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First episode 11 - 奋斗


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Yay! We have four people already! Plus a few who have seen it already and are willing to help out with explanations.

Yeah, we're starting at the beginning, but atitarev and I have seen the first episode already. Also, there's lots of explanations on the first episode already (including summary, vocab, etc.) So feel free to watch that one whenever you get to it, shouldn't be too difficult. By all means, shout if you have trouble.

The rest, we can watch in any way we arrange. Maybe two a week? More? Less?

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I think some other guys would also prefer the slow but thorough method, and I have no problem with one a week. The only problem is that it will take a long time to finish with that schedule.

How about we schedule the second episode for the coming weekend, and make sure that everyone has seen the first one until then?

The first one shouldn't be too hard, as there is the vocab list and the summary here in the thread. I can post a (short) summary of episode 2 on the weekend then, and we can see how well people are getting along. It will be revision for those of us who have seen it already.

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Some of the words Renzhe had blanks for, using Wenlin:

火急 huǒjí v.p. urgent; pressing

大款 dàkuǎn n. ①〈coll.〉 magnate; tycoon; moneybags M:ge/²wèi ②nouveau riche ③a big sum of money M:²bǐ

铁磁[鐵-] tiěcí attr. ①ferromagnetic ②very good; faithful; reliable (of relationship) ◆n. intimate friend; close friend; soul mate

菜瓜 càiguā n. 〈bot.〉 ①snake melon ②cucumber M:¹tiáo ◆id. 〈topo.〉 upbraid; berate; reprove

猴/喉急 hóují v.p. 〈topo.〉 ①very impatient ②feel anxious; feel worried

愤世嫉俗[憤---] fènshìjísú f.e. ①detest the world and its ways; be cynical ②misanthropic; cynical

头破血流 tóu pò xuè liú - I'm guessing this is something like "blood and sweat", great effort

Good guessing :) 头破血流[頭---] tóupòxuèliú head broken and bleeding

I couldn't find translations for 鞠射 and 士帽.

I don't understand the meaning of the highlighted phrase at the very beginning of the episode 1:



他们要不给 我找人



As in Renzhe's list, 先礼后兵 means "(try) peaceful means before resorting to force" (usually use Wenlin's ABC dictionary).

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The conversation goes like this:


不至于 不就一次作弊吗? 学校也不能毁了你一辈子

他们要不给 我找人


Basically, 高强 is worried that the school will not give him a degree / academic title (不给我学位), and 向南 reassures him that they wouldn't go that far (不至于), because he's only been caught cheating once (不就一次作弊吗: wasn't it only once that you cheated/plagiarised?). He also says that the school can't ruin his entire life over this (不能毁了你一辈子, here 毁 means to ruin somebody's reputation).

Then 华子 says: If they don't give you (it), I will look for (contact) some people. 要 here is short for 要是, meaning "if". He's trying to reassure 高强, and we don't know what sort of people he would contact or how he would sort it out. It's basically "I know some people, I can take care of it, don't worry, but first let's keep it civil, nothing has happened yet".

Then he goes on about some kid who pulled out a knife and threatened to kill people if they didn't let him graduate, and who turned out to be a successful scientist, but it's kind of idle youth chatter, not really a plan or anything. :mrgreen:

One part that I had to rewatch a couple of times is in the restaurant after the fashion show. 米莱 says to 夏琳 that her boyfriend 关鹏 (sitting at the table) wants to tell her something, and she asks how come he doesn't say it directly, but has to go through a proxy, and 米莱 says that he was too embarrassed. 夏琳 then says "看来你们俩关系比我们俩好啊", that the two of them (米莱 and 关鹏) have a closer relationship than she does with him. Then 陆涛 calls the waiter and orders a bowl of vinegar (服务员 来碗浓醋!)

"吃醋" (and I guess "喝醋" also) means to be jealous, so 夏琳 asks him "你喝还是我喝呀?" (who should be drinking vinegar, you or me?), after which he orders another bowl. I guess this is the part where he leaves a good impression on her (for being funny) and why she gets interested in him.

