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First episode 11 - 奋斗


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Yeah, it's on tudou and also ku6, however I find both of those sites are much messier and contain much more advertising than youku, plus the video players aren't as responsive as the youku player. Not to mention, on tudou each episode seem to be split into two parts :evil:

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It would really help (me, at least), if there were soft subtitles or even hard but in a separate file.

It's my method of learning, I find it beneficial to read the transcript first, then watch and listen, otherwise, I don't feel like I am learning much. I can follow some slow and simple dialogues but with the more complicated, even if I listen to them several times, I don't think my understanding improves.


We've got now a transcript of the first episode only, with some effort it could be converted to real subs (not 100% sure how yet). I wonder if the transcripts/subtitles for other episodes exist.

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Yeah, it's on tudou and also ku6

Bits of it are on Youtube as well. The great thing about Youtube of course is that for those of us outside China, it streams much faster. But all the episodes are broken up, and after watching the first 40 minutes of episode 3, I couldn't find the last 7 minutes anywhere on the site. Extremely annoying!

What do we think the chances are of it staying on tudou/ku6? I probably don't want to start watching it seriously if it is going to disappear just as I am really getting into it.

Ok, now I've got a question about the actual show - what does that thing that 夏琳 wears around her neck say? With the poor picture quality, I can't make it out.

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I recommend downloading, especially in this case. It downloads really fast via eMule (I got the whole series in a few days), but you may need to leave it to download overnight if you're in the western hemisphere.

If it's downloaded, it's much easier to skip back and forth and re-watch the sticky parts, and the sound/subtitle quality is much better.

Unfortunately, I haven't managed to find other transcripts. Then again, I'm terrible at finding them, a better man might have more luck.

It it's any consolation, reading the hard subs (with pauses) does indeed improve your listening level, it just takes a while.

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A wild idea -- you say that you could use hard subs, but in a separate file. I'm not quite sure what you mean by this, but I figure out that you mean the screenshots of the subtitles which you could print (and read on a train, or similar).

Perhaps you could do this by watching through a show and making a screencap every time there is a new subtitle. There must be some sort of screenshot program out there that will simply dump an image into a directory whenever you press a key combination, and number the images. Something like this one, where you can even select a region of the screen. Select the region containing subtitles in your player window, and then watch the episode, pressing the hotkey every time there is new text.

40 minutes later, you have your hardsubs separated in their own folder, and you could try OCR or re-type them if you really want to, or just put them together and print. It would be a bit colourful, but good enough to read, I imagine.

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Hard subs are the files with extension .sub and similar, they can be converted to text (takes time - SubRip, VobSub). The version of the movie I have has subs in the image (built-in subs), vobsub lets rip (OCR) those as well but the current quality doesn't allow ripping, although reading on the screen is no problem. Otherwise, the subs (hard or soft) (and the translation) would probably be already floating around on the web. Built-in subs have the disadvantage - you can't easily OCR, remove or replace with another language and the advantage that you don't have to look for them. Soft subs are simply text with the synchronisation, hard subs also have synch. but they can use different fonts, pictures, etc.

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Ok, now I've got a question about the actual show - what does that thing that 夏琳 wears around her neck say? With the poor picture quality, I can't make it out.

Elain M

Probably a fashion label or something.

I'm preparing a very extensive vocab list for the 3rd episode, btw, so if you haven't seen it already, waiting for it is worth it. :mrgreen:

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Next round! Episode 3!!!

Loads of vocabulary in this one, partly because of the business discussions, but also because I included everything and anything this time. It also gave me a chance to test-drive my shiny "A New Century Chinese-English Dictionary". Still, a couple of things that were not there.

徐志森 the real father of 陆涛

婉芬 the mother of 陆涛

中建 an old friend of 徐志森

灵珊 that annoying teenager who has a crush on 陆涛

Several things happen here.

陆涛 fails to pick up his real father at the airport and is embarrassed about it. He later visits him together with his mother, and 徐志森 apologises for what he had done and arranges to meet 陆涛 for a man-to-man talk later.

At home, he argues with 夏琳. She wants to take up a part-time modelling job in a shady night club, and he opposes it. He goes to the club at night despite her asking him not to, and doesn't like it there. Some cheesy guys try to get 夏琳 to come to their table and drink with them. 陆涛basically gets asked to leave, and he meets her outside and they fight again.

He meets his father in the hotel. 徐志森 tries to test him and his business accumen, and 陆涛 tells him about his dream of setting up a Greenwich Village in Beijing, where artists could live and mingle. 徐志森 thinks it's a lofty goal, but that he should stick to business first and get some capital. He then takes him to a business meeting, where he brutally disposes of a corrupt manager. 陆涛 is shocked, but also intrigued by all this, and starts considering joining 徐志森‘s new company. He discusses this with 夏琳, who warns him to be careful.

His first assignment is nothing exciting -- he has to take a business partner's daughter 灵珊 sightseeing. She obviously likes him, but he's cold and disinterested. The next day, he takes 夏琳 to visit his parents, and to discuss a business plan with his step-father, 陆亚迅. The mother really likes 夏琳, but the business discussion ends up in a big fight and the two of them storm out. He complains about how his step-father treats him and criticises him all the time, but 夏琳 makes him promise never to fight with him (or her) again. She tells of her father, and how her parents divorced, and they decide to go and visit her father.

打搅 dǎ jiǎo - to disturb / to trouble

改天 gǎi tiān - another day / some other time

方便 fāng biàn - convenient

顿 dùn - classifier for meals

传达 chuán dá - convey

万事 wàn shì - all things

拜托 bài tuō - request sb to do sth / please!

别扭 biè niu - awkward / difficult / uncomfortable

有道理 yǒu dào lǐ - to make sense / reasonable

原谅 yuán liàng - to excuse / to forgive

办事 bàn shì - to handle (affairs) / to work

厚道 hòu dao - honest and kind / magnanimous

一溜烟儿没影了 run away faster than their shadow, to disappear in a puff of smoke

乱 luàn - in confusion / disorderly

讨论 tǎo lùn - to discuss / to talk over

空位置 free/empty place (for playing pool)

服 fú - submit / obey

穴头 xué tóu - organizer of nonstandard itinerant performances

俱乐部 jù lè bù - club (i.e. a group or organization)

炒更 chǎo gēng - to moonlight / to have a night job

冥冥中 míng míng zhōng - in the unseen world (a variation of 冥冥之中)

