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冒昧 mao4mei4, an even more polite and formal way of saying mafan ni/bu hao yisi.

And one I should probably have known already:

化解 hua4jie3 reconcile (for example between fighting political parties that should work together. Fat chance :-) )

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护链板 - hu4 lian4 ban3 - protect chain board - Chain Guard!

The metal cover over a bicycle chain to stop trousers getting oily.

Talking about oil - 加油 - jia1 you2 - oil, lubricate - (as in 'fill the tank' - 给车加油) but also means...

加油! 加油! - Go! Go! or Come on ! Come on!

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骨灰级 - gǔhuījí hard-core, as in hard-core gamer. I think, only seen it the once

This is such a strange term ... I had to search on the internet to get what it means.



I guess it is not commonly used, right?

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廓然大公 Kuo4 Ran2 da4gong1 completely open and transparent, not keeping anything hidden.

Seems to be a rather obscure term, none of my Chinese coworkers knew it. Fortunately there is google.

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斗篷, dǒupeng, cape or cloak. Dict.cn also has mantle, which I now learn is a short cape, usually a symbol of power or authority, ie within the church, and figuratively as in "To whom, then, will her mantle pass?" I didn't know that. I don't know what I thought a mantle was. So there you go, two random words for the price of one.

Re: 骨灰级, I don't know how common it is, but I've only come across it the once and ended up at the same page as you, Skylee, trying to figure out what it meant.

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My favourite word to share is [POP=guānmén dìzǐ]关门弟子/關門弟子[/POP], meaning the final disciple to be accepted by a master (of [POP=wǔshù (martial arts)]武术/武術[/POP], [POP=xiāngshēng (“cross talk”; comic dialogue)]相声/相聲[/POP] or such like); after which the master will not be accepting any more disciples to study under him.

It is a simple word but elegantly expresses the idea.

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管麵 or 筆管麵 (bi3)guan3 mian4 penne (pasta variety that is easier to eat than spagetti). From ordering in dinner.

In the same category: difficult to eat is not 難吃 (that would be not tasty), but 吃起來有點困難.

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