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Tsinghua University Accommodation


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@Taisha I considered it but finally I decided to move off campus which honestly is much better since what I've read on web about tsinghua campus. Anyway which major are u joining this fall semester?

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@Flipper Could you please tell us where and what you read about Tsinghua campus ? I read both good and bad things on this forum and I believe the dorms for Chinese Language Program Students are OK. I think I will go there because it will be less of a hassle than looking for a flat or contacting an agent...

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Usually dorms for foreign students are ok, but there some ''factors'' you might accept or not. For example u have hot water only for few hours a day, most dorms don't have kitchen so u cannot cook at ur apt, but eat outside. Also the space sometimes is not enough, especially if u share it with another student, which means no privacy. Anyway that also depends on whether u got scholarship or not. Moreover the dorms are very far from the transportation (in case u wanna visit the city). U cannot have guests in your dorm, and I have been told that some rooms have lot of dust or mold.

These are some of the bad factors which made me decide to stay off campus. I know these things from students who already lived in the zijing dorms.

Anyway stay on campus is very good for the fact u don't need to take subway to go to school, so u can sleep more. I decided to stay outside because I'm not single, and I prefer to pay a little more but have a comfortable place to stay.

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Posts on what courses people are doing and where they are from are getting deleted - if it's not about Tsinghua dorms, please don't post it here. See the other Tsinghua topics, or you may want to use this topic to say hi to other people coming to Beijing.

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I am from New Zealand, and I will be starting an exchange in September 2012 in Tsinghua.

Unfortunately my welcome package (which contains my accommodation details etc) has been lost by the courier. I have heard from the staff that I do not need to register my room because it has been reserved for me. I think I would probably be put in a double room. However I really want either single rooms or AB double rooms.

Does anybody know if a double room is nicely furnished? ie is it mouldy or dirty?

Do I need to look for off campus accommodation?

Should I get to uni a bit earlier than September to check out rooms? Do they let you choose which room you want??

Beijing is so new to me and I need all the help I need.

Thank you so much!

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Hi antanthea,

Cool to see another Kiwi around (well, I'm a Dutch Kiwi)! Which course will you be doing at Tsinghua?

Sucks that your package was lost. There wasn't a lot of information in the welcome package. Most of the info can be downloaded from the Tsinghua foreign student affaris office site. The only two documents which were really important, were your admission notice and the visa form. But I'm not sure how that works for exchange students. I'm guessing you need an X visa just like other students, and for that you do need the admission notice and the visa form.

As for the double room, guessing from photos the room is exactly like a single room only with two beds and two desks. I have no idea if they're mouldy or dirty. I guess that'll be a nice suprise for all of us arriving at Tsinghua in September. Didn't they let you choose between rooms when you explained your situation? I really hope they'll put in you in a AB or single room. Double room lacks a lot of privacy :S.

As far as I know, if you arrive early you MIGHT be able to ask if you can choose which room you want to stay in. But, I'm not sure about that.

This is sorta all new to me too, but I've been reading up about Tsinghua all year.

Anyway goodluck with everything! Sure you'll be fine!

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Wow, a Dutch kiwi is even more so pakeha than a kiwi. haha.

I am from China myself, however I'm from Shanghai and have never been to Beijing before.

I came to New Zealand when I was 12.

I will be doing an english exchange programme in Master of Architecture. What about yourself?

Thank you for your advice. I really appreciate it. I hope the staff at the dorm can pick up the phone soon as i've been trying to call them all day today. :)

Thanks again!

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I was able to access the website and successfully log in on the given time. Everything worked fine and my room is now booked (well it's 3am here so I did have to get up in the middle of the night). Hope it was and willbe as easy for everyone as it was for me. I'm looking forward to meeting you all :)

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I weren't able to do anything since the booking was already closed. it will open tonight at the same time for only double room reservation (after 8th Sept)....I think I'll book a double and if possible sign for a waiting list..

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