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Hani twice-smoked meat 烟熏肉


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I should probably add that this dish can be made with smoked pork, available packaged in Chinese grocery stores anywhere. One could also probably substitute thick-sliced, applewood-smoked bacon to good effect, but it would have a bit less lean and a bit more fat.

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10 hours ago, Alex_Hart said:

Out of curiosity, how does this compare to the 腊肉 that I've seen hanging outside everybody's windows around New Year?


It is in point of fact a type of 腊肉, but usually made from pieces of pork belly 五花肉 that have a more even balance of lean to fat meat. Plus some, like the piece I was given, is given a brief second smoking over green cedar.


It's something that is very much a part of Chinese New Year, or in this case Hani New Year. In and around Lu Chun 绿春, in Yunnan's high south mountains, they celebrate this in early November or late October. The date moves from year to year, tied partly to the crop cycle, rice harvest and such, but ultimately set or at least approved by a shaman. This year it was on 20 October, which was seen as auspicious because of a full moon.


The people in my friend's village are poor subsistence farmers who don't always have meat. It's something reserved for a special occasion. Extended families communally raise one pig, carefully feeding and tending it a whole year. Then it is killed shortly before the New Year celebration so the bounty can become part of a big feast.


Over time one such feast became famous throughout Yunnan and throughout China, namely the Hani Long Street Banquet 长街宴。 It has become an established (domestic) tourist draw, very jolly, gay, and 热闹。Free flowing spirits, singing and dancing.





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