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First episode 11 - 奋斗


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Yes, I'm still watching.

I'm getting interested in Xia Lin. Things are starting to look dangerous for her. A moment ago she was bound for Paris, now she is a hostess in a dodgy bar. She is still strongly idealistic and committed to following her dream, but how long will it be before she has to make some compromises?

I thought the last scene was great. Although as a whole it is quite tragic, it was very funny when Lu Tao's father realised that the number that Xia Lin had given him was Lu Tao's. The subsequent conversation between Lu Tao and Xia Lin, as translated by Renzhe, is very moving.


You tell me, am I earning money or losing money here?

My guess is she is making money!

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--- Plot Summary Episode 4 ---

We start with 夏琳 and 陆涛 visiting her father, a no-hoper who survives by selling fish. After she secretly leaves some money, he insists on giving her some money for her birthday. This hits a spot with her, and they both (夏琳 and 陆涛) vow to struggle and build a good future for them. On her way home from his place, she runs into 晓芸, who has apparently moved into the neighbourhood (into 米莱's apartment).

When 晓芸 gets home, her mother is already renting the apartment to a young couple. Although she already took money from 米莱 (who left the apartment to 晓芸), she's going to rent it again, thus getting twice the money. After the mother names every single object in the apartment, they decide to rent it. 晓芸 is not happy about it, but her mother tells her that the money can buy a hearing aid for the grandmother -- she is a manipulative woman indeed. 晓芸 takes 米莱's stuff out of the apartment. She goes to visit 夏琳 to give her the stuff belonging to 陆涛 which 米莱 had left in the apartment. She is very cold towards 夏琳 because she is upset about the way she has treated 米莱, but 夏琳 convinces her to have a seat, and before too long, they are friends again and go to a food stall to eat some grilled food they both love. 夏琳 tries to convince her to get a boyfriend, but 晓芸 is not really interested.

Later, in the club, 陆涛 causes another scene after some drunken bum tries to grab 夏琳 and buy her a drink. 夏琳 is unhappy about this, but doesn't want to talk about it until tomorrow, and she arranges to meet him after work (he's starting work tomorrow) in a small fast food outside of his office building.

The first working day for 陆涛 consists of humouring that annoying daughter of his father's business partner again. Although she's pouting about the fact that he has a girlfriend, she agrees to go with him to the arcade. Silly girl. After suffering through that for the whole day, he meets 夏琳 in the restaurant and a discussion results (see the translation in the previous post).

夏琳 and 晓芸 are good friends again, and they join a Taekwondo club for some training, which they finish by imagining they are Wuxia heroes having a duel, after which 夏琳 convinces her to come along to a picnic with 陆涛 and his friends so she can introduce a boy to her. She agrees, and (although they planned to introduce her to 华子 who likes her) ends up hooking up with 向南. 华子 is sad, but for him, friendship comes first, so he doesn't hold it against 向南. In the end, 向南 asks her to marry him, and she agrees.

In the evening, 夏琳 is getting ready for another night of fake modelling and being gawked at by drunken freaks, when 陆涛 shows up -- apparently, he organised a company event with his father exactly in this club. She gets the room number from him, and visits the party later, flirts with his father, asks him for a job as a designer and, when writing her phone number as a contact number, she gives 陆涛's number. Then, a conversation between them takes place (see the translation in the previous post), where she tells him that he's changed, has gotten arrogant, and that he shouldn't follow her out.

--- Summary End ---

Glad to see that people are still around. What happened to md1101? Are you still with us?

Edited by renzhe
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OK folks, the next round: Episode 5 !


讨厌 tǎo yàn * disgusting / troublesome / nuisance

激励 jī lì * to encourage / to urge / motivation

工夫 gōng fū * casual laborgōng fu * time / spare time / skill

事业 shì yè * undertaking / project / activity

梦想 mèng xiǎng * to dream of / to hope in vain

并 bìng * and / furthermore / also

亲自 qīn zì * personally

实现 shí xiàn * to achieve / to implement / to realize

种 zhǒng * race / seed / type

安慰 ān wèi * to comfort / to console

理解 lǐ jiě * to comprehend / understanding / comprehension

独立 dú lì * independent / independence / to stand alone

任性 rèn xìng * willful / headstrong / uninhibited

巴黎 Bā lí * Paris, capital of France

吸引 xī yǐn * to attract (interest, investment etc)

想象 xiǎng xiàng * to imagine / to fancy

假定 jiǎ dìng * to assume / to suppose / supposed

羡慕 xiàn mù * envious / envy / admire

感情世界 gǎn qíng shì jiè * the world of feelings

纯粹 chún cuì * purely

性价比 xìng jià bǐ * cost performance

投资 tóu zī * investment / to invest

价值 jià zhí * value / worth

价格 jià gé * price

脚底 jiǎo dǐ soles of the feet

踩 cǎi * to step on / to tread / to stamp

平米 píng mǐ * square meter / short for 平方米

云朵 yún duǒ * cloud mass / flaky clouds

无法 wú fǎ * unable / incapable

控制 kòng zhì * control / to exercise control over / to contain

计算 jì suàn * to count / to calculate / to compute

踏实 tā shi * practical / down-to-earth / realistic

服务员 fú wù yuán * waiter / waitress / attendant

站 zhàn * station / to stand / to halt

缴 jiǎo * hand in / hand over

水电 shuǐ diàn * hydroelectric power

薪水 xīn shuǐ salary / wage

房租 fáng zū rent for a room or house

发愁 fā chóu * to worry about sth / to fret / anxious

穷人 qióng rén * poor people / the poor

富人 fù rén * rich man / rich people

规划 guī huà * plan / program

参与 cān yù * to participate (in sth)