天意 tiān yì - providence / the Will of Heaven

惩罚 chéng fá - penalty / punishment

前列腺 qián liè xiàn - prostate

癌 ái cancer

手术 shǒu shù - surgical operation

身后 shēn hòu - behind the body

空落落 kōng luò luò - very empty

报应 bào yìng - retribution / judgment

对待 duì dài - to treat / treatment

母子 mother and child

赔罪 péi zuì - to apologize

男人对男人 man-to-man

愿意 yuàn yì - to be willing to / to wish

安心 ān xīn - at ease / to feel relieved

混蛋 hún dàn - scoundrel (term of abuse for bad person) / bastard

一切都过去了 everything has passed / it's all behind us now

极了 jí le - extremely / exceedingly

顺利 shùn lì - smoothly / without a hitch

美国范儿 the American way

顺眼 shùn yǎn - pleasing to the eye / nice to look at

人家刚扫完地 (other) people have just swept the floor

撕纸 sī zhǐ - to tear up paper

我这儿 my place

挣钱 zhèng qián - to make money

描眉画眼 to paint eyebrows and shade eyes

色迷 sè mí - horny

眼神 yǎn shén - expression or emotion showing in one's eyes

色迷迷的眼神 horny look in the eyes

清纯 qīng chún - pretty and innocent

陪我们老板 accompany our boss

表演 biǎo yǎn - show / performance / to perform

花篮 huā lán - a basket full of flowers

最低 zuì dī - lowest

消费 xiāo fèi - to consume

洋酒单 yáng jiǔ dān - menu with imported liquor

厕所 cè suǒ - toilet / lavatory

正经 zhèng jīng - decent / honorable / proper

小费 xiǎo fèi - tip

夜宵 yè xiāo - supper

盘子 pán zi - platter / plate

吵架 chǎo jià - to quarrel / to have a row

漫长 màn cháng - very long / endless

仅仅 jǐn jǐn - barely / only

感情 gǎn qíng - feeling / emotion

嫉妒 jí dù - jealous / envy

快疯了 about to go crazy

状态 zhuàng tài - state of affairs / state

关键 guān jiàn - crucial / key

鲜虾馄饨 xiān xiā hún tún - wonton with fresh shrimps

渴 kě - thirsty

体育明星 tǐ yù míng xīng - star athlete

靠 kào - depend upon / lean on

计算 jì suàn - to count / to calculate

赢利 yíng lì - profit / gain

凶狠 xiōng hěn - cruel / vicious

气势 qì shì - energy / look of great force or imposing manner

头脑 tóu nǎo - brains / mind

得到利润 dé dào lì rùn - make a profit

成功 chéng gōng - success / to succeed

荒唐 huāng táng - beyond belief / preposterous / absurd

青春 qīng chūn - youth / youthfulness

建筑 jiàn zhù - building / to construct / civil engineering

经济 jīng jì - economy / economic

格林威治村 gé lín wēi zhì cūn - Greenwich

艺术家 yì shù jiā - artist

理想 lǐ xiǎng - ideal

迷宫 mí gōng - maze / labyrinth

迷惑 mí huo - to puzzle / to confuse / to baffle

商业 shāng yè - business / trade / commerce

价值 jià zhí - value / worth

标志 biāo zhì - sign / mark / symbol / symbolize

四周 sì zhōu - all around

坚苦 jiān kǔ - steadfast and assiduous

住宅 zhù zhái - residence / tenement

识别 shí bié - to distinguish / to discern

租金 zū jīn - rent

汇聚 huì jù - convergence / to come together

传播 chuán bō - to disseminate / to propagate / to spread

物质主义 wù zhì zhǔ yì - materialism

本能 běn néng - instinct

欲望 yù wàng - desire / longing / appetite

欣赏 xīn shǎng - to appreciate / to enjoy / to admire

积累 jī lěi - to accumulate / accumulation

单调乏味 dān diào fá wèi - monotonous / tedious

激动 jī dòng - to excite / to agitate / exciting

陷阱 xiàn jǐng - lit. a pit for trapping animals / a trap

效率 xiào lǜ - efficiency

塞西儿公司 a company name

T&G公司 another company name

森道尔公司 yet another one

财务 cái wù - financial affairs

配合 pèi hé - coordinate with / to act in concert with / to cooperate

处理 chǔ lǐ - to handle / to treat / to deal with

联络 lián luò - communication / to get in touch with / to contact

纠纷 jiū fēn - a dispute / tangled issue (e.g. legal) / to dispute

避免 bì miǎn - to avert / to prevent / to avoid / to refrain from

解决 jiě jué - to settle (a dispute) / to resolve / to solve

方案 fāng àn - plan / program (for action etc)

现有 xiàn yǒu - currently existing / currently available

证券债券 zhèng quàn zhài quàn - securities and bonds

关闭 guān bì - to close / to shut

材料 cái liào - material / data / makings

董事长 dǒng shì zhǎng - chairman of the board / chairman

损失 sǔn shī - loss (e.g. financial) / to lose

帐 zhàng - account

查 chá - to research / to check / to investigate

其余部分 qí yú bù fèn - remaining part

接受 jiē shòu - to accept / to receive

报表 bào biǎo - forms for reporting statistics / report forms

狗屎 gǒu shǐ - dog turd

律师 lǜ shī - lawyer

办公 bàn gōng - to handle official business / to work

用品 yòng pǐn - articles for use / products / goods

卖掉 mài diào - to sell off / to get rid of in a sale

遣散费 qiǎn sàn fèi - the cost for getting fired, basically

孤独老人 lonely old man

高品质 gāo pǐn zhì - high quality

合同 hé tong - (business) contract

懂事 dǒng shì - sensible / thoughtful / intelligent

操心 cāo xīn - to worry about

太可耻了 tài kě chǐ le - so shameful!

支持 zhī chí - to support / to back

委屈 wěi qū - to feel wronged / to nurse a grievance

逛 guàng - to stroll / to visit

划船 huá chuán - to row a boat / a rowing boat

付帐 to pay (a restaurant bill)

无聊 wú liáo - nonsense / bored

念书 niàn shū - read / study

长得真漂亮 (you're) very beautiful

正事 zhèng shì - real business (as in "let's get down to business")

设计 shè jì - design

熟悉 shú xī - to be familiar with / to know well

顶尖 dǐng jiān - peak / world best / number one

地产公司 dì chǎn gōng sī - real estate company

盖房 gài fáng - building construction / to build a house

违法 wéi fǎ - illegal / to break the law

明确规定 míng què guī dìng - clear-cut rules

启动 qǐ dòng - to start

小鬼难缠 xiǎo guǐ nán chán - troublesome child

合法 hé fǎ - lawful / legitimate / legal

权利 quán lì - power / right / privilege

邪门歪道 xié mén wāi dào - crooked methods / dishonesty

教训 jiào xun - to lecture somebody / to teach somebody a lesson

看不惯 kàn bu guàn - cannot bear to see / to hate / to dislike

痛快 tòng kuai - jolly

崩溃 bēng kuì - collapse / crumble

对我嚷嚷 shout at me

More difficult ones....

正牛着 "He is currently (正) being very 牛". 牛 is slang for really awesome, see "真牛"


卤煮火烧 a type of food, involving fire and gravy


够趁着重组 (to take advantage of the restructuring process -- see the discussion below)

I won't do a summary for this one (we can discuss it), but I have a list with several interesting conversations that I found tricky, and I'll post it a bit later.

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Thank you. I've just noticed I missed some:

可有可无 kě yǒu kě wú not essential / dispensable

接受损失 jiē shòu sǔn shī to suffer a (financial) loss

趁 chèn to avail oneself of / to take advantage of

重组 chóng zǔ to reorganize / to recombine

呆帐 dāi zhàng bad debt

通通 tōng tōng all / entire / complete

吹牛 chuī niú brag

草稿 cǎo gǎo draft / outline / sketch

不备 bù bèi unprepared / off guard

烦 fán fed up

Here are some interested conversations I picked up. Should be helpful to those watching:

要搁你早一溜烟儿没影了 (???)

