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The Song Identification Topic


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O.k. then. Got it removed now. I'm still very grateful for your help though. :wink:

Does your download contain that softrockversion? Then I already got it on youtube and don't need to download your file. The translated artist and title is Tommy - A Good Man, right?

You don't know by chance that version that I heard at the the rollerdisco in China (see my initial post)?

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Oh, I see. I 've downloaded the rar-file but can't seem to play it on my girlfriend's computer. :wall:wink:  Can you just simple give me the name of the artist and title of the discoversion in English (or in Chinese if necessary) so I can search for the song on the internet myself?

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By akael


Hi, everyone ,i have some songs that i've heard when I was travelling in China (Sichuan-Chengdu-Kangding)

here below the songs:





i hope someone can tell me the name and singer

thanks for help me :D


Voice 010 = 伤心太平洋 by 任贤齐

Voice 011 = 神奇的九寨 by 容中甲尔

Voice 012 = 在他乡 by 水木年华

Voice 013 = 爱在天地动摇时 by 邓家星


You can seach them by yourself

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Hello, I'm finding this mandarin song. The ending of the song goes "Ke bu ke yi, ke bu ke yi~~". Its a male singer with kinda raspy voice. The song if I'm not mistaken it is started of with harmonica. And some of the lyrics "Ren zhu pei san......"


Please help!! :help I have been searching this song for two years T__T

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The first one is called 煙雨濛濛. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vO95oyO2fEk  I am not sure if this is the same singer as in the version in #93.  If it is, then the singer is called 高凌風 (Gao Lingfeng; He is from Taiwan so this romanisation is probably not right).


The second one is called 為何選上我 (Why me).  The singer is probably 楊慶煌 (Yang Qinghuang).  http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/kbyy7kHaZow/

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By wuseng #98


the first track in that video is 'A Day Goes By' by 绍荣

the second one is 风居住的街道 by 矶村由纪子

Thank you so incredibly much!

Have been looking for these for a long time now can't believe I'm finally hearing the full pieces, so beautiful it's tear-filling.

Cannot thank you enough for this!

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你好呀~ Hello Everyone, 


I heard this song and I really like it, but I don't know what's it's name: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_lZgcANAqADbXdzeWgyQ1BjUm8/edit?pli=1


I listened to different songs on 优酷 and 土豆 with similar length of 4:28 but I can't find the right one. 


Thanks so much 谢谢大家帮助!!

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