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Tsinghua University, usually referred to just as Tsinghua.

For Tsinghua we have

Chinese Language Courses - for those studying Chinese. (NB If there's a specific 'Chinese language and literature for foreigners degree, post here)

Chinese-taught undergrad or postgrad degrees

There's also the IUP program, run by Berkeley on Tsinghua's campus.

Tsinghua also has a number of English-taught postgraduate degrees, including

Tsinghua IMBA

Tsinghua University's Masters in International Development (one of their English-taught courses)

Masters in International Relations

Tsinghua MA Environmental Engineering and Management

And of course

Tsinghua University Accommodation (on-campus only)

Old topics that might be of interest:

2011 Chinese Language Students

Some info on Tsinghua Dorms

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I am a Canadian Chinese student who's planning to apply to Masters end of this year. I'm planning to move to Beijing soon, before application begins. I've seen the documents required on the application process but i'm wondering if there are any other necessary documents the university might ask for? I'm afraid that I will miss a scanned document when I move to China.



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One of my high school classmates just applied for Undergraduate in Tsinghua University through the new system. They have relatively low HSK requirements, but insist the interview to be done in Tsinghua, so whoever applies for Undergrad will have to plan a flight to Beijing. Besides, all the majors do study with Chinese students, as opposed to many majors in Chinese for Foreigners (Teaching Chinese as a Second language and so on). Besides, there are 2 really good major opportunities (that are indeed quite competitive) - 人文科学实验班 and 社会科学实验班. You can read more about it on the website of the faculties.

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