If it were you, you would have disappeared in a puff of smoke already. (if Xiang Nan had a mega-rich father show up, he would be gone to meet him as fast as he could).

The father meeting Lu Tao and his mother:


I know that the events of 22 years cannot be cleared up in one or two sentences. But this thing has been bothering (aching) my heart/mind all along.


There is a will of heaven in the unseen world. I, too, have received my punishment.


Although I married, I haven't had any children.


Now, after having divorced, I got prostate cancer.


Last year, I underwent an operation. Now I definitely can't have children.


Sometimes I walk the streets alone thinking that I am leaving a void behind me.


And in my heart, I think it is judgement.


I really shouldn't have treated you like that.


So, having returned this time, the first thing I wanted was to see you two, mother and son.


To apologize to you.

Lu Tao arguing with Xia Lin in his apartment as she's about to leave to the club where she models:

- 我不喜欢你每天到我这儿呆上半天。天快黑的时候当着我的面描眉画眼然后出去。你这样干,让我联想到一些很不利的事情。

I don't like the fact that you hang around my place every day (for half a day). As it's getting dark, you sit right in front of me putting on makeup, and then leave. When you do this, it makes me think very bad bad things.

- 我是在工作挣钱。

I'm working, earning money.

- 有些钱是不能挣的。

There are (kinds of) of money you shouldn't earn.


...don't even think in that direction?...

- 那些下面的人是不是都用色迷迷的眼神儿看你。

Aren't all those people (sitting) below looking at you with a horny look?

- 下边那些人很少往台上看。因为没什么好看的。

The people below don't look at the catwalk much. Because there's not much to see there (nothing worth seeing).

- 我一想到他们看你的眼神儿。我就受不了。

I mean the way they look at you. I can't bear it.

- 那是你从他们的眼神里看到你自己。

That's you seeing yourself in the way they look. (in essence, you're projecting your behaviour onto them)

- 那是不一样的眼神。我爱你呀。

It's not the same look. I love you.

Later, outside the club:


The issue is that you shouldn't come here, it's not whether you should invite me to come. You know?

Xu Zhisen to Lu Tao, after he makes a fool out of him.


A successful businessman can listen to other people's suggestions. But he (should) never listen to such ridiculous suggestions.


A very nice ideal/vision. A very bad reality.

(he's telling him that the idea with the museum is fine, but he's not on the right path to achieving it)

Later, while lecturing one of the directors in the hotel lobby:


You've let an unimportant company lose (our company) 森道尔 7 000 000 US$ in one year.


There are only 3 700 000 that can be examined here (he's pointing at the account balance/report of some kind).


The remaining part? What have you done with it?


Why would you let T&G suffer such a loss?


(how can you take advantage of restructuring debt like that? The bad account is considered to be under the 森道尔 name) <<-- not quite sure here.


Chairman Xu, my report forms...


Your report forms are dog turd. Rubbish. Took me two evenings to finish reading them.


Now take out your mobile. Call your lawyer.


He can tell you (in the name of 森道尔 company) why, after your company was closed, 森道尔 lost 3 000 000.


Sell off your (products? inventory? office items?). Or take them home with you. 森道尔 will not gave you even a fen for your disbanding costs. Afterwards, I don't ever want to see you again.

Basically, this guy was in charge of one of the companies owned by the 森道尔 company, and he managed to lose 7 million in a year. Only 3.7 million are accounted for, the rest is missing. Apparently, the company was undergoing some sort of debt restructuring, and he took advantage of it to disappear some money. 徐志森 is not amused and will have the company closed, and the guy is on his own on how to deal with this.

Not terribly important for the plot (just there to show 徐志森's ruthlessness), but I was interested nonetheless. Anyone have a better explanation?


How can you talk to your mother like that?!


Before bragging this time, seems like you've prepared (made a draft). Tell me, when did you start using the fact that I'm not prepared for a stealth attack? <<-- Apparently, somebody caught somebody by surprise here, but I can't find it anymore, so I forgot the context

After arguing at home, Lu Tao to Xia Lin


I'm fed up with his "always do everything properly" style. His entire life (from childhood to adulthood), he hasn't committed a single mistake (crime). Always setting me straight. Lecturing me. I feel that he is living in a different century/era.

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You are doing a great job, Renzhe. ++

You make me want to work harder on my "understanding of Chinese drama" skills. Although, because of the time restrictions, I still prefer to use the traditional methods - using books, audio, where you can find the answer easier. I will continue to work on 奋斗 but only a little bit at a time.

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Not terribly important for the plot (just there to show 徐志森's ruthlessness), but I was interested nonetheless. Anyone have a better explanation?

I thought that if the guy is being instructed to contact his lawyer to get a message from the company he has ripped off, he is at best getting sued and may be looking at going to jail for fraud. Is it from watching ahead that you know this isn't important to the plot?

The part of this episode that I liked the best was 徐志森 explaining to 陆涛 that in some ways his stepfather is a more successful man than he is and 陆涛 completely not getting it. I also like the scene where 婉芬 is doing due diligence on 夏琳 and the fight starts in the background, it was very well acted I thought. 夏琳 is really passionate about fashion.

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Hey, rob07, could you change the title of the thread to include the words "Now watching!" or something similar?

I thought that if the guy is being instructed to contact his lawyer to get a message from the company he has ripped off, he is at best getting sued and may be looking at going to jail for fraud. Is it from watching ahead that you know this isn't important to the plot?

I'm guessing that 森道尔 is 徐志森's company, there are several clues (why is he so upset that they are losing money and why does he have access to all their paperwork). The way I understood the lawyer part was "ask your lawyer, he can explain it to you instead of us". It suggests to me both "we've contacted him already" and "I don't want to waste time with you anymore".

I haven't watched far ahead, it just seemed unimportant. Maybe I'm wrong. It doesn't appear in the next episode, in any case.

I also like the scene where 婉芬 is doing due diligence on 夏琳 and the fight starts in the background, it was very well acted I thought. 夏琳 is really passionate about fashion.

That was interesting. We don't really get to hear what exactly it is that 陆涛 is trying to do, other than it has something to do with real-estate and selling apartments and wants some help from the stepfather (due to his connections). But the stepfather is furious and is going on about breaking the law, and the like. Did we find out what exactly it is that he and 徐志森 are planning?

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Hey, rob07, could you change the title of the thread to include the words "Now watching!" or something similar?

How do I do that?

That was interesting. We don't really get to hear what exactly it is that 陆涛 is trying to do, other than it has something to do with real-estate and selling apartments and wants some help from the stepfather (due to his connections). But the stepfather is furious and is going on about breaking the law, and the like. Did we find out what exactly it is that he and 徐志森 are planning?

Well, I think the plan is to build new apartments. Obviously, you can't just go out and start building things, you need planning approval from the government. The stepfather works in the planning department and is in a position to give planning approval but it would be contrary to the the planning department laws and policies so he won't do it. 陆涛 accused him of not understanding how business works and points out that someone they know at the same level in the planning department lives much better, has a much nicer house and car - the implication is that he is on the take, everyone is doing it, the stepfather needs to wise up and get a piece of the action. The stepfather says that all he cares about is doing the right thing.