计划 jì huà * plan / project / program

抓 zhuā * to grab / to catch / to arrest

变成 biàn chéng * to change into / to turn into / to become

以外 yǐ wài * apart from / other than / except for

使 shǐ * to make / to cause / to enable

学会 xué huì * to learn / to master / institute

理清 lǐ qīng * sort out / put in order

线索 xiàn suǒ * trail / clues / thread (of a story)

克服 kè fú * (try to) overcome (hardships etc)

困难 kùn nan * (financial etc) difficulty / problem / issue

最终 zuì zhōng * final / ultimate

得到 dé dào * to get / to obtain / to receive

管 guǎn * to take care (of) / to control / to manage

值 zhí * value / (to be) worth / to happen

状况 zhuàng kuàng * condition / state / situation

踩 cǎi * to step on / to tread / to stamp

刹车 shā chē * to brake (when driving)

失控 shī kòng * out of control

及时 jí shí * in time / promptly / without delay

修好 xiū hǎo * to repair

保险 bǎo xiǎn * insurance / to insure / safe

关键 guān jiàn * crucial / key / pivotal

生意 shēng yi * business

否认 fǒu rèn * to declare to be untrue / to deny

眼神 yǎn shén * expression or emotion showing in one's eyes

把握 bǎ wò * grasp / seize / hold

事情 shì qíng * affair / matter / thing

明确 míng què * clear-cut / definite / explicit

形势 xíng shì * circumstances / situation / terrain

人意 rén yì * one's will / wish

避免 bì miǎn * to avert / to prevent / to avoid

强调 qiáng diào * to emphasize (a statement) / to stress

翻 fān * to turn over / to flip over / to overturn

桔子 jú zi * tangerine

穷困 qióng kùn * destitute / wretched poverty

努力 nǔ lì * great effort / to strive / to try hard

即使 jí shǐ * even if / even though

保龄球 bǎo líng qiú * bowling (balls)

坚决 jiān jué * firm / resolute / determined

情场 qíng chǎng * affairs of the heart / mutual relationship

得意 dé yì * proud of oneself / pleased with oneself / complacent

歇 xiē * to rest

装 zhuāng * adornment / to adorn / dress

借钱 jiè qián * to lend money / to borrow money

结婚 jié hūn * to marry / to get married

句号 jù hào * period (punct.)

重新 chóng xīn * again / once more / re-

乱七八糟 luàn qī bā zāo * everything in disorder (成语 saw); in a hideous mess / at sixes and sevens

分期 fēn qī * by stages / staggered / step by step

付款 fù kuǎn * pay / payment

母校 mǔ xiào * alma mater

受骗 shòu piàn * cheated / taken in / hoodwinked

校友 xiào yǒu * alumnus / alumna / schoolmate

赢 yíng * to beat / to win / to profit

输 shū * to transport / to lose

帅哥 shuài ge * handsome guy

服 fú * clothes / dress / garment

可乐 kě lè * cola

瓶 píng * bottle / (classifier for wine and liquids) / vase

嫁妆 jià zhuāng * dowry (money given by the bride's family to the groom)

归 guī * to go back / to return

耽误 dān wu * delay / hold-up / to waste time

老公 lǎo gōng * (informal) husband

培训 péi xùn * to cultivate / to train / to groom / training

班 bān * team / class

暴富 bào fù * to get rich quick

合同 hé tong * (business) contract

改装 gǎi zhuāng * remodel

巧 qiǎo * coincidental

路过 lù guò * pass by or through

劳改 láo gǎi * reform through labor / correctional labor (i.e. spell in prison camp)

农场 nóng chǎng * farm

朝南 cháo nán * facing south

加拿大 Jiā ná dà * Canada / Canadian

起哄 qǐ hòng * to heckle / rowdy jeering / to create a disturbance

合适 hé shì * suitable / fitting / decent

勉强 miǎn qiǎng * to do with difficulty / to force sb to do sth / reluctant / barely enough

勉强算 barely counts as / can barely be considered to be

公平 gōng píng * fair / impartial

冰箱 bīng xiāng * icebox / freezer cabinet / refrigerator

满 mǎn * full / filled / packed

食物 shí wù * food

总是 zǒng shì * always

感动 gǎn dòng * to move (sb) / to touch / moving

终于 zhōng yú * at last / in the end / finally

照顾 zhào gu * to take care of / to show consideration / to attend to

步 bù * a step / a pace / walk

相当 xiāng dāng * equivalent to / appropriate / considerably

自卑 zì bēi * feeling inferior

骄傲 jiāo ào * proud / arrogant / conceited

四合院 sì hé yuàn * courtyard house (type of Chinese residence)

放假 fàng jià * to have a holiday or vacation

马尔代夫 Mǎ ěr dài fū * the Maldives

分歧 fēn qí * difference (of opinion, position) / bifurcation

而且 ér qiě * not only ... but also / as well as / moreover

肯定 kěn dìng * to be sure / to be certain / sure

相见恨晚 xiāng jiàn hèn wǎn * to regret not having met earlier (成语 saw); It is nice to meet you finally. / It feels like we have known each other all along.

