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Hi Guys,

This is Udit here, from New Delhi, India..

I am a 22, Male, and currently working in a bank. I am already a Post-Grad, and started to work three months back. I studied Mandarin Part-Time in University, can write around 1000 characters, but am slowly forgetting all of them.

I have resigned from the job, and coming to Tsinghua for a year. Have already got the admission, but the package is still to arrive. I am interested in taking an off-campus accommodation. Please add me on fb or gmail- [email protected], because i am new to this site, and do not check it often. My girlfriend is studying in BFSU, andd she is a Chinese, so I can ask for her help to search for apartments if we can find 4-5 people to live together. Please ping me and lets get to know more about each other. :)

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Hi everyone!

I've received my admission package yesterday, what about you guys?

When I first read older topics I was quite worried about Tsinghua's organization, but so far everything's going smootly. Still have to wait for the dorms application though :)

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Hey dear people!

I will be studying at QH from this fall. But unlike Timtim I am very dissapointed with all their organization. Especially pissed I am with the whole dorms application. The online registration date they at first set was 25 July. After logging in, I saw that they have changed the booking date to august 9 and what's more unexpected - double-rooms will be available to check-in only after Sept 8! How it can be called? Is that caring about the students? Seems that we are simply having the relations - landlord-tenant.

Maybe It's a God's sign and I am told that there is no need to live on campus..))) I guess so. .Anyway, I am joining those guys who are looking for an off-campus accomodation.

Wishing everyone good luck with the housing issue and may everyone find the place they will be fully satisfied with! )

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Hi everyone,

I will also be starting the language course this fall. I have a question regarding the dorms application. When I got the confirmation email, it said that I should apply on http://www.thutraining.com. However, this site never seems to load up for me. I have also emailed the school a few times, but no response. Any ideas what to do? I'd prefer to live on the campus in the first semester at least to get to know people better. And any ideas where to look for apartments near the campus? Thanks in advance, and looking forward to meeting you all in a month!

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From the tsinghua's email:

2. About student dormitory application:

If you plan to live in the student dormitory, you need to apply online. The application time is (China time): 8:30am August 7, 2012 ― 8:00am August 8, 2012. Since we don’t have enough rooms for everyone, please apply as early as possible. The website is: http://www.thutraining.com. Login in with your student number and birth date. You can find your student number on your admission notice (10 digit number, 201243****). If you finally can not receive the admission package, you can find this number in your on-line application system. You need to pay deposit for dormitory reservation (RMB500, plus commission fee), so please have your bank card in hand when you do the on-line dormitory application.

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Hey Guys,

My bank would not let me use my cards online and I hope to arrive end of August as well.

Hope all goes well when we arrive and hope to see you guys too!!!

I do not know a word of mandarin. Arriving from East Africa, Tanzania.

Hope to meet you guys there and all the best until then

:D kaylib

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Hi everyone.. :)

My name is Amita and I am from Indonesia. I will start the chinese language course at fall 2012 and I am so excited :)

I was wondering if any of you could access the thutraining.com yet? I tried to open it like almost everyday and it never worked.. I sent the email to them and no one responded at all..

Also, how safe is it to rent off campus appartment? consindering that new stundents like me doesn't understand a word in mandarin..

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Amita, did you write your e-mail in English? if so, i did the same, they didn't responde. When i tried it again (to sent them an e-mail) but in Chinese, they responded... :S So you should try it in Chinese....

My name is Nikolett and I am from Hungary. I applied to be a Chinese Language Student but I seem to be accepted as a general scholar in Chinese Language and Literature thaught in Chinese, but I don't know why? Especially because my Chinese is not enough good e.g. to read Chinese novels :S Does anyone know if I will be able to just take the Chinese Language courses once I'm there?

I hope I can talk with the university and change the program to Chinese studies when I arrive to China.

Best wishes.

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Everyone, posts about accommodation should NOT go here and will get deleted. Please see the first post for links to follow. Sorry if this seems inconvenient, but the aim is to keep on-campus accommodation (relevant to all Tsinghua students), off-campus accommodation (relevant to all Wudaokou / Haidian students) and Chinese language course info (relevant to all Tsinghua Chinese language students) separate.

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