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Cantonese !!


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The term 代支 in HK saunas originated as a line item on the bill. The bill presented is usuaully itemized with charges for massage, back rub, foot massage, ear picking, etc. etc. and 代支 is what the sauna paid-out on behalf of the customer, not necessarily a tip.

In the old days, you could order food or drinks or whatever which the saunas do not serve and they go to nearby restaurants to purchase for you. That's a 代支. Nowadays, when an attendant hands you a towel or dry your body for you after the shower, they expect you to say "代支 $20". After the masseuse finishes her job (there were no hanky panky in those days), you say "代支 $100" or whatever amount, which will also be added to you bill.

I guess its usage has changed over the years to mean tips and now for special services rendered by the masseuse. :lol:

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揸流攤 refers to the Chinese game of 番攤.

流 means "fake" as in 流嘢.

The person who 揸攤 is the dealer who grabs a bunch of buttons (as in Macau casinos) and put them underneath the cup before the betting begins.

In private casinos (where cheating was common), the dealer may put an extra button in or take an extra out before the winner is declared and thus favoring the house. 揸流攤 therefore means cheating, or engaging in an act/plot to cheat or deceive.

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