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Hey Judith! 

Sorry I haven't really been active on here since I arrived, as I've been training with work and my schedule is all over the place! I wont have a solid timetable for work for another fortnight probably. It'll be that I'll have Mondays, and maybe Thursday off, then I work afternoons/evenings and weekend.

Always happy to meet up around that, and explore the city together :) 

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Guys, a while ago I arrived to the hostel. I hate china! Everything I wanted to do or needed gone wrong. Right now I just want to cry, arrive tomorrow at Harbin and be safe.



Hi Judith, I know your feeling! I go through this at once a day here lol. It does get better. I have this feeling that I will either like the country or hate it after a year :)
I could write a blog about all the things I dislike (hate too strong a word) here. So many things p#ss me off here on a daily basis. The latest one is all guys spitting on the floor of the changing rooms in the gyms. 
It's good to find your own 'time out' or method you have to avoid things getting to you. For me its just going to the cinema with my bucket of popcorn. 
(Maybe we should have a medicinal 'getting things of your chest forum' :D )
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It's the district next to mine, I just went there today to buy some stuff from the indoor market.

I'm babysitting tomorrow :( but I'd love to arrange another time. Daoli district is quite good for a stroll but it's quite far from Xiangfang. I hope everything is better these few days?

By the way does anyone know how to use vpn? I would really like to use google.

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You said some shitty things about burgos, but you were right, burgos is a shit. Today I have to go with my chinese friend to play badmington and dinner, but next week i will be free. Natalie, about the VPN, just find which one you want pay and they do everything for you, I have PandaPow and works really well, they send to your email the links and the instructions you have to follow to make it work, and I did despite I am a totally mess with computers.

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I use 12VPN, it's one of the best ones to use if you're in China apparently and isn't too expensive - and you can have it on your laptop/ipad/iphone etc (I've set it up on all 3 of mine since being here and have had no problems at all!) 

This is the link to use whilst you are in china (as the main site is blocked without a VPN!):


This is the website usually: 


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Thanks Emily, will check it out! What a night, spent hours in the hospital waiting for A&E (ironically). Hope everyone else's week is going better than mine. Aparently temperature is dropping tonight so it'll be below minus during the day too. It was snowing when I was out earlier, be careful of ice!

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