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HSK 3.0 ... new, new HSK?


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No I went to a Chinese school with private classes and just asked people that had taken the HSK5/6 from our Wechat group what their grasp of Chinese was when they first took it, and then I compared it to my own experiences. It's an estimation. Though seeing how I was doing mock-exams while studying for the HSK6 and passing those before I even finished the first book, and having other people tell me similar stories, I just took it as an "educated guess".

Oh, btw. Teachers are being recalled to be retrained for the HSK3.0, and we'll hear more news in September apparently.

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On 8/3/2020 at 1:20 PM, Weyland said:

Going by vocab alone, and taking in mind how they expect examinees to have double the passive vocab you get these extreme reversal in course when comparing HSK3.0 to HSK2.0.


So, I just ran CTA and compared the new HSK vocab list (~11000 words) to the Putonghua Shuiping Ceshi (普通话水平测试) vocab list (~18,000 words).


Brace yourself (!)


Of the  ~11000 words in the new HSK (3.0.) according to CTA 6969 words are not in the Putonghua Shuiping Ceshi(普通话水平测试) (~18,000 words). So, in order to know the vocabulary of both, you would need approximately 25000 words.


That should keep us busy for a while...



I combined both lists and CTA now says: 23084 unique words and 4950 unique characters.



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Hi everyone , I'm very much confused. Sorry for my low chinese level (HSK 2, perhaps 1.5 now!!! ?). I would like to try next year HSK3.

I have orange book HSK 3 standard course. When I began to Confucio Institute I saw they used this for the exam, but it was some year ago. There's a better book? I wrote another post for some advice for some online lesson, but no answer.


There is now an official list of characters?

Many thanks

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@hong longPlus, not that it really matters. There is no "perfect book" to learn Chinese from, the HSK is merely a standard they use for stuff like college admissions and rarely some job applications.

Most colleges in China will start admissions from Feb - May. So, it would be really odd if they suddenly started requiring the new HSK less than 3 months out.

Here is the new HSK vocab you can import into your Pleco flashcards [<link]. The new HSK level 3 will be what's in the "普及化 - ENTRY LEVEL" category in that file, which consists of 2246 words. But, don't worry. A lot of the words that used to be part of the extra-curricular section at the back of your chapters, or used in the text section as additional vocabulary are now part of the new HSK. And as such the majority of the contents should be familiar to you (once you've passed the current HSK level 3)

Edit: Messed up the link?

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3 hours ago, hong long said:

I would like to try next year HSK3.


Maybe there is a misunderstanding here. ?This thread is not about "HSK level 3" but about the renewed HSK system 2021 (which will be "3.0" (HSK before 2010 was version 1, 2010-2020 was version 2). 

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I made an Anki deck combining all of the 普通话水平测试 vocabulary; the HSK3.0 vocabulary; as well as the current HSK1-5 (as I’ve learnt up to that point now) then removed all of the individual characters (as I have a deck for that already), and it came to approximately 15,500 words. I figure if you learn these words you probably won’t run into any words that you: a) won’t understand from context and from the characters encompassing it, or b) would find extremely rare and probably don’t need to know (as you might hear it less than once a year or something). I did this using python but I think people may be getting different results if they use CTA.

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