Also, I don't usually go for sugary pop, but for some reason, I really like the intro credits song.

EDIT: So, are we on? The second episode on the weekend? Prepare all the sticky parts so we can discuss them.

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Excellent, thank you, Renzhe. :) Interesting how easily I can get confused in simple phrases where I understand all the words but not the meaning of the dialogue.

It will take me some time with episode 1, you guys, go ahead with episode 2 if you wish. I will be reading the transcript slowly, I've got heaps of other things on, sorry.

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Since I want as many people as possible to get involved in this, I've gone through the second episode and picked out the interesting vocabulary and written up most of the conversations to help people get through it. Most of this vocab is very very useful.

You can use this to help you on the weekend.


At the beginning of this episode, we see 陆涛 and 夏琳's relationship develop, they go through fights, and through knowing that they'll be apart. Although 陆涛 promises to visit her in Paris in two months, they find it hard, and spend all their free time together. Until the day she is supposed to leave, when she forgets her bag in his appartment, and while they're picking it up, 米莱 visits him. They pretend nobody is home, but she then calls 夏琳's mobile and hears it ringing inside, and understands what's going on. 夏琳 cancels the study in France and 米莱 decides to leave to the USA to study. She leaves the keys for the apartment she rented from 晓芸's mother to 晓芸 so she can have a place to of her own to stay at. 陆涛 and 夏琳 apologise to 米莱 (without much success).

Their relationship takes off from there, they hang out with 华子 and 向南, and 向南 is urging 夏琳 to introduce him to some of her girlfriends, as soon as possible, before 华子 borrows all his money. 华子 is working as a reseller of used cars -- the market is really good for this at the moment. Then 华子 and 向南 bicker about money. Through the discussion, we find out that both 夏琳 and 陆涛 are looking for a job. 向南's dad arranged for him to work in some import/export company. He expected he'd be assistant manager or something, but ended up being a store-room clerk and he's wondering why he decided to study civil engineering in the first place, when all the money is in accounting and law. 陆涛 is hoping to get a job in a French company. Apparently, only one guy from their class, some 刘芳干 managed to get a job in their field.

At home, 陆涛 stepfather would like him to go into research, as education is important for a person's standing, and can't hurt. 陆涛 feels that this is unimportant, the only thing that matters today is money and influence. He doesn't want a life like his stepfather, unsuccessful at anything other than being a bookworm. The mother is caught in the middle, and though she supports him, she doesn't want them to fight.

陆涛 attends the interview, and they want to send him abroad, but to Africa, not France. He has to listen to a lecture how young people should be prepared to suffer and not ask for too much, but 陆涛 is not very convinced.

夏琳's mother collapses in a crowded bus, and tells her that she's suffering because she passed up such a good opportunity to go abroad. At home 陆涛 complains to 华子 about it, 夏琳 cooked for both of them. She has noticed 华子's adverts plastered all over the cabs around the city and thinks 陆涛 shouldn't be too picky (she suggest he doesn't have a job because he's asking for too much money). 华子 boasts about his brand new car, and 夏琳 says that she really needs money, because her parents divorced three years ago, and she tries to help her father with his living costs. She is planning to take a part-time job as a model, but 陆涛 doesn't like this (shady job with shady people), and insists she gets a proper job. She has an interview, but the interviewer is a bit creepy, so that doesn't work out.

陆涛 meets his mother and finds out that his real father has return and would like to meet him. He was in the same class with her and the stepfather. The real father got accepted to an American university and left while she was pregnant. 陆涛 is not impressed. The mother would like him to meet him at the airport. He refuses and leaves, and she tells him to bring his new girlfriend home so they can meet her.

He meets 夏琳 and they argue for a while, she gave up on France because of him, and he counters (unconvincingly) that he gave up going to Africa because of her, and she doesn't feel that this is the same. Still, it's not a serious argument, and she convinces him to go meet the real father when he arrives. He agrees, but messes up, arriving too late. The father leaves to the hotel alone.

