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Yes, appologies. I wasn't being totally accurate here. A scene maybe more like 一幕. 一出 is a part of a play which I don't know how to say in English maybe a story? an episode?. But the idea is 一出戏 is not a whole play( which is 一部戏 in modern days and 一本戏 traditionally).

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@MPhillips Thanks for the explanation on "Act", it's one of those words that I understand but can't think up, don't know if you have the same feeling with some Chinese words?


Well for me, to refer to a whole play as just 一出 doesn't feel right but what a word actually means is not up to me. And the word 一出 may have more strict definitions in scripts where it is actually used  (traditional Chinese dramas) and more general meaning out of the field in daily speech. So I think I'm kind of conservative in this regard.

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Both pronunciations are common, and both are correct depending on which dictionary you consult.


现代汉语规范词典: zěnmezhe

國語辭典: zěnmezhe

Dict.cn: zěn​me​zhāo

MDBG: zěn​me​zhāo

Baidu Dict: zěnmezhāo

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It may depend on the situation, do you have some more context?...  I've seen it used as meaning "collateral".  For example if you loan someone a bicycle and you take 100块 as collateral in case it's not returned.


I think it could also mean if you were in a negotiation with someone and you squeezed the price down 100块.

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