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I've got a video showing my room in BLCU's Conference Center.

Also I'm going to goto my friends room at Dorm 17 and I'm going to record that and upload to my account soon.


As far as I know... rooms @ Dorm 17 is around 100rmb/day.

This is from my friends that are living @ Dorm 17 currently.

I'm living at the conference center and I'm paying around 120rmb/day but thats with a three month stay discount. They also have a half a year discount which I think is 110rmb/day.

So that might be a choice for you guys.

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I've just learned that I'll be assigned to Building 2-- does anybody have pictures of this dorm? I've seen pictures of the conference center and building 17. I've also been to dorm 4... What does dorm 2 look like? From the early posts, it sounds pretty dodgy, but it seems like it's been renovated since?

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good luck yueni....

building #2 doesnt have a fridge, uses a share bathroom (asian style), its one of the oldest so u figure..

too bad i dont have pictures, but i know because i had a friend of mine lived there some weeks ago... and if it was renovated i am just wonderin how was it before.. lol....

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@.x Thanks eddie. Looks like I'll be asking for an upgrade to a different dorm. I definitely at least need a mini fridge. An asian-style bathroom is fine, and I am used to squatting toilets so that's not a problem either... but it seems like it is as bad as I am hearing!

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Has anyone managed to secure a reservation at the Beijing Foreign Student Activities Center? We would like to stay there during our first week in Beijing while we look for an apartment.

I've called both phone numbers listed in the various threads and no one seems to pick up the phone. I've also emailed and not received any response. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks! :help

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Just to let you know, I got my friend to call BFSAC a couple of days ago and they told her that because of the Olympics they were going to charge 400 RMB a night for a single (500 for a double) for the month of August before going back to their regular prices in September. I don't know if you're going in August or not or whether this is any use, but there you go.

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BLCU Dorm Living Essentials

Disclaimer: The following is information from a booklet called 住宿须知 (Dorm Living Essentials) given to me after I booked a room in person at BLCU in 2008. I do not know when this booklet was published, nor do I know how strictly they abide by the regulations in this booklet, or if any rules have been changed since this booklet was published. So if in doubt, call and ask them directly.

Resident Notice

*The main registration desk of the residential service center is in the hall between the 1st and the 2nd floor. Booking service, residential consultation and charged services are provided.

Service Tel: 82303300

*The radiator system and the single-cold air-conditioning in the room will work in accordance to the seasonal climate of Beijing and to school regulations. Radiator starts working from Nov.15th to March 15th (next year); air-conditioner starts working from May 1st to Sept. 30th.

*Beddings in the room will be changed once a week for free. Residents should prepare supplies for personal hygiene by themselves.

*Kitchens with microwave ovens and induction cookers are provided.

*Broad Band net service and 201 card-telephones are provided in the building (network card and phone card required for application).

*Due to limited accommodation capacity of the campus, the university does not offer lodging to accompanying families or children. To apply for a room for a couple, the Admission Notice, valid student ID and marital certification documents are required.

*For students on scholarships, the school will arrange their accommodations; to apply for rooms of higher standards, they have to pay for the margin.

*After registration and payments, the registration desk will provide certifications of residential address that is in accordance with the residential permission and the registration time, and please report the residential address to the Foreign Student’s Registration Office.

Notice for Booking Service

*To book a room, a student or his/her representative has to come to the registration desk, the with Admission Notice (or its hard copy), to pick up a room and pay a deposit within 30 days before the school year starts.

*For students who will stay for a 12-week or longer study program, they have to pay a deposit equal to the sum of 30 days of regular room charge to final the booking. After they register and reside in the room, the deposit will be returned to the students by means of offsetting room charges (possibly after discounts) per day.

*For students who will stay for a 6-week or shorter study program, they have to pay off the total discounted room charges from the day of the arrival to the end of the study program (according to the Admission Notice) in order to final the booking.

*Please register on the date you have planned to. Give us 7-day or longer notice if any special occasions come up and you have to change the reservation. We will reserve the room for 3 days if you fail to arrive on the arranged time; after the 3 days, we will cancel your reservation and the deposit will not be returned.

*Please inform us within 24 hours of your registration if you want to move to places outside off the campus (including No.17 Building and the Conference Center). We will charge you the regular payment for the room for one day and return the rest of the deposit. But the deposit will not be returned if you fail to give us notice within 24 hours after your registration.

*If students fail to register within 3 days since the beginning of the program, the school ill cancel their reservations of the rooms and will not return the deposits.

*If the school failed to provide accommodations according to the reservation, the deposits will be returned.

