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I think in a conversation I would interpret it more as "What kind of language is this?" Similar to what ZhangJiang said, to counteract someone else's statement.


I can imagine talking to a friend being negative about him/herself, ie "oh, I'm not smart/pretty/blahblah" and saying 這是哪裡話! to mean, that's not true, why are you saying that...

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@Meatie, you're making a lot of posts that are just single sentences out of nowhere.  Is this part of some larger project you are undertaking (reading a novel perhaps) and if so, it would probably make a bit more sense to start a topic explaining the broader objective rather than making so many unconnected posts.

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It's perfectly fine to ask such questions, it's just that it's also often of interest for people answering the questions to have context, not to mention it might also be useful to other learners watching the series (several other TV show threads have word lists and vocab also).


Anyway, I'm going to merge all of your threads with the main thread on 咱们结婚吧, so that other people viewing that show in the future will also have a single place to find vocab and related questions.  Feel free to keep asking future vocab/grammar questions related to 咱们结婚吧 there.

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