存折 cún zhé * (bank) deposit book

毛病 máo bìng * fault / defect / shortcomings

原谅 yuán liàng * to excuse / to forgive / to pardon

缺点 quē diǎn * weak point / fault / shortcoming

优点 yōu diǎn * merit / benefit / strong point

发誓 fā shì * to vow / to pledge / to swear

显得 xiǎn de * to seem / to look / to appear

瞪 dèng * to stare at

怨言 yuàn yán * complaint

轰动 hōng dòng * sensation / stir

默默无闻 mò mò wú wén * unknown / nothing is spoken about it

人物 rén wù * a person / a character (in a play, novel etc) / a protagonist / role

般配 bān pèi * to be well matched (in marriage)

乌龟 wū guī * tortoise / cuckold

兔 tù * rabbit

撵 niǎn * to expel / to oust

讲义 jiǎng yì * teaching materials

才华 cái huá * literary or artistic talent

撂 liào * to leave (it)

炯炯 jiǒng jiǒng * bright (eyes) / shining

初吻 chū wěn * first kiss

承认 chéng rèn * to admit / to concede / to recognize

睡懒觉 shuì lǎn jiào * sleep in

闹铃 nào líng * alarm (clock)

汤面 tāng miàn * noodle soup

秀气 xiù qi * delicate / graceful

黏糊 nián hu * sticky / glutinous / slow-moving

偷 tōu * to steal / to pilfer

户口本 hù kǒu běn * resident registration book

卫生巾 wèi shēng jīn * sanitary towel

玩意儿 wán yì er * thing (used in speech) / toy / act

继续 jì xù * to continue / to proceed with / to go on with

抓紧 zhuā jǐn * grasp

咱俩 the two of us

疯 fēng * (to go) insane / mad

草率 cǎo shuài * careless / negligent / sloppy

客户 kè hù * client / customer

暴风雨 bào fēng yǔ * rainstorm / storm / tempest

媳妇 xí fù * daughter-in-law / young married woman / young woman

好感 hǎo gǎn * good opinion / favorable impression

总之 zǒng zhī * in a word / in short / in brief

实际上 shí jì shàng * in fact / in reality / as a matter of fact

思想 sī xiǎng * thought / thinking / idea

商量 shāng liang * to consult / to talk over / to discuss

脾气 pí qì * temperament / disposition / temper

家丑 jiā chǒu * family scandal / skeleton in the closet

资格 zī gé * qualifications

胡说八道 hú shuō bā dào * to talk rubbish

压抑 yā yì * repression / to constrain or repress emotions

爆发 bào fā * to break out / to erupt / to explode

翅膀 chì bǎng * wing

倾家荡产 qīng jiā dàng chǎn * to lose a family fortune (成语 saw)

旅行 lǚ xíng * travel

丽江 Lì jiāng * Lijiang prefecture level city in northwest Yunnan

小气 xiǎo qì * stingy / petty / miserly

份子 fèn zi * one's share of a gift price

溜达 liū da * to stroll / to go for a walk

俗 sú * custom / convention / popular

闲逛 xián guàng * to stroll

抽烟 chōu yān * to smoke (a cigarette, tobacco)

反射 fǎn shè * to reflect / reflection (from a mirror etc) / reflex (i.e. automatic reaction of organism)

发火 fā huǒ * to catch fire / to ignite / to detonate

购物 gòu wù * shopping

打折 dǎ zhé * to give a discount

省 shěng * frugal / save / to omit

出息 chū xī * future prospects

宣布 xuān bù * to declare / to announce / to proclaim

嫉妒 jí dù * jealous / envy

唱片 chàng piàn * gramophone record / LP

卖身 mài shēn * to sell one's body / to prostitute oneself

成功 chéng gōng * success / to succeed

歌星 gē xīng * singing star / famous singer

夜宵 yè xiāo * supper

华文 Huá wén * Name of a company, (also: Chinese language / Chinese script)

签约 qiān yuē * to sign up (a recruit)

负责 fù zé * to be in charge of / to take responsibility for / to be to blame

歌手 gē shǒu * singer

企划 qǐ huà * to plan / to lay out / to design

宣传 xuān chuán * to disseminate / to give publicity to / propaganda

广告公司 advertising company

在乎 zài hu * determined by / to care about / to mind

录用 lù yòng * to hire (employee)

沟通 gōu tōng * communicate

维修 wéi xiū * maintenance (of equipment) / to protect and maintain

With these, I wasn't all that sure. Help is appreciated:

报律 bào lǜ *

瞬息万变 shùn xī wàn biàn * change ten thousand times in a blink (???)

变强 biàn qiáng * become strong (???)

轴路 zhóu lù * I'm pretty sure this is a main road, like a ring road, or other street that handles heavy traffic and forms an axis of transportation of some sort

一批一批 yī pī yī pī *

地儿 dì r * I think this basically means 地方

绝配 jué pèi

嘴瘾 zuǐ yǐn *

东施 dōng shī * a name. Xiang Nan tells Xiaoyun that she looks like 东施

抬脚 tái jiǎo * raise feet (???)

准说 zhǔn shuō *

炸发 zhà fā * to explode (???)

企宣 qǐ xuān *

A summary is coming up as soon as I get around to it.