嫉妒 jí dù - jealous / envy

信心 xìn xīn - confidence / faith (in sb or sth)

傍款 bàng kuǎn - ??? the debt/payment is drawing near?

名牌 míng pái - famous brand

发票 fā piào - invoice / receipt or bill for purchase

窗帘 chuāng lián - window curtains

签证 qiān zhèng - visa / certificate / to certify

学费 xué fèi - tuition fee / tuition

打工 dǎ gōng - to work (do manual labor for a living) / a part time job

让我受不了 I cannot bear/endure it

打折 dǎ zhé - to give a discount

机票 jī piào - air ticket

毛毯 máo tǎn - blanket

和那天除了我的所有人抱头痛哭 to hug and weep with everyone except me

每时每刻 every single moment

心碎 xīn suì - heart-broken

到期 dào qī - become due (e.g. loans)

回头 huí tóu - to turn round / to turn one's head / later

全赖你 quán lài nǐ - all your fault

自己球臭 (in context) you played that ball badly yourself

馋 chán - gluttonous / greedy

跟你差不多水平的姑娘 girls of a similar level as you

闹别扭 nào biè niu - to be difficult with sb / to provoke disagreement

较劲 jiào jìn - to match one's strength with / to compete / to make a special effort

AA制 to "go Dutch" / to split the bill

面试 miàn shì - to interview / to audition / interview / audition

张罗 zhāng luo - to attend to / to get busy about / to raise money

考证 kǎo zhèng - to verify (based on written evidence)

国际会计 guó jì - kuài jì international accounting

建筑 jiàn zhù - building / to construct

保管员 bǎo guǎn yuán - custodian / storeroom clerk

法国印象派 French impressionism

画展 huà zhǎn - art exhibition

咱班 zán bān - our class

排水 pái shuǐ - drain

左拥右抱 lit. to hold left and hug right -- hugging all over the place

渊博 yuān bó - erudite / profound / learned

视野 shì yě - field of view / horizon

宽容 kuān róng - lenient / tolerant

尝试 cháng shì - to try / to attempt

气氛 qì fēn - atmosphere / mood

风光 fēng guāng - a natural scenic view

埃塞俄比亚 Āi sài é bǐ yà - Ethiopia, East Africa

娱乐 yú lè - entertainment

办事处 bàn shì chù - office / agency

寄托 jì tuō - to entrust the care of sb / to place (hope etc) on

失望 shī wàng - disappointed / to lose hope / to despair

越快越好 the sooner the better


吉普 Jí pǔ - Jeep

唯一的希望 the only hope

临时工 lín shí gōng - day laborer / temporary work

俱乐部 jù lè bù - club (i.e. a group or organization)



崩溃 bēng kuì - collapse / crumble / fall apart

赔罪 péi zuì - to apologize

灵取通知 this should be the notice of acceptance (from a university or company)

秀才 xiù cai - scholar / in Ming and Qing times, a person who has passed the county level imperial exam


正规 zhèng guī - regular / according to standards

冰激凌 bīng jī líng - ice cream


But that chap, not only did he not understand the profession, he also came up with all these conditions...

One conversation that I could understand in general, but not in detail:




We both have B blod type


It would be strange if we didn't clash.

I'm guessing that he's saying that they both have a conflicting personality, so it's expected that they would argue. What's the golden cow and two fish all about? :mrgreen:

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Star signs - Taurus and Pisces. Bear in mind that Chinese regard blood type as determining personality (if they believe that kind of thing).

开陆虎 - to drive a 陆虎, Land Rover

炒更 to have a second job / moonlight.

靠谱 to follow the chart, (musical) score - to be reasonable. Usually as in 不靠谱。

灵取通知 should probable be 录取. Unless it's a notification that your soul has been picked up or something . . .

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Thanks for the summary Renzhe, great stuff.

She [米莱] leaves the keys for the apartment she rented from 晓芸's mother to 晓芸 so she can have a place to of her own to stay at.

