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Learn Chinese in China

Confucius Institute Scholarship 2019

Matheus Salgado

Message added by Lu

Dear scholarship applicants,


Please don't forget we have LOTS of useful information on this site, not just the scholarship topics. We can advise on learning Chinese, life in China, visas and if you can't find what you need to know, you can ask a question


Take a look around!



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5 hours ago, Kojiando said:

My uni just sent me  a "Application for the International Air Ticket of Confucius Institute Scholarship Students/孔子学院奖学金生国际机票申请表" along with this message:



By the way, my CI was very surprised to find out that the uni is buying my plane ticket. 


I got the same application form, and yesterday they contacted us about the plane tickets, 48 hours flight (including the stopovers, like 11 hours in Doha and then 8 in Beijing haha, it will be a long trip)

Good to hear they will give u also the plane ticket!


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On 9/19/2019 at 11:52 PM, jatropos said:

ust want to apply for One semester study for Chinese Language (March 2020 - July 2020)


So far no reply from 

湘潭大学 (hexin@xtu.edu.cn)



([email protected])


never know it will be this hard...first time i try to apply...by the way, my hsk3 score is 265

@jatropos since when did you applied??the usually take 2 weeks to give an answer  if not you should send them an email  your hsk score is ok for one semester scholarship,  your inormation is with the firts university you choose only if they reject you is when your information goes to the second choice but not before , so it is important you get in contact with your first choice university

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just got reply from them, and i found out that most universities do not support one semester study on March (self fund) and i dont have my hskk mark yet. so i guess i just apply for the next year.



Anyway, i just want to ask you guys, if i just to apply 1 year chinese language study. It is better for me


a) Just use my current HSK3 (265) and hskk beginner

b) take HSK4 (can be pass but not excellence) and hskk beginner

c) retake HSK3 and try to get higher mark and HSKK beginner.

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Anyone that came to China in Sep 2019 and its for 1 year?? Do you have any news on when classes will start?? I feel it might be in April or even later, im in Changchun that its close to Korea and Japan, the majority of the classmates are japanese and koreans, but all of them returned to their country, now if they come back they must pass 14 days in quarantine, so i guess they will have to tell 2 weeks upfront to come back, and we still have no news.


I also dont know if lot of people will apply for 2020 scholarships, if those who came 2019 can ask for an extension or what, in the next weeks if we still have no news i will ask to my country Confucius institute and to our link in my uni in China. But i write this to also see if anyone has any news.


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I'm applying for the 2020 scholarship for my university year abroad and am first to admit I haven't been on the ball with this (by leaving it up to my uni who are notoriously bad at sharing info or clarifying quickly), but long story short I won't have an HSKK score at all by the application deadline. I will have an HSK4 score though and going by practice tests am fairly confident I'll pass this one. Do I have any chance getting any kind of scholarship or is it not even worth trying without the HSKK? Is there another China scholarship or bursary out there I might still be able to apply for?

Apparently last year only 2 or 3 out of 20 people in the year were granted it so might not even matter...

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