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Random new word of the day


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random words, always a highlight of the day:mrgreen: here we go

狼毫 lang2hao2 a writing brush mad of weasel's hair, not to be confused by 狼嚎lang2hao2, the howl of a wolf:mrgreen:

鬃毛zong1mao2: hair (on the back of a pig, horse, i.e. bristles, 鬃刷:bristle brush)

抓阄儿zhua1jiu1er take lots

振振有词 zhen4zhen4you3ci2: speak plausibly and voubly (in self-justification) (this was from today's 直播 of a press conference ...oh actually here you go.)

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蜂蜜芥末火腿 feng1mi4 jie4mo4 huo3tui3 honey mustard ham, which I will now finally be able to order at Subway without pointing, ehhmm-ing or resorting to English.

And slightly less random yet more boring word:

醫療疏失 yi1liao2 shu1shi1 medical negligence.

Is this the longest thread ever yet?

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麦粉- Whey protein powder

My friend said this word that after his workout he would drink some and would be fine and I was thinking something wheat powder. Then I saw the container and nearly laughed my head off.

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[strikethrough]We all know that 水手 is sailor, and that 殺手 is killer, it turns out there's also a 打手 who is, obviously, a fighter.

From a band's name. They are called 打手獄門同好會, and if anyone can tell me what that would be in English I would be most obliged.[/strikethrough]

Edit: Ok, found it. Turns out this is a Japanese band, not called 打手- but 打首獄門同好會, where 打首獄門 has something to do with cutting of the head of a criminal and hanging it up at the prison gate. All very nice.

The best I can do as word of the day is 同好會 tong2hao4hui4, meaning fan club. It seems to be Chinese as well.

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biāozhǔn piānchā [ADSO]标准偏差[/ADSO]

Standard deviation

piānjiàn de; chàbuduō de / chābié de

And only because I wanted to post "random" but I saw that on the board somewhere before. Just the next thing that came to mind. I actually use quite often.

Just updated the adso let's see if it sticks.

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You've been having a fun week :shock:

Came across 邋遢 in 围城 yesterday.

折戟, zhéjǐ. From this article. Dictionary (ABC) says to break a spear as a sign of truce, but from the context it reads more like to fail in an endeavor, give up halfway, something like that

[ADSO]与恒大地产上市同期,星河湾、龙湖地产、宝龙集团、香江国际、棕榈泉、卓越、恒盛、方圆、花样年集团等多家中资地产公司也正在筹划赴港上市。恒大地产中途折戟显然将令此番中资地产公司集中上市热退潮。 [/ADSO]

Wait, maybe it does make sense that way though. Admitting defeat rather than sign of truce though. Hmmm. Anyone?

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跌倒 die3dao3 to fall over (for people)

First a friend of mine, we had to take her to the hospital, 9 stitches in her forehead.

And yesterday me, because in some places the sidewalks are extremely slippery when it rains or has rained. Before I knew it I was lying on the street.

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