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Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)上海交通大学 CSC and Other Scholarship Applications


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@Tiri I emailed them too but they didnt give me a response, then I called them and they said that they have already suspended the auto cancellation ..... As far as i know they havent replied to anyone but peoples who mailed them didnt have their reservation canceled automatically.


Sorry I wasnt around to share what info I had earlier :( I fell asleep! Also everyone got the same check in and check out dates.



Lol just messing with ya, thanks for dropping in!

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@Ramloc17 I paid with Visa immediately after registration. I just didn't want to risk anything the first time, I won't be this stressed next time I'll have to register xd And I was surprised to find out that currency conversion didn't eat up that much. But still, next time I'll postpone it for sure, otherwise it's just a waste of money, no matter how small.

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@Tiri Next time we will already have scholarship money and hand and they wont let us postpone payments! But yeah well done, the world seemed like it was scheming against you :D. Also these currency conversion and exra charges are in the range of 1-1.5 % so its no big deal. Glad to hear your booked!


who else made it? I think theres only 1 other with me in xuhui

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@Nhq0117 Yeah.... This hostel is good enough for people who are paying from their own pockets to want to come here......id think someone whos paying 30000 yuan a year would go off campus....but yeah i guess there would be 5 or 10 who would wana come.... just wish they displayed nationality in English so people could see im pakistani as well as muslim and avoid me :D


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