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Hi all,


I’m thinking of taking Chinese courses in Beijing, probably starting early next year. After much consideration (and a lot of help from this forum), I have my eyes set on Tsinghua University’s Chinese Language Program. I still have some questions I am hoping you guys can assist me though:


  1. I have studied Chinese for approx. 2.5 years (on and off) as a side course in my local uni. We finished BLCU's Spoken Chinese book, elementary level. http://www.blcup.com/enPInfo/index/2912#001 
    Based on Tsinghua’s level of study, can anyone advise me where do you think I would fit? (Beginner 1 2 3, Intermediate 1 2, Advanced 1 2 3)? The thing is, chances are I will only be attending the program for a semester so I want to know what to expect and maximize my time...
  2. My undergrad major is Business, and as such I am interested in taking Business Chinese course. However, from this page http://www.tsinghua.edu.cn/publish/iclccen/3417/index.html, I saw that Business Chinese is only offered for students in Advanced level and the one offered to all students is Intermediate Business Chinese instead. Anyone knows if there’s any chance I can still attend Business Chinese if I am not in Advanced level?
  3. Can anybody who has been in the program share their timetable? 
  4. Can we attend other program’s classes, e.g. classes in SEM, or will it be too obvious to do so? Will seminars be okay?


Thanks a lot!

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1. The book you've studied is used at Beginner 2. However, there are 2 other classes at that level (comprehension and listening) so that doesn't mean you'd be placed "above" beginner 2 necessarily. It depends on your overall score on the placement test. Between now and when you begin you might want to self study BOYA beginner 2. This was our beginner 2 comprehension book.

2. I think you'll have enough to focus on getting the basics right without worrying about this. The reason it's for advanced students is because the content is... Fairly advanced. Perhaps you can find a beginner course somewhere or try the intermediate course.

3. Two classes a day from 8 to 12 with breaks in the morning OR from 2 to 4 in the afternoon. The number and type of classes change a bit depending on the level but are essentially comprehension , listening, speaking and reading.

4. You could probably just go into other classes but if everyone is Chinese it would be more obvious you don't belong there.

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The intermediate Business Chinese course is offered for free on Edx at: https://courses.edx.org/courses/course-v1:PekingX+20000002x+2015T3/info


I agree with chTTay, taking a course above your level will not benefit you. Getting a solid grounding in the basics will allow you to self study intermediate and advanced more easily. 


As long as your in China for this course, really focus on getting the pronunciation side of things down pat. It's relatively easy to study characters, reading, and listening via the internet and the endless resources on this site. Pronunciation, though, is greatly aided by being with a patient Chinese teacher.

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Thank you ChTTay and 艾墨本 for your prompt and helpful response :)

It is not that I want to take courses above my level, though, I just want to know what to expect...


Just to clarify though, is Intermediate Business Chinese the easier course compared to Business Chinese that is offered to only Advanced students?



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I'd assume so as one is for "advanced students" and one is "intermediate" (according to what you yourself have said).

Honestly, most people who tried the optional language related courses when I was at Tsinghua didn't rate them too highly. There was a HSK one but it wasn't often enough to be beneficial. There are a few private schools in Wudaokou nearby where a lot of students went for extra classes. A friend did some sword tai chi though and had a good time.

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