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Rock Climbing in Beijing


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Hi. New here. It's been years since my last climb so I think I'm back to being a beginner. Anyone knows whether or not the wall in geo-sciences university next to blcu is still open?

Also, any recommendations of good walls but not expensive?

Any info would be much appreciated..

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Hi !

I'm new in Beijing (just arrived last week) and I really enjoy climbing (though not very experienced).

I've heard about O'le and have plenty of time so if someone is also interested we could go together. You can email me at [email protected]

I've also heard about Miyun, is it the closest outdoor place to go climbing from Beijing? How is it ?

Thanks a lot for your answers!

Hope to meet you soon !



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I´m in Beijing now. I wanted to check out the wall at the Geouniversity and the one in Ritan Park, but since the weather is kind of rainy, I think I will have a look a O´le. Does anyone know if the university-wall and the one in Ritan Park stay dry during the rain? Is there some kind of roof?

As the Geouniversity is closest to me, I´d love to find someone to go there regularly. If you´re interested: [email protected]

I´m climbing about 7 in Germany (5.10d US) but would be happy to find someone no matter how good he climbs:)

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Any of these Climbing Places has some slacklines? I don´t know what it´s like here but in europe they often had slacklines at climbing spots! So perhaps somebody can help me out and tell me where in Beijing it might be possible to do some slackline! Even brought my own line! :)

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Hi all,

You can find info about O'le Climbing on there website www.oleclimbing.com or check this place :


You need to take a halley 200m before seeing the place.

I'd like to make a new list of all climbing walls in Beijing. Here are the ones i know. If you know some otherones please share.

O'le Climbing

-location:see above

-a nice bouldering wall & some other wall 20m hight between soccer fields. Only inside climbing

LongTan Park:

-location longtan park, in the south

-an outdoor wall pretty large about 20m high.

-closes at 6:15 pm i think

RiTan park:

-location: ritan park, north east

-outside climing. a small bouldering wall not in good shape last summer and a nice wall 20m high similar to LongTan.

University Rock Climbing Hall

-university of geoscience (near wudaokou)

-outdoor climing. nice wall 20m high, similar to longtan and ritan

I also heared about 2 walls in BeiDa but i didn't had time to check it out.

I'm looking for some spots outside beijing, in the mountains, and for some climbers who would like to join me. [email protected]

I also heard about MiYun but didn't had time to check it out.

Most of the walls in beijing have been made by climbingwall.com.cn few years ago. But all the walls are getting old pretty fast.

I would add just one thing. Always check the skill of the one assuring you when climbing. I've seen some pretty scarry stuff since i arrived in Beijing.

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I will be in Beijing this July until September. While I am in Beijing I will like to try out some of the climbing centers here. It would be nice that i can join some of the local or hang out together. Please contact me on [email protected]

By the way I only bourdering! ;) It has been years since I do route climbing.

I look forward to hearing from you guys.


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Ole gym is the best here in Beijing(Bouldering) Ritan for sports,route climbing. If you want natural rock Miyun is the place to go. Bouldering or route . You need your own gears to climb there tho, like ropes etc etc. I myself love bouldering so all i need is a crash pad. Heard there is a group that brings you there for 300rmb a day with gears,transportation and food etc etc.....we go there weekends if you like to join us here: [email protected] Its a big place but not hard to find. Bring a trash bag and pick up some rubbish and keep the place clean! need to pay those ladies goin around with fake ID 5rmb per head, wasnt like that last year, well the place is quickly changing last week saw some construction trucks there mother(*&%$s killing some trees again.

One Love

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Beijing Climbing Club

Hey guys,

If anyone is interested in going climbing outside around beijing, maybe we can help.. : )

We are Beijing Climbing Club, and we provide guided rock-climbing and adventure hiking excursions around Beijing. We cater to all ages and experience levels, and can provide all equipment necessary for you to have a great time on the rock, in total safety!

We employ qualified bilingual climbing guides (a rare breed!) and run scheduled or custom trips, according to your needs.. so if you want to enjoy a great day out, in a beautiful setting, don't hesitate to contact us @:

[email protected]


Si and Matt

Beijing Climbing Club

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I will attend a summer school for 6 weeks at the KIAA at Peking university. I am looking for facilities (and maybe someone ?) where I could go rock climbing (either bouldering or walls). I hope you could help me ! I tried to google it, but I couldn't find any working websites or emails to get informations.



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Hi all!

Back in Beijing for more adventures!

From what i saw until, if your university is big enough, it will have a climbing wall.

Peking University is known as BeiDa ("BEI"jing "DA"xue). The wall there is ok: a small bouldering and a ~15m wall.

But be carefull, don't do like the chinese and walk foot naked on the mats. I actually got strange stuff to my foots for over a month after that. (probably got bitten by some sort of bug).

Finally, as a new student in QingHua university, i joingned the rock climbing club. There are pretty active and organize some trips outside of beijing (mainly BaiHe). It is also a great way to make some chinese friends and practice your chinese.


PS: anyone around WuDaoKou willing to climb, feel free to contact me. You got my email a few messages above.

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Hi there !

my name is victor, 22yo, french,

i will spend the next month of December in Beijing (practicing chinese, travel...) and i don't want to hang up my climing shoes ! :D

So i'd be glad to join you for some climbing sessions...let me know if your interested !

See ya !

s u l l i w a n e @[email protected] g m a i l . c o m

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