Even before he was asked for the planning approval, the stepfather wasn't happy about 陆涛 being what he saw as a fast buck artist. He'd much rather he got a solid respectable salary paying job. At the end he refers to 陆涛's very recent change in girlfriend. He clearly feels 陆涛 is fast becoming a very flaky, shady and unreliable character. For his part, 陆涛 feels that his stepfather's respectable middle class values mean life has passed him by.

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How do I do that?

You started the thread, you just need to go back and edit your first post. The title of that post is the title of the thread.

Well, I think the plan is to build new apartments.

Yes, that's what the 盖房 is all about. We didn't really find out what exactly was improper/illegal about the way they wanted to do it, though. I guess it's a combination of asking him to bend the rules (to help a family member), but also I get the impression that he feels that only the state should ever build houses, ever. (the part where he says that the state has the 权利, and people have 良心).

At the end he refers to 陆涛's very recent change in girlfriend.

That was quite out of line, though, IMHO. While you can see his point in some of the other aspects, this one shows how old-fashioned to a fault he really is.

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You started the thread, you just need to go back and edit your first post. The title of that post is the title of the thread.

I tried that but it only seemed to change the title of the first post.

We didn't really find out what exactly was improper/illegal about the way they wanted to do it

If there was something specific I missed it, but it is pretty easy for property development to be against the law. A guy at work put an extension on his house recently and had to apply for planning approval and one of the neighbours challenged it. The newspapers in the city where I live are currently running a sex for planning approval corruption scandal story, so it is a topical issue for me (not that I was personally involved, honest).

My understanding is that 陆涛 wants to fundamentally change the character of the neighbourhood with his dreams of Greenwich Village and something like that is always going to be at least problematic from a planning approval perspective.

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These are the words I picked from episode 1, sorry, they will duplicate some of the vocab already mentioned. Hopefully someone can use it. It covers over the half of the ep. 1. If I finish the list, I will add from where I finished. (It's easy to do while we have the transcript)


EDIT, 16 Oct

Changed my mind, I updated the older list with the complete list. Got rid of Wenlin's formatting symbols.

Vocab for ep. 1:

学位[學-] xuéwèi n. academic degree; degree

不至于[--於] bùzhìyú f.e. be unlikely to end up or result in; not necessarily

作弊 zuòbì v.o. practice fraud/corruption cheat on a test/exam

毁(F毀) [huǐ] destroy; 毁灭 huǐmiè exterminate

一辈子[-輩-] yī bèizi n. all one's life; a lifetime

先礼后兵[-禮後-] xiānlǐhòubīng f.e. try peaceful means before resorting to force

据说[據說] jùshuō v.p. it is said that...

校长室[-長-] xiàozhǎngshì p.w. office of a schoolmaster/president

文凭[-憑] wénpíng n. diploma

唰 [shuā] swish; rustle (also written 刷)

刷 [shuā] brush, to brush, to paint, swish

抽出 chōuchū r.v. draw out; select from a lot; extract; abstract; withdraw

案子 ànzi n. long table; counter 〈coll.〉 case (of law/etc.)

插 [chā] insert, stick in; 插头 chātóu plug

工科 gōngkē n. engineering course applied sciences; technology

学士[學-] xuéshì n. scholar bachelor; B.A. degree

翻一翻 fānyīfān v.p. double

校规[-規] xiàoguī n. school regulations

商量 shāngliang v. consult; talk over

姨 [yí] aunt (mother's sister); sister-in-law (wife's sister)

催 [cuī] urge, hurry, hasten

学历[學歷] xuélì n. record of formal schooling

备案[備-] bèi'àn v.o. put on record; file

趟 [tàng] (measure word) trip; row [tāng] (=蹚) ford; wade; weed and loosen soil

关紧[關緊] guānjǐn r.v. fasten

股 gǔ b.f. thigh section share in a company; equal part of capital/etc. n. strand; ply m. (for anything string-shaped (e.g., a skein of thread)) (for air/fragrance/strength/etc.) (for groups of people (usu. derog.))

烧焦[燒-] shāojiāo r.v. scorch

撞 [zhuàng] collide, run into

头破血流[頭---] tóupòxuèliú f.e. head broken and bleeding

校庆[-慶] xiàoqìng n. anniversary of the founding of a school

善意 shànyì n. good will; good intentions

贡献[貢獻] gòngxiàn v. contribute; dedicate; devote n. contribution

培养[-養] péiyǎng v. foster; train; develop

留步 liúbù f.e. 〈court.〉 don't bother to see me out

舍不得[捨--] shěbude r.v. be loathe to part with

十万火急[-萬--] shíwànhuǒjí f.e. posthaste Most Urgent (mark on a dispatch)

搂[摟] lǒu v. hold in one's arms; hug

维持[維-] wéichí v. keep; preserve

声誉[聲譽] shēngyù n. fame; prestige

办学[辦學] bànxué v.o. run a school

委 [wěi] 委员会 wěiyuánhuì committee

凡 [fán] ordinary; (凡是 fánshì) every; 非凡 fēifán extraordinary

一律 yīlǜ adv. equally; without exception

性格 xìnggé n. nature; disposition; temperament

内向[內-] nèixiàng s.v. introverted; endocentric

转不过[轉-過] zhuǎnbuguò r.v. can't turn around can't make a turn

弯(F彎) [wān] curve, bend

想不通 xiǎngbutōng r.v. can't follow the reasoning

乌鸦嘴[烏鴉-] wūyāzuǐ n. a crow's mouth

大款 dàkuǎn n. 〈coll.〉 magnate; tycoon; moneybags, sum of money

陆涛[陸濤] Lù Tāo name Lu Tao

说不定[說--] shuōbudìng r.v. perhaps; maybe

心情 xīnqíng n. frame/state of mind; mood

卷子 juànzi n. examination paper

卷子[-/捲-] juǎnzi n. steamed roll roll; scroll

害 [hài] harmful

开除[開-] kāichú v. expel; discharge

解释[-釋] jiěshì v. expound; interpret; analyze

停电[-電] tíngdiàn v.o. cut power n. power cut/outage/failure

一推六二五 yītuī liù'èrwǔ f.e. 〈coll.〉 round off avoid unnecessary problems/work evade all responsibility

忙活 mánghuo v.o. be busy/swamped

忙活 mánghuó n. urgent work

交代/待 jiāodài v. hand over explain; make clear; brief; tell

求职[-職] qiúzhí v.o. seek a position; apply for a job

简历[簡歷] jiǎnlì n. biographical notes; curriculum vitae; résumé

等于[-於] děngyú v. be equal/tantamount to

失业[-業] shīyè v.o. lose one's job; be out of work

活儿[-兒] huór n. job; work; labor products

堆 [duī] pile, heap

抢(F搶) [qiǎng] rob; snatch; scrape

不争气[-爭氣] bù zhēngqì s.v. fail to meet expectations

泡 pào n. bubble blister v. steep; soak; immerse dawdle; while away

鼠标[-標] shǔbiāo n. 〈comp./PRC〉 mouse

垫(F墊) [diàn] place under

觍(F覥) [tiǎn] shame

老脸[-臉] lǎoliǎn s.v. shameless; brazen n. 〈opera〉 actor with a painted face face; prestige (of old people)

下岗[-崗] xiàgǎng v.o. 〈mil.〉 come off sentry duty be laid off due to restructuring

对得起[對--] duìdeqǐ r.v. not let sb. down treat sb. fairly not have the slightest guilt/shame toward sb.

