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What other languages do we speak


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- English - native (two 100% American parents)

- French - fluent to bilingual (I lived in Paris as a child and two short times in Toulouse as an adult, where I lived with my surrogate French mother!)

- Mandarin - advanced (although I often find myself humbled and when not in China I'd definitely say my speaking ability is more "upper intermediate" ... on a good day. I did pass the HSK 5, but not sure how much that actually says because the test was so unrealistic for what I mostly read: history and politics! no surprise.)

- German - intermediate (B1, but far better comprehension than ability to produce grammatically correct anything... but I live in a German-speaking environment these days and it's probably slightly better than I think)

- Spanish - low intermediate, but higher comprehension (thanks to French background and being in a relationship with/married to/have a child with a Spaniard whose parents speak nothing at all but Castellano - proud that when I enrolled in a two-week course at Instituto Cervantes last summer to finally formally study some Spanish I was noted as at a B1 level during the initial placement exam - awesome!)

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Digging up old threads...


Maybe i would dare to say my 普通话 is at a basic conversational level, but other than that i can speak a little French, Italian, Spanish and Croatian.... But i haven't set out to learn those others, i just picked up a few things working and living in Birmingham. But Croatian is definitely a language i would like to improve on.

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What a fun thread. :D


English - native

Latin - 1 year in high school

Spanish - 2 years in high school

Japanese - 2 years self-study

Mandarin - 1 year and counting



Mandarin - Continue learning until I reach fluency

Japanese - I want to return to my Japanese studies after becoming conversationally fluent in Mandarin. 

Spanish - Maybe go back to it? High school was 10 years ago so I've forgotten most of it.

Korean - Hopefully! I love watching Korean dramas and would love to understand them without English subs.

Biblical Hebrew


Yup, I think I'll be busy for awhile. I love studying foreign languages and hope to always have at least one in progress! My main challenge is that I need to stick with one long enough to become fluent, rather than recognizing words and basic sentences on TV or in books. ;)

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English (native)

French (native)


I was raised bilingually by a French mother and Scottish father.


Mandarin Chinese (advanced, fairly fluent)

Southern Zhuang (I'd say intermediate)


Italian (intermediate to advanced

Russian (used to be good; now rusty

Can read Spanish but can't really speak it.

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