Edited by renzhe
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I haven't written up many conversations this time around. The most important one, the one at the very beginning, is important, but too long to transcribe. I found it relatively straight-forward in language terms too.

Here are some tricky ones. Help appreciated.

Xiang Nan and Yang Xiaoyun:

你长得太难看了 我喜欢帅哥

You're too ugly. I like handsome guys. (长得 = look/appearance, 难看 = ugly, 帅哥 = coll. for a good looking guy)

两情相悦指数: 五

天长地久指数: 五

These two are some sort of compatibility measures, with 5 being the best possible value. I can't make sense of them



结婚事大 接吻事小

Getting married is a big thing. Kissing is a small thing. (he's saying -- if marrying me is such a huge decision, you can at least kiss me)

Xiang Nan's mother to Xiang Nan:


(you) heartless little thing

Yang Xiaoyun about Xiang Nan:


...more girly than the girls. More like a woman than a woman.



That company guy talking to Xia Lin:


??? (do you think this song will be a hit???)


I can't hear clearly what she is singing

-回头她问你千万别这么说 得鼓励 懂吗

If she asks you later, absolutely don't say this. You have to encourage her. Understand? (回头=later, 千万别=under no circumstances, 鼓励=encourage,support)

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Xiaoyun got married awful fast for someone who didn't even want a boyfriend!

Anyway, here's what I think (others feel free to correct):

两情相悦指数: 五

天长地久指数: 五

These two are some sort of compatibility measures, with 5 being the best possible value. I can't make sense of them

The first one is "two natures mutual joy" - reflects the extent to which two personalities take joy in each other. The second is the "as long as heaven and earth" score - how long a relationship would last I guess.



This is a saying that means make someone do what is completely beyond him, like trying to get a duck to perch. Ducks obviously can't cling on to branches with their webbed feet like other birds can.



This person is completely like the typical villager from a hick county.

Words - don't remember context so take with a pinch of salt:

报律 bào lǜ * uphold the law, according to law

一批一批 batch by batch

绝配 jué pèi - uniquely well suited to each other

嘴瘾 zuǐ yǐn love the sound of your own voice

东施 dōng shī * a name. Xiang Nan tells Xiaoyun that she looks like 东施. 西施 was one of the four beauties of ancient China. One day she got really sick but because she was so beautiful, getting really sick only made her look more beautiful. 东施 was an ugly contempory of 西施. Seeing people said getting sick made 西施 look even more beautiful, 西施 faked sickness so people would say she looked beautiful but only succeeded in looking stupid. To look like 东施 is to give yourself airs or copy someone popular and end up looking phony and stupid as a result.

准说 zhǔn shuō * say exactly what you mean, speak precisely

企宣 qǐ xuān * look forward to an announcement

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I'm guessing it's public relations. She should be working closely with a pop star and probably take care of the press and the like.

--- Episode 5 Summary ---

陆涛 is outside with his father who says that 夏琳 is not right for him. He should look for a girl who supports him in his drive towards success, and not a girl like 夏琳 who loves him unconditionally and wants a career of her own. 陆涛 says that she has been supportive, even gave up on Paris, then 徐志森 asks him if he can drive. He can't, so 徐志森 takes him to his car to teach him how to do. The most important piece of advice is to brake if he starts losing control. 陆涛 soon does lose control and doesn't brake, and ends up crashing the car. 徐志森 tells him that this is what happens if one loses control, and that the same thing applies to life and business. He says that he has lost the control of his relationship with 夏琳 and that it's time to pull the handbrake.

When 陆涛 returns home, 夏琳 is there waiting for him, apparently not angry anymore. He asks her if she would still love him if he were poor his whole life, and she says that she would love him as long as he is striving to improve.

At the same time, in the bowling alley, 向南 asks 华子 for some money so he can marry 晓芸. 华子 thinks he's insane and that he was only joking about the marriage thing, but 向南 seems serious. 华子 says that if the two of them marry, he would marry a former classmate, who is bowling a few lanes further. But his come-on ("if I win, you marry me, if you win, I marry you") is completely ineffective, and then her boyfriend shows up, and that was that then.

向南 then takes 晓芸 to an appartment (belonging to a friend's sister, who is currently abroad) and asks her if they can live there after they marry. But 晓芸 didn't take him seriously either and tries to deflect the issue by coming up with reasons why they shouldn't marry, including the fact that she likes handsome boys and he's ugly. He tries to convince her that they are made for each other, which involved looking up their star signs on some internet matching site, and walking her home while discussing all the things they have in common. She still doesn't want to marry him and says that she was goofing around, but he convinces her that marriage is a big thing, but a kiss isn't, so they kiss. It was the first kiss for both of them. Afterwards, he manages to convince her that they were made for each other, and they both steal their parents' resident registration booklets and marry secretly.

Her parents are not happy, when they explain this and she gets scolded. They call all the friends and let them know and none of them can believe it. In the end, all of them end up trying to convince 向南's mother (who is furious and suffering a nervous breakdown at the same time) to let them in and talk to 向南. In the end she does, but finds it hard to part with him -- who will cook for him? who will wash his clothes?!?