*To book a room by remittance, first, remit the deposit to the school’s account; second, fax the Admission Notice, requirements for dormitory and the remittance receipt to the dormitory management office. The booking will be finalized when the school gets the remittance receipt.

Fax No..: 86-010-82303589. Tel: 86-010-82303300.

Account for remittance: 0200006209089106391

Name of Account: Beijing Language and Culture University

Opening Bank: Dongsheng Road Office of Zhongguancun Sub-branch, Beijing Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Notice on Payment

*Pay off the room charge with a one time payment. The school charges for regular prices for installments.

*The deposit will offset the room charges counted by day. The school will return the margin or charge for the margin if the deposit does not suffice.

*Take two Admission Notices to register and make a one time payment, and the residents will get favorable room prices.

*Pay the room charge with RMB at the registration desk within three days after registration.

*Regular price will be charged for temporary stays.

*Favorable price will be given from the date of registration on the Admission Notice to the end of the study program. The school charges regular price for days before the school registration date. Date for check-out can be delayed for three days which will be charged with regular price by principle, but it depends on the rooms that are available of the time. Full price will be charged if students do not rent the room for the whole duration of the program.

*If students have enjoyed the favorable price but leave school before the end of program, the school will not return the room charge for the remaining days.

*To suspend one’s study or leave school before the term ends, the student should take the certification provided by the student management office and the room charge receipt to the registration desk. The school will charge full price for the room and return the remaining sum of money.

*To exchange rooms on campus (excluding No.17 Building and the conference center), students have to go to the main service center or the registration desk of each building to explain the reasons, and the school will arrange the exchanges in accordance with available rooms. If any price margin occurs during exchanges, students will have to refund the school will have to return the margin.

*If students who lived on campus less than one semester move to an apartment off campus (including No.17 Building and the conference center), students have to go to the Foreign Student’s Registration Office and then go to the Police Security to change the addresses and to get permit to move. The school will charge full room price.

Notice for Residential Safety

*Please buy and use power supply connector jacks with eligible power limits. Do not use the jacks in series.

*School permits are required if large-power electric appliances for purposes other than study are used in the room.

*Make sure to close doors and windows when you leave the room. Take care of your valuables. Please deposit the cash for safety reason.

*To avoid unnecessary troubles, do not hand in the key (the card) to your room to unfamiliar “friend”, or tell the “friend” your room Tel and your mobile.

Changing Addresses

*Exchanges of rooms should be arranged by the main service center in accordance with the rooms available for the time.

*To live off campus, students have to go to the Foreign Student’s Registration Office and then to the Police Security to change the addresses and to get permit to move.

Notice for Check-out

*Check out at the end of the term, program or the duration of the room charge if not apply for extension.

*Take certificates provided by the Foreign Student’s Management Office to the main registration desk to get the returned room charges if students suspend the program or leave school.

*Pay for the equipments that are missing or broken of the room when checking out; the deposit for the key will be returned if the key card of the key remains intact. Note from me: Keep the deposit receipt and return it along with your key when you check out, or you won’t get your money back.

*Students who do not belong to the school any more have to check out and leave school within the time limit.

*Students whose visas and permissions for residence expire have to move out of the school dormitory.

Regulations on Certificates Management

*When applying for accommodation, new students have to take Form JW201 and JW 202 and Admission Notice, old students with registered valid student ID; and all students have to take valid passport, “F”, “X” visa or residence permits to register in the registration desk.

Foreign students with “X” visa have to apply for residence permit within 30 days after they enter the territory of China. They can ask the teachers in the Foreign Student’s Office for information on the process of the application. They can find representatives or go to the Exit and Entry Management Section, Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau by themselves.

Address: No.2 East Avenue of Andingmen, Dongcheng District. Tel: 84020101

*The school does not accept applications from students who have incomplete or invalid paperwork, whose visas expire in less than five working days, or who holds other kinds of visas.

*Students from Hong Kong and Macao, if registered as foreign students, have to get a visa for each outside China and register for accommodation with the passport.

*Students from Hong Kong and Macao with Home Visit Permits and students from Taiwan with Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents can register for accommodation as respective identities.

*When old students get back to school from their home visits, they have to register new visas or new expiration date of their residence permits at the registration desk.

*After students get their passports renewed or post-registered, they have to get visas or residence permits in the Exit and Entry Management Section, Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau in time. Otherwise they are not allowed to live in the school’s dormitory any longer.

*During their stay in the school, students have to renew or prolong their residence permits and visas if they are going to expire. Otherwise they are not allowed to live in the school’s dormitory any longer.

Safety Rules

*Do not use self-purchased electric appliances for heating, cooking, boiling water etc. in the room.

*Do not use naked flame appliances like coal oil stoves, spirit stoves, candles etc. in the room.

