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春晚 Chinese New Year Show - build-up and live watching


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Watching it on CCTV news here too. Usual mix of amazing sites and too good to be true songs and lyrics, but still entertaining and quite a spectacle. For someone like me, in the UK this is really the only thing of this kind we see except maybe for the opening of the Olympics.


I am enjoying it for what it is, a slice of china and chinese way of thinking.


Happy new year to everyone.

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Hm thanks Shelley.

After the displays of filial piety I'm glad I had the foresight to buy a chocolate cake.

Yum yum.


Eeep! Communist party song!


Dancing robots and drones! indeed 没有共产党就没有新中国.

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If you receive any of the CCTV channels you can try to catch a re-run.

There's also this page with individual videos:


As well as these 4 1h videos

《2016央视春节联欢晚会》 20160207 1/4

《2016央视春节联欢晚会》 20160207 2/4

《2016央视春节联欢晚会》 20160207 3/4

《2016央视春节联欢晚会》 20160207 4/4


(I haven't tried to play any of these, no guarantee)

Edit: corrected the links.

Search page:


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