孝顺[-順] xiàoshùn v. show filial obedience offer a present to a superior

凭什么[憑-麼] píng shénme v.o. for what reason

人有脸树有皮[--臉樹--] rén yǒuliǎn shù yǒu pí v.p. A man has face just as a tree has bark.

好不容易 hǎobùróngyì v.p. very difficult after all the trouble

考上 kǎoshang r.v. pass an entrance examination

珍惜 zhēnxī v. treasure; cherish

保证[-證] bǎozhèng v./n. pledge; guarantee

下辈子[-輩-] xiàbèizi n. next life incarnation

逼 [bī] force, compel; close in on

遗体[遺體] yítǐ n. remains (of the dead) one's body (handed down by one's parents)

受不了 shòubuliǎo r.v. be unable to endure

场面[場-] chǎngmiàn n. scene; spectacle occasion appearance; facade scope pageantry

解散 jiěsàn r.v. dismiss

以此 yǐcǐ conj. 〈wr.〉 hence

遇到 yùdào r.v. come across; run into; encounter; meet

免得 miǎnde conj. so as not to; so as to avoid

孤单[-單] gūdān s.v. alone friendless weak

依然 yīrán adv. still; as before

价值[價-] jiàzhí n. value; worth

追时髦[-時-] zhuī shímáo v.o. follow the fashion

酷 ³kù b.f. cruel to an extreme degree s.v. 〈loan/TW〉 cool

了不起 liǎobuqǐ s.v. amazing; terrific; extraordinary

提醒 tíxǐng v. remind; warn; alert to

生命 shēngmìng n. life

脆弱 cuìruò s.v. fragile; frail; weak

死亡 sǐwáng v. be dead/doomed

接近 jiējìn v./s.v. be close to; be near; approach

如何 rúhé adv. how v.p. how about it

答案 dá'àn n. solution; answer; key

忽然 hūrán adv. suddenly

意义[-義] yìyì n. meaning; sense; significance

除非 chúfēi conj. only if/when unless

跳起 tiàoqǐ r.v. takeoff

趴下 pāxia r.v. prostrate oneself fall flat on the ground

冲 [chōng] (F沖) rinse; rush; (F衝) rush [chòng] (F衝) towards

躲闪[-閃] duǒshǎn v. dodge; evade equivocate

显示器[顯--] xiǎnshìqì n. indicator 〈comp.〉 monitor

熄灭[-滅] xīmiè v. go/die out put out; extinguish

垃/拉圾 lājī n. refuse; garbage

今儿[-兒] jīnr n. 〈coll.〉 today

撂/撩 liào v. 〈coll.〉 put down; leave behind throw/knock/shoot down die

瞧 qiáo v. look at

搂[摟] lǒu v. hold in one's arms; hug

美女 měinǚ n. beautiful woman; a beauty

摇(F搖) [yáo] shake

奔 [bēn] run fast; flee [bèn] go straight towards

T恤 [xù] T-Shirt

赔钱[賠錢] péiqián v.o. suffer losses in business compensate pay for a loss; pay damages

砸 [zá] strike, smash, break

鲁迅[魯-] Lǔ Xùn (1881-1936) n. pen name of Zhōu Shùrén, China's foremost writer of the 20th cent. and strong advocate of writing reform

秃子[禿-] tūzi n. baldhead 〈topo.〉 favus of the scalp

石膏像 shígāoxiàng n. plaster bust/statue

大名鼎鼎 dàmíngdǐngdǐng f.e. celebrated, famous, well-known

证据[證據] zhèngjù n. evidence; proof; testimony

向南 Xiàng Nán name Xiang Nan

捞(F撈) [lāo] dredge for, fish for, scoop up out of water

耳朵眼 ěrduoyǎn n. hole for earring; portus acusticus externua

拆迁[-遷] chāiqiān v. pull down (an old house) and move its occupants elsewhere

钉子户[釘-戶] dīngzihù n. household resisting eminent domain strong nay-sayer

不打不相识[----識] bù dǎ bù xiāngshí f.e. From an exchange of blows, friendship grows.

咱俩[-倆] zánliǎ pr. 〈coll.〉 we two

甭 [béng] (short for 不用 búyòng) there's no need to

派出所 pàichūsuǒ n. police substation; local police station

惹事 rěshì v.o. cause trouble

所长[-長] suǒzhǎng n. head of an institute/etc

铁磁[鐵-] tiěcí attr. ferromagnetic very good; faithful; reliable (of relationship) n. intimate friend; close friend; soul mate

接碴/茬[-碴/茬] jiēchá 〈topo.〉 v.o. pick up the thread of a conversation do sth. else immediately adv. after that; and then

菜瓜 càiguā n. 〈bot.〉 snake melon cucumber

怀里[懷裡] huáilǐ p.w. in one's embrace/arms

夏琳 Xià Lín name Xia Lin

偷看 tōukàn v. steal a glance; peek

一拍即合 yīpāijíhé f.e. 〈derog.〉 fit in readily chime in easily

甩 [shuǎi] swing back & forth; toss; get rid of

私奔 sībēn v. elope

讨厌[討厭] tǎoyàn s.v. disagreeable; disgusting hard to handle; nasty

吃醋 chīcù v.o. be jealous (usu. of a rival in love)

人家 rénjia pr. sb. else I (used by females) fiancé's family

盯 [dīng] stare at

玩意/艺[-意/藝] wányì n. toy; plaything thing

混饭吃[-飯-] hùnfànchī v.p. 〈coll.〉 cook up a little food scrape a living engage in a job to make a living

复印[複-] fùyìn v. 〈print.〉 duplicate

镶(F鑲) [xiāng] inlay; edge

镜框[鏡-] jìngkuàng n. picture/spectacles frame

姥爷[-爺] lǎoye n. maternal grandfather

遗像[遺-] yíxiàng n. portrait of the deceased

摘 [zhāi] pick; take off; select

串门[-門] chuànmén v.o. drop in on sb.

恨不得 hènbude r.v. very anxious to; itch to

去世 qùshì v. die; pass away

嘱咐/付[囑-/-] zhǔfu v. enjoin; tell; exhort

出息 chūxi 〈coll.〉 n. promise; prospect; future

乱七八糟[亂---] luànqībāzāo f.e. at sixes and sevens; in a mess/muddle

姿势[-勢] zīshì n. posture carriage; bearing

成才 chéngcái v.o. become a useful person

拉扯 lāche v. 〈coll.〉 drag; pull bring up (a child)

总算[總-] zǒngsuàn v.p. at long last; finally all things considered; on the whole

米莱[-萊] Mǐ Lái name Mi Lai

饿汉[餓漢] èhàn n. a starving/hungry man

饥(F飢) [jī] starve, be hungry; famine; 饥饿 hunger, starvation

猴/喉急 hóují v.p. 〈topo.〉 very impatient feel anxious; feel worried

妆(F妝) [zhuāng] adorn oneself; 妆奁 zhuānglián bride's trousseau

卸 [xiè] unload, discharge; remove; shirk

关鹏[關鵬] Guān Péng name Guan Peng

躲 [duǒ] hide (oneself), avoid, dodge

难受[難-] nánshòu s.v. feel unwell/unhappy/pained

非要 fēiyào aux. absolutely require must; have to

离得开[離-開] lídekāi r.v. be able to leave

老好人 lǎohǎorén n. one who tries never to offend anybody

抱怨 bàoyuàn v. complain; grumble; bear a grudge

呗[唄] bei m.p. (indicating obviousness or grudging agreement)

