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Pear porridge for winter cough 雪梨粥


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@amytheorangutan -- It's tasty and soothing even if one is not ill. Hope you will give it a try.


I'm back in the US now on my annual visit. Made this pear porridge for my brother's family in Austin. Everyone politely picked at it and tried to smile. The idea of it was just a little too foreign. The consensus was "strange, but sort of OK." This dish is definitely something that appeals more to Chinese palates.  It's unlikely to ever be a hit at Panda Express.


But while back here in Texas I've had a chance to polish up such southern staples as sausage, biscuits and gravy (this week) and pinto beans and turnip greens (last week.) Also have made lots of excellent guacamole, served with tortilla chips. The avocados are flavorful and inexpensive. (Grown in nearby Mexico.) Made one nice pot of venison chili from scratch; and one pot of killer beef stew. 


"When in Rome..." (入乡随俗)。

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I gave it a go and used sticky rice, pear, red dates (the quality weren’t good, they’re not sweet), jujube and lotus roots. Turned out nice. We enjoyed it very much even though we don’t have cough or cold ?


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12 hours ago, backwards said:

You can also steam the pear with rock sugar to relieve cough.


Thanks for your comment. You're right! Here's a discussion of that plus a recipe:





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