Then we follow the newlyweds during their first few days, looking up wedding dresses, buying furniture, and the like. The magic is quickly gone, as she complains about him being stingy and petty -- only ever buys cheap things. 夏琳 is in the dressing room comforting her, when the guy who performs in that club (a singer of some kind) enters and says that this is his last night there because he signed a record contract. He invites all of the girls to a dinner, and afterwards tells 夏琳 that the company he signed for are recruiting and that she should apply, as she's not the kind of girl who should be working in a club like that. She passes the interview and will work in some kind of public relations for a pop star called 石康康. She gets to meet her, and finds out that she is a bossy spoilt brat.

She then visits 晓芸 in her new home and brags about working with 石康康 (晓芸 is a huge fan). 晓芸 then complains about 向南 and 夏琳 can't help but laugh, telling her that she really sounds like a married woman.

--- Summary End ---

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The discussion has cooled down a bit, I hope people are still following. There's not all that much to discuss in the 5th episode.

Still, I have a question before we start the next episode.

First of all, am I imagining, or is the singer who gets Xia Lin the job called Xiaohai, and isn't he also the boyfriend of Huazi's love interest Lulu? I didn't really pay attention in the 5th episode, but it shows up in the 6th.

Also, how is everyone watching this? AFAIK, it's still on verycd and tudou, but it's been taken down from youku. There are episodes on youtube too (albeit split up into little pieces which you have to put together).

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Next week is my Chinese exam. I only have done about a third of episode one (full transcript). I have read your reviews but will use the vocab when I get to those episodes. I am not planning to typeset the whole dianshiju but at this stage it's working for me and I am going to finish typing episode 2 after the exam.

Thanks for your hard work!

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Still, I have a question before we start the next episode.

First of all, am I imagining, or is the singer who gets Xia Lin the job called Xiaohai, and isn't he also the boyfriend of Huazi's love interest Lulu? I didn't really pay attention in the 5th episode, but it shows up in the 6th.

You are right. Xiaohai is or was the boyfriend of Lulu.

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Also, how is everyone watching this? AFAIK, it's still on verycd and tudou, but it's been taken down from youku. There are episodes on youtube too (albeit split up into little pieces which you have to put together).

I'm watching it on tudou - it has several versions of each episode. However one problem I've had a couple of times is that the subtitles will go out of sync and I've had to watch the rest of the episode on another version. Youtube is even worse, sometimes I just cannot find the last 5 minutes of an episode anywhere on the site after watching the first 40.

Don't know about verycd, but I was reading on danwei the other day that they have just been warned by SARFT for inappropriate content ...

Also, I don't usually go for sugary pop, but for some reason, I really like the intro credits song.

Me too, it is really growing on me. The end credits song on the other hand, I just cannot stand.

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The Episode 6 is mostly easy to understand, and it's kind of interesting because we get to see some wedding rituals in modern China.

--- Plot Summary Episode 6 ---

We start with 向南 asking 夏琳 why 晓芸 doesn't answer his calls. Initially she doesn't want to tell him, but ultimately she explains that 晓芸 is very romantic and that he has never got her anything other than the ring. Just furniture, and that discounted. She convinces him to buy the most expensive flowers he can get, and this actually works. After she finds out how expensive they are, 晓芸 is even happier. They decide to have a proper wedding ceremony. They need 70k, and are collecting money from friends and relatives (陆涛 and 华子 will give 10k each).

On the day of the ceremony, everybody arrives and we see a relatively typical modern wedding. The master of ceremony is terrible. After they exchange vows and are formally introduced to the in-laws, the party starts. Eventually, the 晓芸's grandmother (the one who liked 向南) chokes on a fishbone and has to be taken to the emergency room. In an attempt to keep the guests entertained and not to destroy the whole ceremony, 小海 (the singer who got 夏琳 the job) is asked to sing a song, and he uses this convenient moment to break up with lulu (his girlfriend and 华子's love interest). While he's singing, 向南 is trying to keep people from leaving.

Later, at the newlyweds' place, 晓芸 relates the events from the emergency room -- it was nothing serious. Everyone gets increasingly drunk, a fuse jumps out, they light candles and party on. While dancing, 华子 and 晓芸 remember the first time they danced, and he admits that he has fancied her all these years, and she asks why he never told her. She's a bit shocked and you get the impression that she likes him too. But it's too late now. 露露 is crying in the corner alone. Eventually, a drunken 向南 fixes the fuse and people leave the newlyweds alone.

华子 runs into 露露 who is lonely and can't go back to 小海's place to sleep, so he takes her to a 24-hr bowling place. At the same time, 向南 gets a call from his sister, who is coming back from abroad and wants her apartment back -- tomorrow. 向南 and 晓芸 must move out. 夏琳 and 陆涛 are at his place, completely drunk. She complains that he's changed and only ever things about money nowadays. She doesn't like people like that, and is afraid that he is turning into his father. She is afraid that one day he will treat her like 徐志森 treated her mother. Then the bowling gang calls and they go to meet them. 向南 and 晓芸 also arrive there and they stay till the morning, when they all go to work.

The newlyweds have to move out -- it's not the start they were expecting and she makes him promise he will take care of her. 华子 arrives to the company he has with his buddy, and he tells him that their business is finished. While randomly strolling the streets in desperation, he runs into a similarly desperate 露露.

