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Tsing Tao should change to Qing Dao


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1 minute ago, 889 said:

would suggest it's something Commie, and who wants to buy that.


Pretty sure people are comfortable buying things made in China - read the global economy the last 40 years.


And anyhow, given Tsingtao is predominantly drunk by Chinese people, I doubt many would say ewww not drinking that Commie stuff...

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31 minutes ago, suMMit said:

I dont like that Tsing Tao romanization at all. The beer is made in 青岛 have the nuts now to change it and call it Qing Dao. 


Agreed - although im only at the mild point. That if i sit back and think about it, i think its odd.


for those liking the traditional slant, why not Tsingtau the german name for Qingdao given they started the beer production?

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5 minutes ago, suMMit said:

so i guess you refer to Beijing as Peking? Have you been to Canton?


Yeah, I also went to Szechuan... It's just a brand name. Some people will like it and some won't. Anyway you could propose the company to change the name. Maybe they will seriously consider it!

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17 minutes ago, 889 said:

non-Commie beer.


I love defining my products by political ideologies. Imperialist stout or Leninist vodka being my personal favourites. Although I have to point out, no-one calls Tsingtao "commie beer" thats outdated bro, its referred to as "Beer with Chinese characteristics" 

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It's a brand's name. What does that have to do with the place it was originally produced?


If there was a company in New York called "New Amsterdam cookies" would you ask them to change their name to reflect socio-geographical conventions and to not remind people of the huge drama that 17th Century European colonization was?



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6 minutes ago, Tomsima said:

Chinese characteristics? What's China? the country is Zhongguo, they should have the nuts to change it!

Yes, they should.


And its too bad they feel the need to give every brand an English name, they should be embarrassed by this.

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1 minute ago, suMMit said:

And its too bad they feel the need to give every brand an English name, they should be embarrassed by this.


Did I wake up today to a world where post British-american imperialism is not a thing?


Has marketing theory also been replaced by something else as consumer society's main engine?


Are you trolling?

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I love the elegance and parsimony of pinyin as much as the next filthy commie, and I agree the older Romanization systems are ugly and clunky by comparison.


Unfortunately though, capitalism is not optimized for elegance and parsimony, it's optimized for what sells. What sells in this case is brand recognition, and you'll have a hell of a time convincing English speakers that "Qingdao" is actually the exact same word as "Tsingtao".


And post-改革开放 China, as we all know, is a deeply capitalist country.

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