning mandarin.


By the way you can still take one of the packages and add as many lessons as you wish. So you can have as many lessons as you want regardless the package you take with unlimited validity.


You can have a free trial lesson too, that can help you assess your level with your teacher. Very useful to help you choose a subject. :wink:

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I think something like this that focuses mainly on language for dating could be legitimately useful without being tacky. Personally, I do tend to get sick of it always being women in these sorts of videos. when are guys going to get a shot at it?

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I can first hand recommend this site. I have studied with all of the lessons for over a year.  The teachers are hot, the vocab is actually useful, and it is actually really cheap!

Even from (presumably) a shill, that's hardly an outstanding endorsement. Nothing mentioned about the credentials or skills of the teachers except that they're hot (as everyone knows, people learn better with hot teachers, SCIENCE!), and apparently their hotness is more important than any other consideration, seeing as it warrants being listed before anything else.

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