--- Summary End ---

故意 gù yì * deliberately / on purpose

输 shū * to transport / to lose

夫妻 fū qī * man and wife

团聚 tuán jù * to reunite / to have a reunion

已婚 yǐ hūn * married

琢磨 zhuó mó * to polish (jade) / fig. to think through / to mull over

考虑 kǎo lǜ * to think over / to consider / consideration

绝症 jué zhèng * incurable disease / terminal illness

荒 huāng * out of practice / uncultivated

怵 chù * fearful / timid / to fear

拆散 chāi sàn * to break up (a marriage, family etc)

对 duì * couple / pair / to be opposite

苦命 kǔ mìng * hard lot / bitter fate

德国 Dé guó * Germany / German

橱柜 chú guì * sideboard / cupboard holding table service / closet

名牌 míng paí * famous brand

重新 chóng xīn * again / once more / re-

安装 ān zhuāng * install / erect / fix

设计 shè jì * plan / design / to design

长度 cháng dù * length

戒指 jiè zhi * (finger) ring

贫贱 pín jiàn * poor and lowly

客套 kè tào * polite greeting / courtesy (in words)

完蛋 wán dàn * fallen from power / destroyed / finished

浪漫 làng màn * romantic

辙 zhé * rut / track

跪 guì * kneel

鲜花 xiān huā * fresh flowers

浪费 làng fèi * to waste / to squander

得了 dé le * "it's ok, drop it" / be finished / be ready

剩下 shèng xià * to remain / left over

短信 duǎn xìn * text message / SMS

发短信 fā duǎn xìn * to text / to send SMS messages

笨蛋 bèn dàn * fool / idiot

在乎 zài hu * determined by / to care about / to mind

珍惜 zhēn xī * treasure / value / cherish

粗算 cū suàn * rough estimate / rough calculation

一共 yī gòng * altogether

桌 zhuō * table

悬 xuán * hang / suspend / unresolved

唬 hǔ * a tiger's roar / to scare / to fool

你别唬我 don't scare me / don't fool me

奶粉 nǎi fěn * powdered milk

刑场 xíng chǎng * execution ground / gallows / scaffold

轰 hōng * explosion / bang / boom

呆 dāi * foolish / stupid / no expression

会儿 = 一会儿 yī huìr a while

盯 dīng * stare / gaze

举办 jǔ bàn * to conduct / to hold

高潮 gāo cháo * high tide / high water / upsurge

气氛 qì fēn * atmosphere / mood

主持 zhǔ chí * preside over / direct

风格 fēng gé * style

感动 gǎn dòng * to move (sb) / to touch / moving

激动 jī dòng * to excite / to agitate / exciting

恩爱 ēn ài * conjugal love

扶老携幼 fú lǎo xié yòu * to help the aged and lead the young

相互 xiāng hù * each other / mutual

帮助 bāng zhù * assistance / aid / to help

迎接 yíng jiē * to meet / to welcome / to greet

温馨 wēn xīn * comfort / soft and fragrant / warm

入场 rù chǎng * to march into the arena

掌声 zhǎng shēng * applause

伴郎伴娘 bàn láng bàn niáng * best man and bridesmaid

新郎新娘 xīn láng xīn niáng * groom and bride

体现 tǐ xiàn * to embody / to reflect / to give expression to

喜极而泣 xǐ jí ér qì * to burst into tears of joy

吐 tǔ * to spit / to put / to saytù * to vomit / to throw up

烫 tàng * to scald / to burn / to iron

毁容 huǐ róng * to disfigure

凑分 còu fèn = 凑分子 pool money

喜庆 xǐ qìng * jubilation / festive

忠诚 zhōng chéng * devoted / fidelity / loyal

葬礼 zàng lǐ * burial / funeral

吉利 jí lì * auspicious / lucky / propitious

教师 jiào shī * teacher

建议 jiàn yì * to propose / to suggest / to recommend

互敬互爱 hù zùn hù ài * mutual love and respect

讽刺 fěng cì * to satirize / to mock / irony

重复 chóng fù * to repeat / to duplicate

住嘴 zhù zuǐ * to hold one's tongue / Shut up!

典礼 diǎn lǐ * celebration / ceremony

结束 jié shù * termination / to finish / to end

撂 liào * to leave (it)

闹洞房 nào dòng fáng * to tease the newlyweds on wedding night

会合 huì hé * meet / have a meeting

坚持 jiān chí * to continue upholding / to remain committed to / persistence

演唱 yǎn chàng * sung performance / to sing for an audience

歌星 gē xīng * singing star / famous singer

追求 zhuī qiú * to pursue (a goal etc) stubbornly / to seek after / to woo

完美 wán měi * perfect / perfection / perfectly

节目 jié mù * program / item (on a program)

直接 zhí jiē * direct / immediate

教训 jiào xun * a lesson / a moral / (to teach sb or to learn a) lesson (i.e. obtain wisdom from an experience)

不堪 bù kān * cannot bear / cannot stand / utterly / extremely

设想 shè xiǎng * to imagine / to assume / to envisage

急救中心 jí jiù zhōng xīn * emergency station / emergency centre

喉咙 hóu lóng * throat / larynx

鱼刺 yú cì * fishbone

危险 wēi xiǎn * danger / dangerous

造化 zào huà * The Creator / Mother Nature / to nurture

电闸 diàn zhá * electric switch / circuit breaker

掐 qiā * to pick (flowers) / to pinch / to clutch

蜡 là * candle / wax

电池 diàn chí * battery

郊游 jiāo yóu * field trip / outing

平时 píng shí * in normal times

保领 bǎo líng * bowling

坑 kēng * pit / to defraud

搬家 bān jiā * to move house / removal

嫁鸡随鸡 jià jī suí jī * If you marry a chicken, follow the chicken (成语 saw); A woman should follow whatever her husband orders. / We must learn to accept the people around us.

