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So I did a search on this forum for 咱们结婚吧 and was surprised to not find much about it. I just started watching this show for listening practice and it's definitely the best Chinese show I've watched yet. 


The language isn't too hard, I'd rank it along the same lines as shows like 奋斗 and 男人帮. The story is very predictable but fairly interesting. Also, all the episodes are on youtube - with the option to turn on English subtitles. For me this is a godsend, I hate when Chinese media has English subs already attached, but it's nice to be able turn them on and off at the click of a button when I don't understand a specific line. The Chinese subtitles are of course always there at the bottom.


Has anyone else watched this show? Any thoughts?

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桃子 is the best, her mom is very annoying. 

I agree though, this show has the most comprehensible Chinese that I've heard so far. They speak at a reasonable pace, seems like very standard putonghua.The dialogue is also quite practical because most of the show revolves around daily life situations. 

Overall, I think its quite an interesting show, check it out!

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I started watching this couple of months ago, but I felt it was a bit boring and and super predictable, so I stopped.

I've been watching 妇产科男医生, and it's a bit more interesting, if also predictable.

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Here it means something like "started to drink".

It seems verb+上了+object can mean both "started to do something" as in 她爱上了他 "She fell in love with him(She started to love him)", and also "be able to do" as in 终于吃上了饭 "finally able to have a meal".

Hope it helps.

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It's a question asking what language is being spoken, and perhaps the place that language is from as well.


Zhou Fan: 你干某的? What are you doing


Song Mei: 这是哪里话? What language or dialect is that?


Zhou Fan: 常德话。It's Changde [a city in Hunan] dialect

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