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Hello everybody,

My name is Stefan, and i am also going to follow the chinese language program in tsinghua in the fall 2012 :D

I am probably arriving around the 28 august, havent book my flight yet :)

Im Planning to find an apartment near Tsinghua when i arrive in beijing. Probably starting to look in the Huaqing Jiayuan district.

Are there more people here who are going to look for off campus place to stay, and maybe wanna search together?

I prefer to stay off campus to have more interaction with the city, instead of having restriction of the campus(not able to bring anybody over)

Looking forward to meet you all!

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Hey Stefan

Ik zag dat je uit Nederland komt en ook naar Tsinghua gaat. Ik vertrek ook rond eind augustus naar Beijing. Ik heb zelf nog geen kamer geregeld en zou eventueel wel buiten de campus een kamer willen huren. Ik las dat jij op zoek bent naar een kamer in Beijing buiten de campus. Het leek mij een goed plan om samen te zoeken naar een niet al te dure kamer. Laat maar weten wat je ervan vindt.

Ik ben trouwens 18 jaar oud , kom uit Den Haag, heb net mijn eindexamen VWO gehaald en blijf van eind augustus tot januari in Beijing.

Hoop snel van je te horen.


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@ Stefan,

LoL.. Sorry, firstly i alrdy guessed that u are guy, but just wanna make sure .Maybe is not.. :P

I am from Indo, F.

@ other,

Just curious, is there any female who gonna study in Tsinghua or Blcu in september this year would like to stay out off campus as well?

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a month??..if u do it at milan's visa center it takes no more than 5 days. don't know about rome. Anyway tsinghua said everything should be ready by the end of this week...so..i think u have enough time.

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Hi All,

I will also be attending Tsinghua this fall.

Flipper86 - Do you mean that they will send out the application pack at the end of this week?

Also, how are you planning to pay tuition fees? I think using my UK card would mean a massive fee. I do have a Chinese account but I don't have enough money in it and it is a provincial bank (I live in Ningxia province currently).

Thanks :)

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@ChTTay Yes few weeks ago the foreign affair office said so, the package should be ready by the end of this week, or first days of july.

I don't know about tuition fees because I got scholarship. But new information have been uploaded on the foreign affair office's page on internet. You can download the schedule of fall semester, maybe there are info about tuition fees.

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Hey guys! I'm also coming to Tsinghua this Fall and staying for a year. I'm Korean but was born and raised in California, America. Anybody (girls) still looking for an apartment? And if so, want to search for it together?

A question I have is if anyone is planning to work part-time (such as, teaching English, etc.) while studying?


- Grace

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Hello guys, today I got the email notice finally, the admission package is ready, check your email box. Or email/call them. everything should be ready, finally, couldn't wait anymore :D

good luck all of you!!!

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Thanks for the notice. I've not received anything yet... I will probably wait until Tuesday/Wednesday then follow up.

I thought the application pack was hard copy also, that they would post it to me rather than send an email. Does Tsinghua not send any documents hard copy?

Thanks again, looking forward to getting the chance to meet some of you!

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Hi Taisha! I have only been looking through pekinglettings.com.. but I'm not sure if I should just get an agent there when I arrive and start looking. Where are you from? :)

ChTTay: I think you can work part-time on a x-visa! :) At least from what I heard.

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