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What other languages do we speak


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Well my mother tongue is Swedish. And the nice thing about speaking a Scandinavian language is that you can claim to know the others ones as well (Norweigan, Danish) since they're really dialects of the same tongue ... It's kinda silly that we aren't just one nationstate instead of three if you ask me. So, I know 4 languages... ;) Of course I study Mandarin as well or I wouldn't be here


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But kopernikus is it necessarily so? Isn't there one nationality (Norwegians?) that can't understand one of the others (DAnes?)?

I've overheard conversations between Scandinavians where communication has broken down and they've been forced to use English, I'm fairly sure.

Your argument is trundled out quite frequently as evidence that Cantonese and Mandarin are separate languages blah blah.

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Well, ok, I have to admit that as a Swede it's sometimes hard to understand the Danes, and it gets harder the farther away from Sweden they grew up. But it's mostly a matter of the way the prunounce things, it's like they've got their mouths stuffed with porridge all the time. This seems to have become worse the last years, and I heard of a study that said that Danish toddlers have a smaller vocabulary than their counterparts in other countries - simply because the Danish words are harder to distinguish from each other! But of course they catch up over time...

So yes, to be honest I prefer using English when talking to Danes, problem is the ones I've met have seemed slightly offended when I switched... So we've usually went with them speaking slowly (I'd rather have them speak clearly, but I don't think they know the difference! :twisted: ), repeating every other sentence a couple of times :roll:

Yeah, using the notion of what a nationstate should be to argue over language is pretty clumsy, especially when applying the concept to an entire civilization... Compared to 18 million Scandinavians.

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-I speak Romanian and

-Russian as mother and Father's languages.


-PutongHua (can read, speak, but listen badly)

-Japanese (almost have forgotten the material I have learne in a year)

-some (half a year learning) Bahasa Melayu (Indonesia).

Hey, guys!

Do u use instant messengers? We could practise languages on line:)

Yahoo! Messenger:

[email protected]


[email protected]



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Dutch, English, Mandarin, German, I used to know French, and studied Latin and Greek. I plan to learn some Spanish, and if I ever get the oppprtunity I'll study Cantonese 'cause I can't stand not understanding them.

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