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About this blog

I'm starting this blog because sometimes I feel like saying something about (my) Chinese learning that isn't really worth a forum post or is not a question. Somewhere to document my progress. It has been just about exactly a year now of consistent work, so I'm interested to see where my 普通话 is next New Year's holiday. I will try to use this space to post some interesting things I find along the climb!

Entries in this blog



I hand an off hand compliment last night. I was at a 湖南饭馆 last night. I was sitting around a corner kind of out of the way. at one point, I called out 服务员, the waitress instantly stopped and looked around for who was calling her. She turned to the guy sitting at the table behind her and asked him what he needed, he said he hadn't called her. She did the same with another customer. I then called her again and she made eye contact with me. This was a small victory, because when I first started, I could never seem to get a response from saying 服务员, last night the waitress thought it could have come from a native speaker?


Peppering in some Intermediate Cpod

The last few days I've been moving up to some Intermediate ChinesePod lessons. The thing I love about them, compared to Elementary ones, is the Chinese host speaking completely in Chinese(at least the John Pasden and Fiona Tian episodes) while the native English speaker speaks English. This 50/50 banter is great listening practice and nice grammar and vocab reinforcement. I had been getting pretty tired of listening to Jenny, etc speak English to be honest, as its kind of a waste of time. Looks like theres over 700 of them in front of me, yeehaw!

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