This was probably my favourite bit. Because in the first episode, 米莱 was desperate to get the apartment to further her relationship with 陆涛, and 晓芸's mother ripped her off shamelessly. 晓芸 was really embarrassed and tried to oppose this. But, early in the second episode, when 米莱 paid all the rent in advance, 晓芸's mother bought 晓芸 an expensive new mobile out of the money to shut her up. So 晓芸 has done very nicely, thank you. Not only does she have a apartment of her own rent free, she's also scored an expensive new mobile. She did at least have the grace to be embarrassed when 米莱 pressed the keys on her.

Even making allowance for passion, stress, parting etc, 陆涛's possessiveness is borderline disturbing, throwing away 夏琳's ringing mobile and banning her from taking calls. Which leads me to my question, what has happened to that boyfriend she had in episode 1? He turned up to see her off at the airport, but I'm not sure he was mentioned after that. Has he just dropped out of the picture or did I miss something that suggests we will hear more about him? Unless I misunderstood, 夏琳 ripped up and expensive designer top he gave her because 陆涛 strongly objected to her wearing it and I thought that was a good scene. Having the ex-boyfriend around a bit would be entertaining.

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Not only does she have a apartment of her own rent free

Not for long, though. The mother takes care of that little issue soon enough.

I think that 晓芸 is simply childish in a lot of ways and doesn't have the strength to oppose strong people like her mother. That will probably lead to being used by other people in the future. But she seems to be very close to 米莱 and at least have a sense of right and wrong, even though she can be manipulated to cross this rather easily.

I guess I'm the only guy who doesn't outright hate 陆涛 in here. I don't know why, but I don't see him as bad as most of the others. He is quite annoying, but I get the impression that he's used to getting everything he wants, and that he is really struggling once things don't work for him, which starts around the beginning of this show. The possessive idiot parts seem to be his way of (badly) dealing with this helplessness.

With the boyfriend, I think that everything fell apart once the relationship between 陆涛 and 夏琳 is exposed. She cancelled the France trip, 米莱 decides to leave herself, and 夏琳 was actually at the airport to see her off. I guess that, once 米莱 and everyone else found out, there was no way to keep the charade going, and he was just dumped (or she).

EDIT: Episode 4 confirms it, they broke up after she hooked up with 陆涛.

I have watched about 30% of episode and read the transcript at the same time, it's tough. I will try to finish on the weekend if I have time.

If you have sticky parts, give us a shout.

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Even making allowance for passion, stress, parting etc, 陆涛's possessiveness is borderline disturbing
I guess I'm the only guy who doesn't outright hate 陆涛 in here.

Well, I said "borderline", I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. There are definitely some things about him I like. He seems to be both quite talented and principled.

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Outrage! 奋斗 appears to have been removed from Youku.

But anyway, one other thing I think worth mentioning is that 华子 and the person he accidentally starts a fight with in episode 1, become good friends and that person offers 华子 a job selling cars (not sure if this is episode 2 and can't check at the moment due to above mentioned problem) and in later episodes, they also get caught up in a bunch of other things.

In other news, while searching for another online copy, it appears there is a sequel of sorts. Well not really a sequel, but it appears to contain a bunch of the same cast playing different characters - 幸福在哪里. It also contains a bunch the usual suspects from some of the other TV shows we've seen, and those that have seen 中国式离婚 might find it amusing that the character who plays 东北 in that series, plays a character called 建平 in this one (well ok, not quite, he's actually called 剑平).

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Outrage! 奋斗 appears to have been removed from Youku.

Darn! You're right.

But no worries, it's still on tudou: http://so.tudou.com/isearch.do?kw=%B7%DC%B6%B7, so people can watch it online if they don't want to download.

Atitarev, if you pick out words I missed (either by mistake or because they didn't seem too difficult while I was skimming through the show), by all means post them here once you're finished. Somebody out there is bound to find them useful.

As for sequels, our next scheduled show from the first episode project also seems to be very similar to 奋斗, even with some of the same cast members, and some of the artwork seems to be exactly the same too.

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