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Discussion of Tsinghua University Chinese Courses, including the application process and classroom experiences. Please refer to the Tsinghua University Index for links to discussions on other courses, accommodation, etc.

In particular, see this excellent write up by CHttay in early 2013.

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I have just signed up for the Fall 2012 semester of the Chinese Language Program at Tsinghua University. Anyone else starting in September as well?

Do you mean you've applied, or already been accepted? I thought acceptances were issued closer to June... I thought they just started accepting applications a week or two ago.

There is a chance I'll be studying there as well for one year starting in September.

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Hi Valeria & Icebear,

Good to hear from you!

I have applied & paid and received the following feedback:

"Review Comment of the Program Manager - Your application is completed. Please check the admission result in your on-line application page after April 20."

However I still need to wait for my exam results on June 14th before I can a book a flight.

Where are you guys from?

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@Valeria: I'm taking the Intermediate Business Chinese elective and the class is pretty large. About ~30 people and it really is another one of the regular Chinese language courses, but with some formal business vocabulary. HSK is another popular one but I can't say from experience how the class is.

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The placement test is pretty hard. Most of it is comprehension and the other part is knowing radicals/characters. The comprehension is done by listening to a cd and then answering questions based on what you listened to. It was hard because the audio is spoken at a near-local level pace. The test has nothing to do with reading a paragraph or speaking.

I like the language course. I placed into Beginner 2, but asked to switched into Pre-Intermediate, which even then is a little easy after the first month. There are morning classes from 8-12 and afternoon classes from 1-5. In the Pre-Intermediate level, the courses are split pretty evenly into 4 different sections: General (grammar), Speaking, Listening, and Reading. Of course, if your speaking is a higher level than your reading or writing, you can always ask to switch out of 1 of these sections into a higher leveled one.

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@Timtim: You can go to more than one elective. I wouldn't recommend it though because it is quite time consuming in addition to your 4 hours of Chinese a day. You sign up during the 2nd or 3rd week of classes and it goes through the rest of the semester. IMO, a lot of people start skipping their afternoon electives because it doesn't seem as fun and not as rigorous. I think the HSK prep course is probably the most important for those who want to take the test.

@Jimme: Opportunities for sports teams and clubs don't seem as readily available as it should. All the sporting courts (basketball, football (soccer), badminton) are always full of people. You really have to be persistent, such as asking around, in order to find an opportunity to join a team.

For your Chinese courses, you will be graded on a Final(45%), Mid-Term(35%), and Participation (10%). I haven't completed my course yet, but my teacher says we get a certificate and a report of our grades at the end.

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I plan to enter Qinghua for this fall semester as well.

@ Brian :

Is the entrance test for CLC in Qinghua, include writing paragraph/ story use hanzi ?

For the elective courses, when we choose it at the first few weeks of the semesters, can we change it to others?

Or we need to attend it till end of the semester ?

Is the elective course held daily ? how many times a week ?

@ others :

Are there anyone planning to live outside off the campus for CLC this year ?

Can u guys give me a comment for the dorm inside of the campus ?

I heard it's pretty small ?

What is the nearest apartment from Qinghua ?



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If you have questions about Tsinghua dorm accommodation, see here. If you're looking for off-campus accommodation do some searches for 'Wudaokou / Haidian' - there are a lot of universities clustered together.

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