浓(F濃) [nóng] dense, thick, concentrated; 浓度 consistency

两码事[兩碼-] liǎng mǎ shì n. two entirely different things/matters

前脚[-腳] qiánjiǎo n. forward foot in a step cons. ~A 后脚 ( hòujiǎo) B no sooner A than B

抢(F搶) [qiǎng] rob; snatch; scrape

吃闲饭[-閑飯] chī xiánfàn v.o. lead an idle life; be a loafer/sponger

精力 jīnglì n. energy; vigor

辞职[辭職] cízhí v.o. resign


时装[時裝] shízhuāng n. fashionable/modern dress; latest fashion contemporary costume

牺牲[犧-] xīshēng v. sacrifice oneself; die a martyr's death do sth. at the expense of oneself or sb. else n. beast slaughtered for a sacrifice sacrifice

拆 [chāi] take apart, dismantle [cā]

打预防针[-預-針] dǎ yùfángzhēn v.o. warn of danger/difficulty give/receive a vaccination

死等 sǐděng v. 〈coll.〉 wait stupidly for too long; wait indefinitely/forever

鬼才 guǐcái n. unorthodox genius

盖房子[蓋--] gài fángzi v.o. build a house

懒[懶] lǎn s.v. lazy

设计[設計] shèjì v./n. design; plan

劲儿[勁兒] jìnr n. strength; energy; enthusiasm

缝纫机[縫紉機] féngrènjī n. sewing machine

扑[撲] pū v. beat; pat; tap leap; fling oneself at

衣裳 yīshang n. 〈coll.〉 clothing; clothes

顺眼[順-] shùnyǎn s.v. pleasing to the eye agreeable (in general)

骗(F騙) [piàn] (欺骗 qīpiàn) deceive; cheat, swindle; 骗局 piànjú hoax; 骗子 piànzi swindler

愤世嫉俗[憤---] fènshìjísú f.e. detest the world and its ways; be cynical misanthropic; cynical

省得 shěngde conj. lest; avoiding

意犹未尽[-猶-盡] yìyóuwèijìn f.e. wish to continue doing sth. one has been doing have not given full expression to one's views

硬给[-給] yìnggěi v. stubbornly insist on giving

红领巾[紅領-] hónglǐngjīn n. red scarf (of Young Pioneers) Young Pioneer

炫 [xuàn] dazzle; show off, brag, boast

激动[-動] jīdòng s.v. stirred; agitated v. excite; stir; agitate

净(F凈) [jìng] clean, complete; only; 干净 gānjìng clean

轧马路[軋馬-] yà mǎlù 〈coll.〉 v.o. saunter; stroll

提心吊胆[---膽] tíxīndiàodǎn f.e. be on tenterhooks be scared/jittery; be cautious and anxious; be in constant fear

生怕 shēngpà v. fear that

嚷嚷 rāngrang r.f. 〈coll.〉 argue noisily holler; shout

洗澡 xǐzǎo v.o. take a bath

愁 [chóu] worry

闹中取静[鬧--靜] nàozhōngqǔjìng f.e. seek peace and quiet in noisy surroundings

新开发[-開發] xīnkāifā attr. newly developed n. new development

白领[-領] báilǐng n. white collar

素质[-質] sùzhì n. quality 〈psy.〉 diathesis

一次性 yīcìxìng attr. one-time disposable

收条[-條] shōutiáo n. receipt

中介 zhōngjiè n. intermediary; medium

谱[譜] pǔ n. table; chart; register guide; manual musical notation sth. to base oneself on 〈coll.〉 standards

装修[裝-] zhuāngxiū v./n. fit up; renovate (a house/etc.)

冲动[衝動] chōngdòng n. impulse v. get excited; be impetuous

总算[總-] zǒngsuàn v.p. at long last; finally

拦(F攔) [lán] block the way

单元[單-] dānyuán n. residential unit

漏 lòu v. leak out | Nǐ de chē zài ∼ yóu. Your car is leaking oil. divulge; leak be missing; leave out

过分[過-] guòfèn s.v. excessive; undue | Nì tài ∼ le! What you've done is too much!

好意思 hǎoyìsi s.v. have the nerve

这年头[這-頭] zhè niántou n. 〈coll.〉 nowadays

亲兄弟[親--] qīnxiōngdì n. blood brother

彩屏 cǎipíng n. ornamental screens; multicolored screens

庸俗 yōngsú s.v. vulgar; philistine

小市民 xiǎoshìmín n. 〈pol.〉 urban petty bourgeois attr. plebeian; philistine

养活[養-] yǎnghuo r.v. 〈coll.〉 support; feed

不懂事 bù dǒngshì s.v. be immature; not understand matters

假惺惺 jiǎxīngxīng v.p. hypocritical; unctuous

脑袋[腦-] nǎodai n. 〈coll.〉 head

嗡嗡 wēngwēng on. drone; hum; buzz

逼 [bī] force, compel; close in on

轮到[輪-] lúndào r.v. take turns; be one's turn

骂人话[罵-話] màrénhuà n. abusive language

严肃[嚴肅] yánsù s.v. serious; solemn v. strictly enforce enforce

毛病 máobing n. trouble; mishap; breakdown

讽刺[諷-] fěngcì v. satirize; mock n. satire; sarcasm

诺贝尔奖[諾貝爾獎] Nuòbèi'ěr Jiǎng n. Nobel Prize

马桶[馬-] mǎtǒng n. nightstool; commode

静音[靜-] jìngyīn n. tranquil sound

随波逐流[隨---] suíbōzhúliú f.e. drift with the tide/current

控制 kòngzhì v./n. control; dominate; command

转来转去[轉來轉-] zhuànláizhuànqù v.p. walk back and forth; turn this way and that way

得了 déle intj. Stop it! Hold it! Enough!

瞎编[-編] xiābiān v. fabricate (a story)

刺激 cìjī v. stimulate provoke; irritate; upset

一见钟情[-見鐘-] yījiànzhōngqíng f.e. fall in love at first sight

任性 rènxìng s.v. willful; headstrong

当成[當-] dàngchéng v.p. regard/consider as

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Episode 4 !!! Woooooo!

(Words will follow shortly. I have the list, but I have to look some of them up......)

Xia Lin talking to her father:

您别提那些狐朋狗友了。不是成天坑蒙拐骗就是打麻将。 还把你拉下水。

Don't bring up those scoundrel friends of yours. When they're not cheating people, they're playing Mahjong. And they drag you into it.

你爸有这么没水平吗? 我把他们拉下水还差不多。

Are you saying that your father is that crap? It's more like I'm dragging them into it.

Xia Lin talking to her father about her mother:


Your mother? How is she?


She's doing well.


She hasn't found a new one? (new husband)


After you hurt her like that, how could she dare to look for a new one?


As soon as I earn some money, I'll go and see her. (过两天 refers to an unspecified time in the future).


Nevermind that, if she doesn't kick you, it would be a wonder.