*Do not set off fireworks or burn objects inside and outside of the dormitory.

*Do not put flammable objects over or on electric appliances, lamps and lights; turn off the power of electric appliances, lamps and lights when leaving the room.

*Do not store flammable, explosive or toxicant objects inside or outside the dormitory.

*Do not use naked flame, smoke or discard cigarette ends in places where they are possible to cause a fire.

*Do not drink excessively or fight in the room.

*Observe the rules for using the kitchen. Please watch for your cooking.


*Students who hold invalid certificates or expired visas will not be allowed to live in the school dormitory and will be reported to the public security bureau.

*Students, who breach school regulations, commit vandalism against public establishments that cause damages or accidents will be fined and punished in accordance to school regulations.

*If students start a fire due to violation of the fire control of the school and the fire causes damages, they will be punished in accordance with fire control regulations besides paying for the damages. For students who cause a major fire, they will be reported to the justice and police department to be judged by law besides getting fined.

Dormitory Rules

*Any breaches of law or school regulations in the dormitory are strictly forbidden. Resident students can not dispose or sublease the room to others. Nor can he/she accommodate other people. Do not destroy, tear down or change the equipment or circuitry inside the building. Otherwise students will pay for the damage and the missing equipments.

*Observe the rules on electrics and naked flames. Do not use electric appliances for heating, cooking, boiling water etc. in the room. Burning incense or lighting naked flames is strictly forbidden.

*Do not store flammable, explosive or toxicant objects inside the room. Students who cause accidents due to violation of this article will pay for all subsequent damages. Those who cause serious consequences will be reported to justice departments.

*Keep quiet in the room. Do not perform activities that will disturb the study or rest of others, such as dancing, making noises or playing the music quite loudly.

*Keep the room clean. Do not paste, paint or nail objects on the wall. Do not leave shoes or objects in the hall. Do not hang or put objects outside the room or throw things out of the window. Do not get pets like poultry or other domestic animals.

*Take care of your personal valuables. Lock the door when leaving the room.

*When the operation staff of the dormitory has to enter the room or rearrange the room (for example, to combine a couple of rooms) for purpose of working, students should cooperate with the workers. Do not refuse to let in the staff. Do not change the lock by yourself.

*Foreign students who live on campus should return to the campus before 24:00. The dormitory building closes at 24:00 in winter and 1:00 in summer.

*Visitors should show the ID at the campus gate and fill in a visit form. This form has to be signed by the person who accepts the visit and returned to the lodge by the visitor when he/she leaves. Visitors have to comply with the visitor registration process of the dormitory if they enter the dormitory buildings. Visitors can not stay overnight in the dormitory and have to leave before 22:00.

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doki doki

Anyone have experience with going with a roommate or couple if both of you are BLCU students? My boyfriend and I are scholarship students and just want to use the dorm housing covered by the scholarship for the few (hopefully few!) days it takes us to find an apt. Ideally, we'd like to share a double. Do they allow mixed sex double rooms in the BLCU dorms? We were both assigned to building two and are getting there Aug 28th.

Also, as anyone had problems checking into the dorms later in the evening? I don't think we'll be getting in until around 7pm.

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As far as I know, only married couples can share a dorm room. Mixed sex double rooms aren't allowed unless you can produce a marriage certificate, I'm afraid.

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From the information from the booklet I posted above:

*Due to limited accommodation capacity of the campus, the university does not offer lodging to accompanying families or children. To apply for a room for a couple, the Admission Notice, valid student ID and marital certification documents are required.
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doki doki

Right, I saw that. I just assumed that was referring to when one person is a student and they have a spouse (who probably isn't a student). Since we're both students, the mixed sex question was something I was more interested in.

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I tried both numbers on their website.

Tel:(86-10)82303778 82303608

and it says the number isn't registered.

Does anyone know another way I could try to reserve a room there? does the housing office for BLCU also deal with the conference centre?

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I´ve read through the whole thread an see it was started quite a few years ago, many buildings in BLCU were under renovation etc. What has changed since? Could you tell me which buildings you would recommend (double room, own bathroom!) except for the CC and BLd 17?? Anybody stayed at BLCU for a 4-week course in the summer, especially with a scholarship? Do scholarship students always end up in the rooms with lower standards? How does the laundry work, where can you dry your clothes? Do you have a safe in your room to close there your valuables?

Thanks for any info, since I can find a lot of long-term info, short-term nearly nothing.

PS: What´s the difference between a public and a shared bathroom? Just wandering.

PS2: Any experience with 4 week courses are welcome!! :) (but since it´s a thread about housing, plz PM)

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