庸俗 yōng sú * filthy / vulgar / debased

遇见 yù jiàn * meet

胡说八道 hú shuō bā dào * to talk rubbish

出身 chū shēn * family background / class origin

欺骗 qī piàn * to deceive / to cheat

顺眼 shùn yǎn * pleasing to the eye / nice to look at

伺机 sì jī * to watch for one's chance

胡来 hú lái * to act arbitrarily regardless of the rules / to mess with sth / to make a hash of things / to cause trouble

出动 chū dòng * to start out on a trip / to dispatch troops

坠入情网 zhuì rù qíng wǎng * to fall/tumble into love

压根儿 yà gēnr * from the start / in the first place

狗急跳墙 gǒu jí tiào qiáng * desperation drives a dog to jump over the wall / a cornered beast is dangerous

东拼西凑 dōng pīn xī còu * to knock/patch together

鸳鸯 yuān yang * mandarin ducks / affectionate couple

负责任 fù zé rèn * responsibility for / blamed for / be in charge of

Some stuff I couldn't find...

猿意马 yuán yì mǎ

拆走 chāi zǒu

做牛做马 zuò niú zuò mǎ

恶贵 è guì * ridiculously expensive (???)

压箱底儿 yà xiāng dǐr


挣乱花钱 zhèng luàn huā qián * crazily spend hard-earned money (???)

肺心 fèi xīn

I'll post the key conversations a bit later, still have to translate them.

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心猿意马 xin yuán yì mǎ * restless, unsettled

拆走 chāi zǒu * to remove

做牛做马 zuò niú zuò mǎ * work hard, hard labour

恶贵 è guì * ridiculously expensive

压箱底儿(的钱)yà xiāng dǐr * (money)which is put on the bottom of a chest and usually not be touched, which means money saved only for emergency cases

司仪 * host, presenter

乱花钱 luàn huā qián * crazily spend money

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Some important conversations from the 6th episode. Some of these are really tricky!

Xiang Nan explaining to Xia Lin why he bought that kitchen set:

-过这村就没这店了 当然要买

(?? There is no such shop in this village). Of course I want to buy it.

而且人家说了 等我搬家就拆走

Moreover, they said that when I move, they will (?? dissassemble it?)

还帮助我重新安装和设计 哪有这么好的事儿啊

...and help me to install and plan/design it again. Isn't that great (lit. where can you find such a good thing?)


If the length is not sufficient, they will take care of it.

真正的德国名牌 而且还是现在这个价钱,真的是德国名牌啊这是

It's really a German brand. Also, it has this price right now. Really, it's a a German brand, this...


Let me ask you, Xiang Nan, before and after getting married, other than a 400 kuai ring, what else have you bought her?


So much courtesy between a poor man and wife?


If you're saying things like that, then you two are definitely finished.


Xia Lin, Help me think of a way (辙 = track/rut)


Actually, Xiaoyun is (in her heart) a very romantic person. (How) can you always buy her stuff that reminds people of hard labour (做牛做马)? Can't you buy her some things that show people that being with (following) you offers some hope?


You've hit the point with one sentence. I've understood. I've fully understood. I can't buy it (can't afford it).


If you say this, then I really don't have a way (idea).


Xia Lin, I'll kneel in front of you. I'll call you sister.


Who is your sister? Xiaoyun likes flowers. She also knows their price. Tomorrow buy her a basket of ridiculously expensive flowers, see how she reacts.


Isn't that a waste of money?

Xiang Nan to Xiaoyun

-你其实就是我梦里都想娶的那个人。 答应我,别离开我

You are really the person I wanted to marry in my dreams. Promise me, don't ever leave me.


We've spent all our money.


I still have 5000.


I still have 10000. It's the money I earned jobbing when I started studying. Earned them in multiples of ten. (sometimes 20, sometimes 40, sometimes 50 -- can't translate this directly)

- ....


Shut up. If you make me angry less often (even just once), it's already better than anything (少...一回 = one less time, 气我 = make me angry)


The thing your mother said regarding our thing (<- this refers to the wedding ceremony that they are implicitly talking about) last time, what did she finally say?


My mum said (we) should do it.


Well then, we'll do it. If other people do it, we'll do it just the same.

Xiang Nan to Huazi


This loan (账 = account/debt) the buddy (哥们儿=refers to himself) will write (记=record) in the booklet (本上). Later, when I have money, I'll definitely return it to you.


Do you two have a sudden feeling rushing to your heart and mind that you've befriended dodgy people? (交友不慎=not careful when befriending people, 痛苦=suffer, here translated as "feeling") --- Essentially, he is noticing that they are not exactly showering him with money, and he is making fun of their hesitation, wondering if they are doubting his ability to pay them back


A very strong feeling! (十分 = completely 强烈 = strong, fierce)

Huazi's bald buddy to Huazi


The buddy will be fine (还成 = 还行). Everyone is giving 500. They (哥们儿=the buddies, the people present) will suddenly (一下) help/let them (让他们) go up (上) a level (档次 social standing/one's level).


That's exactly why they invited you. What did you think?


