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Couple of things to add:


Liudaokou just got its own subway stop, on the new line 15. It won't help you getting to university, but it should make traveling across the city easier (although it's also well-connected by bus). Unfortunately, line 15 doesn't yet link up to line 5 at Datunlu Dong, but apparently it will soon.


My own estate agent operating near(ish) Liudaokou doesn't speak a lick of English. Then again, they're a very small company, and I wouldn't recommend them too much anyway, for certain other reasons... and I'd assume any postings you find on English-language websites are by agents who have the capability to deal with English speakers, otherwise they wouldn't post 'em there. On the other hand, many foreigners suspect that they ending up paying more for the privelege of having an English-speaking estate agent. I'm not sure whether there's any basis to these suspicions or not.


The 731 is no longer an option from Wudaokou to Tsinghua northeast gate, I believe it's the 549 now. Although it's actually slightly more regular now.


As for Bus options from Liudaokou to Tsinghua, they're not all too satisfactory, as far as I can see there's nothing that conveniently goes to the northeast gate (which is where you want to get to if you're on the CCL programme). Some form of two-weeled transport is definitely recommended.

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At the moment, line 15 doesn't look that convenient. They need to connect it to line 13 and 4.

I disn't realise about 731. When did it change? Does it still go to HaidianHuangZhuang from WDK or has the whole line ended? I swear I took it toZGC recently. That could have been 307 I guess.

Anyway, I agree that for student life around any of these Chinese campuses, a bike really makes your life easier. The distances are just too big to be walking everywhere. I'm talking about the distance to the entrance of campus and also the campuses themselves.

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I think the line 15 - line 13 connection's also supposed to be coming soon (at Shangdi). Basically, the line's not all that useful right now, but will become more and more so in the (probably very near) future. But of course, they never put a specific date to anything...


731 got split into three, if I remember rightly it now only covers the midsection of the route, with the first section being covered by other routes, and the last section being the 549.

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If I'm not mistaken, you just share a toilet with your room mate. In which case it would depend on them!

If there are common / shared wash facilities I never heard about them. I always found the dorms to be clean and well taken care of though.

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Hi everyone,


I'm going to the Tsinghua-UC Berkeley Shenzhen Institute this fall and I have to choose my accommodation. So I've been searching all over the internet (youtube, forums, google) for pictures/video of the accommodation at the Tsinghua campus in Shenzhen and so far I haven't had much luck, plus the pictures on the TBSI website aren't very helpful either. So if anyone has any pics or video I'd really appreciate it if you could share them with me. 

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