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A few Kunming signs

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Don't do what?

Clue: I'm in Xi'an.

This was before the performance and right after I snapped the shot, some clown did exactly what the sign said not to do and had to be shouted back down to his seat by the staff.

blogentry-20301-081753700 1306648106_thumb.jpg


No crossing

This was at a museum in Chongqing. The exhibit of an old-time street barber could be viewed from two sides. One was not supposed to walk through the exhibit and disturb things. I'm sure this isn't rare language, but I had not seen 跨越 used that way before so I had to look it up.

blogentry-20301-001046500 1304480531_thumb.jpg


New door

My apartment building just completed the installation of an electronic door system that requires a key card for entry.

The announcement, posted near the newly upgraded door, uses the kind of formal Chinese that sent me scrambling for my dictionary.

blogentry-20301-051309500 1302699321_thumb.jpg


Sign in new bus station

Kunming has relocated it's long distance bus stations to the periphery. They are new and clean; management wants to keep them looking good. I went to one a few days ago to travel to Luoping 罗平 to see the spectacular yellow flowers 油菜花 which are in full bloom now.

blogentry-20301-010161700 1298815843_thumb.jpgblogentry-20301-058099900 1298815855_thumb.jpg



What better words than the words on a New Year's gift. A friend just now gave me some tea.

blogentry-20301-039987600 1296638600_thumb.jpgblogentry-20301-064805500 1296638611_thumb.jpgblogentry-20301-002422500 1296638626_thumb.jpg


I don't know how to use the "spoiler" feature to hide this part, but if you want some help, read on.

The main take-home words from the first frame are simply 普洱, the name of this type of delicious brew and the name of the region in southern Yunnan where it originates.

Second frame shows that this is a compressed cake of 熟茶。Puer tea comes in two main styles, 熟 and 生 (“cooked” and “raw.”)

Third frame shows that it is from Menghai 勐海County (in Xishuangbanna 西双版纳 Prefecture) and that these leaves were grown on old trees 古树.


Closed for the holidays

blogentry-20301-064930500 1296547355_thumb.jpgblogentry-20301-067145200 1296547366_thumb.jpgAm now seeing signs like this on every street I walk here in Kunming. You are probably seeing them to in your city as well if you live in China. It seems that proprietors sometimes use to occasion to remodel as well and extend their downtime a bit.

Broken things

blogentry-20301-069176200 1296467823_thumb.jpgblogentry-20301-017472800 1296467834_thumb.jpgThis little hotel in Kunming has a pleasing personal touch that shows up in little things, such as the signs on the heater in the room.


blogentry-20301-083951400 1296267619_thumb.jpgKunming is building light rail, part of which is under ground along Beijing Lu, not far from my hotel. Traffic is always snarled, and now this keeps happening: (see sign.)

Balcony sign

blogentry-20301-006390800 1294445906_thumb.jpgMy room is in a high rise building which rents a few frunished units short term as a 酒店公寓。Slliding glass doors open onto a small balcony which can be used to hang clothes to dry. This sign is displayed prominently there.


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