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Yes, we all took some time off after the Kickstarter. Might have been the most stressful month of my life.


We're still waiting for the Kickstarter money to reach our account, but once it does we'll be looking to hire a few people and get things going. I'm in the States for the next few weeks visiting family. For now, I'm working on the website, getting a store set up, and figuring out printing and shipping considerations for the posters. Ash will be in Beijing for a conference next month and will be heading to Shanghai for a few days as well. He'll be meeting with quite a few people while there, of course.


I'll update here when there's anything significant to say, and of course I'm always happy to answer questions.

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For each character, you have several hundred words of explanation.


Sometimes it takes less time to understand an explanation of 1000 words than an explanation of 100.



This explanation involves several different kinds of components, but a component that serves one function in this character might serve another function in another character, and yet another function in another character. And there's no system for knowing this, you just have to read each entry and learn it. Reading the entry for one character won't help you with any other characters. Maybe I'm expecting a bit too much out of the words 'system' and 'systematic'.



[Aside] Though this be madness, yet there is method in't.

Hamlet Act 2, scene 2, 193–206

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I took a look at your website and scrolled through the demo version and I have to say that it looks professional, well/designed and extremely useful! However, I find it a bit difficult to see the difference between the normal and expert versions. Is there a way you could show us an example with one character of what you get with the normal version and the expert one??



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Yes, it's not especially clear. However, if you open any of the "Full Features" entries, you can see the difference between the Essentials and Expert Edition by clicking "For Experts Only." That will collapse the section that only appears in the Expert Edition. That function doesn't work in the other entries (it's just a demo), but anything appearing below "For Experts Only" won't appear in the Essentials Edition.

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In case anyone missed it there was an update today on the Kickstarter page:

“Delay Announcement


As you may have guessed, the dictionary release will be delayed. There's a very good reason for that, but I'm going to have to ask everyone to bear with us for a few more days before we give any more details—we're waiting for one last thing to fall in place before we tell you what's going on.

We know our silence has been deafening lately, and how frustrating that must be for all of our backers. Please know that there’s a good reason for our silence.

Our next update (as soon as we can, I promise!) will have more details about the reasons for the delay, as well as an updated release schedule.

-Ash and John”

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I'm sorry about your problems, OneEye, it sounds like an awful nightmare. Your plan sounds good to me, I hope you can stick to it, I'm sure a staggered release will keep most people happy.


It'd really be nice if you kept us informed via your blog and/or posts here.


Good luck!

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Damn. Hope you guys get back what you're owed in court! I have a question, though...

Release a “mini-version” that will give enough information to get you started using functional components right away

Does "right away" mean release it right away, or that it will allow you to start right away once released? If it means the latter, what's the timeframe for this?

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it means to get you started using functional components, in other words to make it available for users to start learning functional components

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Thanks for the updates OneEye and Mike! That clears up a lot! 


One thing that wasn't mentioned (I think, sorry if I missed it) was what will will happen with book/learners manual that you planned to do with Olle Linge and John Pasden. Is that postponed indefinitely or is there a time plan for that as well? I understand (and agree) if you plan to fully focus on the dictionary itself for the time being.

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