Xia Lin to Lu Tao:


Do as you like (??). Remember to go to sleep early. Tomorrow morning you have to go to work.

Xiaoyun's mother convincing the potential tenants that she's not charging too much:


You tell me, am I earning money or losing money here?

Xiaoyun's mother to Xiaoyun:


That friend (colleague from university, referring to Mi Lai) of yours really likes to spend money. Without even blinking. These people are not like us.


These things all belong to Mi Lai. I should return them. What's the point in leaving them here?

Xia Lin to Xiaoyun:


Even if we're not friends, will you go so far to not enter and sit down for a while?

Lu Tao to Xia Lin after getting kicked out of the club:


I am suffering (in my heart), don't you know?


Let's not talk today. We'll talk about it tomorrow.


I'm starting to work tomorrow.


Tomorrow, I'll wait for you in that little fast food restaurant in front of your company, we'll eat dinner together.


I have to do extra work tomorrow, I won't be able to leave until after 10 o'clock.


Then (we'll meet) at 10.


I'll walk you home.


I'll go alone. Take care of yourself.


I want to take care of you


I can take care of myself. I'm tired. I'm off now.

Xia Lin to Lu Tao in the restaurant:


I've thought about our issues for a day and a night. In order to express my confidence in your future, and to prevent you from hurting yourself and other because of jealousy, I have a suggestion.




Let's get married. I love you. I have to do something for you.


Then protect your chastity/virtue/purity. (i.e. stop doing that modelling job)


You've accepted! That's great!


I can't swallow (my food). (( she's shoving money in his mouth))


I'm sorry. But I've earned every fen of it while watched by sexual maniacs. Every day, while working in that club, I imagined you instead of them.


Well, thank you.


Listen to me! I really must do something for you.


Then wait for me!


But I've been waiting for three months.

-再等。 。。。 我不是那意思。我是说,我们结婚以后,你肯定得有一个自己的服装店啊。里面摆满了各种你自己设计的衣服。我呢,就在你的服装店的更衣室里安一小摄像头,每天坚持偷看你的顾客还衣服。

Wait longer ....

I didn't mean it like that. I'm just saying, after we get married, you will definitely have your own boutique. Inside, there will be all sorts of clothes designed by you. And me, I will be in the changing room, with a webcam, persistently peeping while your customers are changing.


Can we get married?


Definitely! But not with empty hands. And definitely not with your money. You want to part on bad terms again? This is the way I feel.

Xia Lin to Lu Tao in the dressing room:


You go and take care of your father.


This is my work.


If this is your work, then I don't like your work. Your work should be in the design room.


I also don't like it. I've only just entered the company, I can only do small (insignificant) stuff.


Which room are you in?


230. Why?


You won't invite me to come and meet your real father?


Why would you want to meet him?


I want to see who is this man who caused you to suddenly become like this.

Xia Lin talking to Lu Tao in front of his father and some work colleagues:


Such a young, talented and handsome boy is willing to admit that I'm his girlfriend in front of all these people. Aren't you afraind you'll lose face?


Wherever you are, you're always my girlfriend.


Really moving words, but I'm not moved at all. Lu Tao, I don't understand why, out of so many clubs, you came exactly to this one. Is it because you wanted to let me know that recently you caught the fast train for getting rich, improved your level. That you can come here.


No, it's not like that. Xia Lin...


Why is that?


The more you don't let me come, the more I want to come.



Lu Tao, (people) come here to be happy. Look, you are always making such a wooden face. If (it's) like that, isn't it better not to come (in the first place). Chairman Xu, for your company's prosperity, for Mr. Lu Tao's grand future, let's drink together!

(老 = always, 板脸 = make a wooden/unhappy face, 副 = measure word for 样子).


Lu Tao, I don't know if (your ego/ambition) has blown up recently or if your confidence has improved. In short, tonight, I notice that you've changed. Don't follow me.

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...and the words for episode 4, as promised.

Again, this is quite a mouthful, but all useful vocabulary, and much of it is quite basic.

坑蒙拐骗 cheat somebody, defraud

打麻将 play Mahjong

拉下水 pull other people into the water, be a bad influence, corrupt good people

财神 cái shén - the God of Wealth

窄 zhǎi - narrow

孔雀 kǒng què - peacock

上班 shàng bān - to go to work / to start work

路过 lù guò - pass by or through

顺便 shùn biàn - conveniently / in passing

热带鱼 rè dài yú - tropical fish

捞 lāo - to fish up

收拾 shōu shi - to put in order / to tidy up

不知道搁那儿 don't know where to put things

房地产 fáng dì chǎn - real estate

销售 xiāo shòu - to sell / market / sales

铁磁 tiě cí - magnetic / attractive

狐朋狗友 hú péng gǒu yǒu - a pack of rogues (成语 saw); a gang of scoundrels

没水平 méi shuǐ píng - disgraceful / poor quality / sub-standard

挣钱 zhèng qián - to make money

蛋糕 dàn gāo - cake

别忘了爹爹 don't forget dad

想起 xiǎng qǐ - to recall / to think of / to call to mind

特 tè - special / unique

难受 nán shòu - to feel unwell / to suffer pain

努力 nǔ lì - great effort / to strive / to try hard

西班牙 Xī bān yá - Spain

高迪 Gaudi, famous Spanish architect

建筑 jiàn zhù - building / to construct

肯定 kěn dìng - to be sure / to be certain / sure

火灾 huǒ zāi - fire (that burns buildings etc)

胡说八道 hú shuō bā dào - to talk rubbish

租房 zū fáng - rented apartment

正好 zhèng hǎo - just (in time) / just right

离。。。近 li...jìn - is close to...

上班地方 the place where one works

最近 zuì jìn - recent / recently

客厅 kè tīng - drawing room (room for arriving guests

主卧 abbr. for the main living room

主卫 abbr. for the main bathroom

平米 píng mǐ - square meter

装修 zhuāng xiū - to decorate / interior decoration

家具 jiā jù - furniture

总共 zǒng gòng - altogether

空调 kōng tiáo - air conditioning

冷热 cold or hot (referring to the air coming out of the A/C)

接通 jiē tōng - to connect / to put through

窗帘 chuāng lián - window curtains

洞房 dòng fáng - bridal chamber

四环以外 outside of the fourth ring

交通 jiāo tōng - transport / traffic

洗衣机 xǐ yī jī - washer / washing machine

电熨斗 yùn dǒu - (an) iron

熨衣板 yùn yī bǎn - ironing board

宜家 Yí jiā - IKEA

拆包机 chāi bāo jī - bale breaker

齐全 qí quán - complete

森德 (some kind of brand)

暖气 nuǎn qì - heater

室内温度 shì nèi wēn dù - room (inside) temperature

书房 shū fáng - study (i.e. the kind of room)

发票 fā piào - invoice / receipt or bill for purchase

抽屉 chōu ti - drawer

万一 wàn yī - just in case

修理 xiū lǐ - repair / perform maintenance

静音马桶 jìng yīn mǎ tǒng - a quiet toilet (yes, I'm also quite amazed that I'm looking up words like this...)

签合同 sign a contract

钥匙 yào shi - key

小区 xiǎo qū - neighborhood / district

工行 gōng háng - ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China)

相片 xiàng piàn - image / photograph

留给 liú gěi - to set aside for

油瓶子 oil bottle, whatever that is...

