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HSK online test "at home edition" 居家网考 May-June 2020 (COVID special)


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1 hour ago, SABSNL said:

or some reason I cannot go through the second page of the program, is it a mic test? I have my mics on but it doesn't let me through

have you just tried it today?


if so it's too late i think for the mock, you have to do it a couple of days before at least.


i tried last friday and it wouldn't let me in,

so i emailed the teacher, and she said that they switch the servers over a day before the exam, and last weekend she said there were some other exams, and try again monday.

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Thank you folks for this very helpful conversation. And specially to mungouk for his unexpected bonus (6/9/2020). 


I have signed up for online test from home next March 13th. I installed ExamApp, can test the webcam and headsets, but there is no actual mock test to download. I was trying different laptops to check if it was my laptop issue. I was a bit lost as there absolutely no official information, but then I say mungouk's post that he had the same issue last summer. That was good to know!


I hope they will upload some mock exams soon, I have one month to go. I have done lots on paper, but like to experience the digital user experience before the actual exam. Maybe after Chinese New Year celebration.


Thank you!

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It was working for me 7 days ago, but now I'm also seeing that there is no test to download. 




Presumably everyone at the test centre is on holiday right now... 11-17 Feb is a public holiday. 


Plenty of time before the next test on 13 March anyway.


btw this thread is more current, regarding the tests in March, April and June: https://www.chinese-forums.com/forums/topic/60834-another-online-at-home-hsk-test-february-march-april-june/

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