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CSC Scholarship - 2014 General Discussion


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Augustinahs, unless it specifies one way or another, it won't make any difference. 

Grawrt - in the past Brian has suggested just sending most recent transcripts. I'd say either this and / or a letter stating that you are enrolled and on course to graduate on whatever date. 

Merric - you're looking for a scholarship to cover a course you're already enrolled on? Odd. For what it's worth Brian provides a link in the first post where you can search for courses with a March start date. 


I'm not an expert on the CSC and have never applied for it, but we're a bit low on experts at the moment - hopefully Brian will have time to drop in and maybe some of last year's applicants can also weight in. On the off-chance any of the new applicants wants to read through last years topics and make notes on the accumulated wisdom, I'll add that to the first post. 

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Hello everyone, I am from India and have applied for CSC PhD scholarship in engineering at Harbin institute of technology. I am fortunate to have found a very nice potential supervisor who has helped me in CSC application process. But still, call it anxiety or paranoia or whatever, some doubts are still lingering in my mind after applying and would appreciate some feedback on the following :

1. Is the 20 page document limit a strict one ? My application came to about 25 pages, mostly as a result of including medical tests reports. Is there a chance that it can be rejected outright because of exceeding the limit ?

2. Does sending the material directly to the university(HIT in this case) increase the chances of getting the scholarship and does including the invitation letter from potential supervisor also increase the chances(or is it just mandatory of graduate applicants and does not affect the chances in any way ) ?

3. My 2 recommendation letters are from undergraduate professors which are more than 4 years old and not from master's professors, will it have an adverse impact ?

4. Since the research area i was applying to is somewhat new to me, I included a study plan with only a brief literature survey not a precise, focused research plan. would it again have an adverse effect in any way ?

5. My master's transcript does not show the overall GPA but only the grades(all A's and B's) achieved in various courses. would it again have an adverse impact?

7. Has anyone else included a copy of list of publications(4 in my case) and not the actual publications themselves ?

8. Why is CSC not asking for a resume or CV ? There was no place in the CSC online application to enter my entire educational and work history.


Thanks for going through all these questions patiently and awaiting your responses.

Good luck to everyone here !!!

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it seems to me after reading through previous years posts here, the chinese government wants to give scholarships to encourage students to come to china and study, and unless someone really makes a mess of their application, applicants generally tend to be successful ? is my hypothesis correct ?

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Hello!, im going to apply this year, but i cant find the aplication form nor the heatlh status form, and the links provided on this tread, the 2013 and 2012 are not working. I have been trying to find those forms on the CSC webpage but i cant find them. can some one of you help me or post them here? :)



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Hi, I had received scholarship last year but because of my personal issues i could not go to China last year. I want to apply this year but somewhere I heard that if you decline once you will not be offered scholarships again. Can someone please clarify a little or post further information. Thank you.

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Hi, I am from Nepal neighboring country to China  :D . I have completed my undergraduate degree majoring Aeronautical Engineering from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,Nanjing China from  2008-2012 with self funding....The whole course was taught in english beside i learned chinese language for first two years which was included in curriculum. I can speak fluent chinese but writing is very difficult task for me.Upon graduation i came back to my country and did  internship.

Now I'm planning to apply masters degree in (Management Science and Engineering)  which is a different major from Aeronautics through CSC scholarship. So what is the probability of getting scholarship if i don't wish to learn language first but study directly for 3 years masters degree. I have searched Universities where  this course is taught in english.I am going to apply through chinese embassy in my country.

So i need suggestion in my case what shall i apply for best to get scholarship!!!!! :help  :help  :help

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@agustinahs: my letters of recommendation were not in sealed envelopes (only my college transcript), so i don't think it is necessary


@grawrt: i am not sure on this, but I think providing your most recent college transcript and your high school diploma (just to be safe) would suffice


@merric: in respect to csc scholarship i don't believe so



1. i feel like you should try to err on the side of caution and try not do anything to hurt your application, is there anyway to make your medical reports 2 sided?, that's what I did with my application last year so i didn't go over the page limit, though maybe going over the page limit isn't really a big deal

2. i remember someone mentioning this on either the csc 2012/13 general discussion or results page, but from my recollection i think sending directly to the the university directly may not really help you in receiving the scholarship because even though the university accepts you into the program, the csc people have the final say in whether you get the scholarship or not. i remember reading cases where people who sent their applications directly to university of their choice were accepted by the university, but when the university  sent their application on to csc, the csc didn't grant them the scholarship (nothing is really certain)

3. I can't really speak on this because I applied for a chinese language and my recommendations were from an mba student whose lab I worked in and my former fundraising supervisor in college. have you tried to get recommendations from your professors in your master's program? if that's not possible could you ask the undergraduate professors who wrote those recommendations to update them in terms of the time stamp, 4 years is a bit outdated.  im just thinking that in america, sending a recommendation 4 years old for a phd program would look odd.

4. hopefully someone who applied for a phd or masters program can help you with this answer

5. i think this is fine

7. maybe reading through the 2012/13 general discussion can help if you have not already done so

8. i included my resume in my application last year even though it wasn't asked for, in hindsight i don't think it wasn't necessary


and yes i think china wants to encourage people to come study in china, but i really can't say anything on the stats on who is successful and not


@AlexanderV: you can access the application online at this website: http://laihua.csc.edu.cn/inscholarship/student/studentLogout.do. you register first and then fill out the application online and once completed you print it out and send it to your embassy/dispatching authority/etc. i'm slow on the uptake but i didn't see how to attach a document, but hopefully this link takes you the the foreigner physical examination form: http://www.cucas.edu.cn/cucas_cms_Download.php?Url=aHR0cDovL3d3dy5jdWNhcy5lZHUuY24vdXBsb2Fkcy92aWRlby8yMDExMTEvMTBkMWY4MTJhMzdhYmE1NjA1YmQ0ZTk1ODQwMGNhMmUucGRm&task=browser


@kcb: i read the same thing on this forum. did you apply through your country's embassy? if so, maybe try asking the person who notified you of your acceptance if applying again would likely have a good outcome


@Alex_01: i think the general consensus is that no one can tell you how likely you are to get the scholarship

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Hey All. Good Luck in Advanced.

A few questions, but I understand no one may have the answer.


1. I have a few majors in mind, dependent on the University. If I was to go to Renda, I would want Sociology, but if I was to go to MinDa, I would want Ethnography. Any ideas on how this may work?


2. Also curious to know what happens if I am awarded the scholarship and then I decline. Can I re-apply? Can I postpone?



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