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Confucius Institute Scholarship 2019

Matheus Salgado
Message added by Lu

Dear scholarship applicants,


Please don't forget we have LOTS of useful information on this site, not just the scholarship topics. We can advise on learning Chinese, life in China, visas and if you can't find what you need to know, you can ask a question


Take a look around!



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50 minutes ago, Kojiando said:

So happy! I can finally relax now. 

This thing is...the email from hanban is nowhere to be found. What should I do? contact the uni?

Mine was in the spam folder, try looking there :)  But if you don't find it don't worry, there's not much information there. They just tell you congratulations and that you should contact your university to confirm with them and send them the 获奖证书 (which you can get from the CIS website if you click on 打印证书 next to personal info tab on top) 

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2 minutes ago, lahore said:

@Janghyeok I just need to write them an email and attach the certificate?

That's what I did, I wrote an email to the admission office of my university saying I got the scholarship, attached the certificate and kindly asked how I can 办手续 :D That's what the Hanban email told me to do anyways. 

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JOHN SMITH: 已经被天津外国语大学录取,并获得孔子学院奖学金。





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3 hours ago, lahore said:

Kindly someone share the exact text of the email from Hanban.


(my real name): 已经被北京语言大学录取,并获得孔子学院奖学金。请与北京语言大学确认办理来华留学手续,在线打印获奖证书;按规定时间注册学籍后享受孔子学院奖学金待遇。

That was in my email, nothing more. 

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Hello guys! 

I was moved to stage 5 yesterday! What should I do now? Wait for my university to write to me? or should I do it myself? 

I'm asking as it is just the beginning of June. Won't it be too fast? Because last year students got approval from the Hanban at the end of July.


What are your thoughts? The ones who got the approval, did you write to your universities? 

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Finally, got the scholarship MTCSOL (厦门大学). This is the second time I apply for MTCSOL. Congrats for those who reveive the same news as I do. For those who is still at stage 4, I wish you well...


Check your spam folder, the hanban confirmation is there. 

I have tried to email my uni but I haven't receive any reply yet. Maybe I will just wait for their email then. 


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47 minutes ago, Houssam said:

Hello everyone,

does anyone know if the results of the scholarship are issued one shot, or they are still sending results. 

I'm stuck in stage 4 with no answer 


same here

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4 hours ago, Ari24 said:

Do you know what do we have to do after we receive the scholarship? I asked the university if I should sign up in their international students website and they said yes, but what should I do after that

I guess if you've already signed up on the university portal the next thing is to wait..?? Honestly I'm kind of in the same waiting boat with my university. They're not communicating much 

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In my country only 3/5 got the results (all to stage 5). Other 2 are still waiting, this week our CI director told us that we should wait till next monday for final results, so i guess these days they can keep releasing results.

On the FB group i also read some people was moved from stage 4 to stage 3, so they must be still processing everything. I guess all this stress will end after a few more days for those who still dont have results, good luck!!


I also sent a mail to my university but they didnt answered me, my CI director told us if we dont have notice on Monday to tell him so he contact the university, so i will just wait till Monday (Probably also linked with Hanban finishing their process? idk). But we still have a lot of time for this, so dont rush and fill things in a hurry without knowing! I saw some person on FB that made his account on the university page, filled wrong one page and now he cant change it.



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