操心 cāo xīn - to worry about

舍不得 shě bu de - to hate to do sth / to hate to part with

定金 down payment

逛 guàng - to stroll / to visit

西单 Xī dān - Xidan neighborhood of central Beijing

电动 diàn dòng - electric powered

刮胡刀 guā hú dāo - razor

刺耳 cì ěr - ear-piercing

飞利浦 fēi lì pǔ - Philips (company name)

助听器 zhù tīng qì - hearing aid

疼爱 téng ài - to love dearly

讲信用 a (wo)man of her/his word

不至于 bù zhì yú - cannot go so far / be unlikely

整理 zhěng lǐ - to arrange / to tidy up

广告公司 advertising company

公平 gōng píng - fair

吹 chuī - to break up with a boyfriend/girlfriend

跟疯了似的 like going mad

出息 chū xī - future prospects

谈恋爱 tán liàn ài - to court / to woo / to be in love

孤零零 gū líng líng - lone / isolated and without help / all alone

攒钱 zǎn qián - save up money

长大 zhǎng dà - to grow up

一切 yī qiè - everything

情真摊儿 qīng zhēn tānr - a food stall with Muslim food, usually grilled lamb and beef

新鲜 xīn xiān - fresh

炸酱面 zhà jiàng miàn - a type of noodly dish with a meat sauce

强项 qiáng xiàng - a person's strength, forte

布料 bù liào - cloth / material

站直 zhàn zhí - to stand straight

精力异常充沛 jīng lì yì cháng chōng pèi - energy is exceptionally plentiful (she's reading some stupid characteristics from a cheesy magazine)

行为举止异常活跃 xíng wéi jǔ zhǐ yì cháng huó yuè - behavior is exceptionally active (some more character description)

毫无 háo wú - not in the least / none whatsoever / completely without

兴奋 xīng fèn - excited / excitement

小怪僻 xiǎo guài pì - small peculiarity

奇货可居 qí huò kě jū - rare commodity that can be hoarder / object for profiteering

宁缺毋滥 nìng quē wú làn - better to have nothing (than substandard choice) (成语 saw); would prefer to go without than accept shoddy option

游戏厅 yóu xì tīng - arcade

欺负 qī fu - to bully

保守 bǎo shǒu - conservative

咖喱牛肉饭 curry beef

跆拳道 Taekwondo, the Korean martial art the girls are training in

夏日风 a made up Wuxia name for Xia Lin

杨铁云 a made up Wuxia name for Yang Xiaoyun (a play on 杨铁心 from Jin Yong's novel)

听说 tīng shuō - to hear told

江湖 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jianghu

风卷残云 fēng juǎn cán yún - like the wind sweeping the last clouds away -- to make a clean sweep

风平浪静 fēng píng làng jìng - lit. breeze is still, waves are quiet (成语 saw); tranquil environment / All is quiet. / a dead calm (at sea)

得罪 dé zuì - to offend sb / a faux pas

凶险 xiōng xiǎn - dangerous / ruthless / treacherous

保险 bǎo xiǎn - insurance / to insure / safe

称霸 chēng bà - lit. to proclaim oneself hegemon / to take a leading role

前辈 qián bèi - senior / older generation / precursor

周末 zhōu mò - weekend

成双成对 chéng shuāng chéng duì - to form a couple (also 成双作对)

当电灯泡 dāng diàn dēng pào - lit. to be a lightbulb / to be the fifth wheel, unwanted person

照 zhào - to take a photo / to illuminate / according to

张 zhāng - measure word for sheets of paper (in this case, photos)

合影 hé yǐng - joint photo / group photo

滚 gǔn - to move / to boil / to roll

难忘 nán wàng - unforgettable

自私 zì sī - selfish / selfishness

缺德 quē dé - wicked / unscrupulous / without a sence of decency

长得漂亮 to look pretty

抓紧 zhuā jǐn - grasp

优秀 yōu xiù - outstanding / excellent

追 zhuī - to pursue / to chase / be after somebody

二流子 èr liú zi - loafer / idler / bum

家伙 jiā huo - (slang) guy / chap

嫩 nèn - tender / soft

贫嘴 pín zuǐ - talkative / garrulous / loquacious

赶紧 gǎn jǐn - hurriedly

搭理 dā lǐ to respond / to acknowledge / to heed

俗套 boring convention/custom

蛐 qū - cricket (animal)

甭 béng - need not / (contraction of 不 and 用)

划 huá - to row / to paddle

怨 yuàn - to blame

友谊第一,谈恋爱第二 Friendship comes first, love takes second place

气氛 qì fēn - atmosphere / mood

烘托 hōng tuō - background (of a painting) / backdrop / a foil (to set off something to advantage)

起劲 qǐ jìn - vigorously / energetically / enthusiastically

放弃 fàng qì - to renounce / to abandon / to give up

方案 fāng àn - plan / program (for action etc) / proposal

方式 fāng shì - way (of life) / pattern / style

惬意 qiè yì - to be satisfied

一见钟情 yī jiàn zhōng qíng - love at first sight

结束 jié shù - termination / to finish / to end

大名鼎鼎 dà míng dǐng dǐng - a grand reputation / renowned / famous (also 大明鼎鼎)

主动 zhǔ dòng - (to take the) initiative

发财 fā cái - to get rich

假公济私 jiǎ gōng jì sī - official authority used for private interests (成语 saw); to attain private ends by abusing public position

榜样 bǎng yàng - example / model

专门 zhuān mén - specialist / specialized

感动 gǎn dòng - to move (sb) / to touch / moving

骄傲 jiāo ào - arrogant / conceited / full of oneself / proud

守身如玉 shǒu shēn rú yù - to keep oneself pure / to preserve one's integrity / to remain chaste

摄像头 shè xiàng tóu - webcam

更衣 gēng yī - to change clothes

不欢而散 bù huān ér sàn - to part on bad terms / (of a meeting etc) to break up in discord

激励 jī lì - to encourage / to urge / motivation

事业 shì yè - career / occupation

兴旺发达 xīng wàng fā dá - prosperous and developing / flourising

膨胀 péng zhàng - to expand / to inflate / to swell

总之 zǒng zhī - in a word / in short / in brief

重色轻友 to be big on lust and light on friendship, value lust over friendship

郊游 excursion, trip

孤傲 proud and aloof

兴风作浪 lit. raise wind and make waves -- to stir up trouble

团钱 collect money (??)

锅碗瓢盆 pots and bowls, dishes

养不活 can't even support/feed ... (??)

临时工 temporary job

喝闷酒 drowning your troubles

Anyone watched the 4th episode? Any discussion topics?

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Thanks a lot, Renzhe. Great job. Not ready use it but will be in the future weeks.

I updated (rather than adding a new post) my vocabulary list from the episode one, I am done with the list, see post #57. Can't say I understand it perfectly but it's much better now. Mi Lan speaks so fast! The easiest voice for me is Xia Lin's. Even Lu Tao's low voice seems unclear to me.

I've got a number of question marks to go through, review and watch/listen/read again before going to other episodes.


I searched some key words from episode 2, the don't seem to be available on the web, not in the searchable form, anyway. Will work differently going forward, Renzhe's list is a big help!

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