I actually really wanted to come


Yeah, right (drop it/it's ok)


It's something you don't understand. A businessman (做生意的) first has to give (出) before he can get (进). (implied is money)


(If) I go to a temple, I give thousands and thousands. If you don't lose, how will you get anything? Isn't there a saying... (some saying I can't figure out). Haven't you learned that?

Xia Lin and then Huazi's bald buddy:


I see it like this: didn't they get married although they don't have the money?


What else do you need to get married?


(要=要是) If you have everything, why do you need to get married?


Pretty girl, listen to my advice


Lu Tao, I really know what's up with him.

第一 他自尊心态强

First: His self-esteem (自尊心) is too strong

第二 事事追求完美

Second: (in) everything (事事), he seeks perfection (完美)

第三 他真的是喜欢你

Third: He really likes you


Based on these three points, he will most likely (弄不好) be in your hands his entire life.


If I've made a mistake with any of these points, I'd be muddling along my whole life in vain, right?

Xiaoyun dancing with Huazi:


Actually, that day during the trip, when I saw you, I immediately remembered (that they've met before)


Me too


That was the first time I went to a dance party outside of the school


Me too


I remember that we talked


Right, the lights were very dark that day, you couldn't see anything. I was dancing and talking to you at the same time.


I've remembered


I remember, back then, your voice sounded really nice.




Later, your classmates called you over to leave. I also left.


I remember.


Later, I've always secretly liked you. Although I never saw you afterwards.




Actually, that day, during that trip, I wanted to ask you to marry me. That was our original plan. Xiang Nan was the fall-back plan.


Huazi, it's too late to tell me this now. Why didn't you tell me earlier?


Today, I've drunk a lot. Forget it. Let's not talk. It's all in the past.

Xia Lin to Lu Tao




Have you forgotten where you come from (which social group)?


Have you forgotten how 徐志森 cheated your mother?


Have you forgotten what kind of a person you are?

为什么非要往上爬呢? 普通人的生活有什么不好? 早晚有一天你也会像徐志森一样骗我

Why do you want to climb that hill? What's wrong with the life of regular people? Sooner or later you will cheat my like 徐志森.

-我做的这一切还不都是为了你。 向上爬怎么了?


I'm doing all of this for you (what's 还不都是 in this context?) So what if I'm climbing the hill (i.e. what's wrong with it?) Who would be willing to pass up every single opportunity?


If I liked rich people, there are many in the club (where she used to work). Why would I wait for you to slowly come out of (set yourself apart from) the crowd?


Xia Lin, how would you like me to be? What sort of a person do you want me to become?


An upstanding (decent) person.


Then let me ask you: are there any people who are both decent and have money? If there are no such people, I will try (to be one).


Ridiculous. Why even try?

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(If) I go to a temple, I give thousands and thousands. If you don't lose, how will you get anything? Isn't there a saying... (some saying I can't figure out). Haven't you learned that?

千金散尽还夏来 - this is a quote from the 李白 poem 将进酒. Here's the relevant excerpt:



I was given this body by Heaven, it must be good for something. So I'll spend a thousand gold pieces as fast as I can because I can always get more money. Cook a lamb and butcher a cow to indulge in pure pleasure! Drink three hundred cups in one go!

Appropriate for a wedding.

行善积德才能超生呢 - this is separate, it just means if you store up good deeds you will be more than rewarded.


发家史 is the story of how a family fortune was built up.


Xia Lin, I'll kneel in front of you. I'll call you sister.

I guess here 姐姐 doesn't have an exact translation. While it means "elder sister", I think the "elder" part is the more important as the point is that Xiang Nan is showing respect.

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千金散尽还夏来 - this is a quote from the 李白 poem 将进酒. Here's the relevant excerpt:

How on Earth did you find THAT?! :shock::D

I guess here 姐姐 doesn't have an exact translation. While it means "elder sister", I think the "elder" part is the more important as the point is that Xiang Nan is showing respect.

Yeah, that's the way I understood it too, the translation was admittedly too bare.

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How on Earth did you find THAT?!

I'd like to claim I recognised it instantly because I have memorised all of 李白's poems. But actually, I asked google.

While dancing, 华子 and 晓芸 remember the first time they danced, and he admits that he has fancied her all these years, and she asks why he never told her. She's a bit shocked and you get the impression that she likes him too. But it's too late now.

Wasn't there a scene in the earlier episode where Xiang Nan is trying to get Xiaoyun to marry him and she says that she doesn't know why he's so interested, given that she's not rich like Mi Lai or pretty like Xia Lin? And Xiang Nan replies that that is no problem because he is not as good as Huazi or Lu Tao? So the marriage has started on the basis that the groom is not as good as someone else who was available?

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I do admit that I don't quite understand her. She wasn't exactly warm towards 华子 during the picnic. Now it seems as if she's liked him all along. 华子 does not exactly come across as very capable either, they set him up on a date, and he manages to offend her with the constant 老杨 and other quips. Later, when 向南 got a foot in the door, he gave up due to friendship, but it's not like he even tried.

My best understanding is that 晓芸 is quite immature and simply doesn't know how to deal with any of that, never having had a boyfriend and all. She doesn't seem to have guys pestering her (for whatever reason, being childish and having a psycho mother are two good ones), and doesn't know how to react to 向南's totally unexpected full frontal attack. I guess she never expected 华子 to be really interested, and thought that 向南 was the best she'll get. Plus, she seemed a bit eager to get a bit of independence from her mother.

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