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BLCU Spring Semester 2010


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The title of "BLCU" bring me in,I am a postgraduate of BLCU,mojoring in TCSL,and I just happen to learn this website,so good to see all your guys.I am really impressed by your enthusiasm for Chinese culture and language.

I am here to learn about how foreign students view learning Chinese,and try to improve my teaching skills,as well as my Chinglish

if there is anything I can do for you,please let me know,I mean in chinese learning.because as a native,my study and life experiences don't suit you,you might as well ask someone who had the experences you want.

look forward to making friends with you

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Hey! I just googled out this pretty forum. As most of you I'm also attending this Spring's semester at BLCU, the 20h per week program.

My name is Edgar and I'm coming from Portugal! I'll be staying in building 17 in a shared room with someone, I don't kown how do they pick our roommates yet.

I'm 25 btw

See you soon mates. keep posting!

Feliz ano novo de Lisboa gente!

Big hug.

PS: Thanks for the hints Brian US, didnt have a clue about the troubles we could get!

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Mikey and mandapoj, I managed to get some kind of reservation and paid ahead a small percentage of the entire duration of my stay. Either way I still do need to register/enroll in BLCU to actually get my room.

I had a contact in Beijing that did me this favor.

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My name is Alice and I am from Greece!I am going to attend the 3 month programme from 28 march to 18 June!Anybody in the same boat?

SIRINA I will be glad to meet you at blcu and here as you are from greece and your help will be great!my email is alicjat@hotmail.com

also I would like to ask HOW DO YOU RESERVE A ROOM? do i need to sreak chinese on the phone?because my level is low! i really want to reserve one now to be sure.

any help for anybody please!


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Hey Guys!!

I have a quick question for all you attending BLCU this semester: did you guys apply online? That short application? How long did it take for them to get back to you? Do they make you send anything else in like report cards etc?


Have fun this semester!! Hopefully I'll be in BJ next lol :mrgreen:

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I have a quick question for all you attending BLCU this semester: did you guys apply online? That shore application? How long did it take for them to get back to you? Do they make you send anything else in like report cards etc?

Not sure if much has changed from last semester, but you are not suppose to apply online. I did mail my application in October of 2008 and did a follow up e-mail in December of that year. They told me they never received the application. I had delivery confirmation, but to no avail (never send a package to China...still waiting 1+ months for a care package from home). Eventually they let me submit my documents through e-mail.

The website should include all the document requirements including a transcript. I received an acceptance e-mail a few weeks later and the registration documents a few weeks after that.

For those of you looking to reserve a room keep in mind everything is done when you get here. Yes it is chaotic and inefficient, but accept it. Besides the conference center, those who reserve a dorm room ahead of time are not guaranteed that room. I suggest getting to Beijing a day or two early to get a room and go through registration as soon as possible. Yet, I assume the spring will be less busy so it may not be so bad.

Finally, it depends on who and when you to talk to people here in China. One day they may say the dorm is full and the next day it will be different, so just be persistent.

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Hi everyone!

I'm Yvonne from Australia and I'm heading over to China to start in March as well! I'm actually leaving in about a month to do a bit of travel and visiting relatives before I get to Beijing, but I'll be there soon enough!

I'm semi-excited, semi-petrified but it'll be an experience, I think! I'm so glad to know that there are people in the same boat as me, but I'm also wary of spending too much time with English speakers while I'm there because I really want to get fluent in Chinese! Any thoughts on the matter?

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Please can anyone offer their advice for the following?

1/As you are unable to book BLCU dooms prior to registration, where did you guys stay immediately upon arrival at Beijing and prior to being assigned dorms.

2/ Is it easy to open student bank accounts in China. How did you guys pay the tuition /accommodation fees, as it seems a bit daunting to carry so much cash whilst traveling..

Thanks in advance

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They told me not to use the online application because it doesn't work.

They told me just to email this document to them. I filled it out and printed it out, signed it, scanned it, and emailed it back.

The programs all have their own email address to send the app too, i think it says on the application document.

they had me pay the app fee at http://www.studyinblcu.cn/

I got a little scared at first cuz it bugged out when i submitted the credit card info, but I checked my bank and it went through. That site lets you look up receipts too by email, so i found it, printed it out, scanned it, and emailed it to them along with the application, passport, etc...

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Hey guys,

I used CHIWEST to apply to BLCU. I highly recommend this service if you are thinking about applying to multiple Uni's. They were really supportive too.

@ mandapoj

1) I have reserved a room at the XiJiao hotel. It's next to BLCU. it's a bit more luxurious and expensive than the Conference center (I think) but to be honest, when I have just come off the plane and am exhausted, the thing I least want to worry about is an uncomfortable place to stay in. Write back if you need more details.

2) I don't know if they have TravelEX in your country but that company offers a 'cash passport card' which is basically a temporary bank card that you just load on money before you leave and then can withdraw cash from ATM's in China. I think you can also use it as a credit card. It's good because they also give you two separate cards with two separate PIN numbers.

Hope this helps :)

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