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Tsinghua University Chinese Courses


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Foreign students pay 20% more for their food than Chinese students as the Chinese government subsidies them but not us. Rather than have dual pricing, when you top up they just take 20% of the amount you give them (e.g. if you top up 100RMB, you end up with 80RMB on your card).

Sorry for being nitpicky :D

If you put 100 RMB into your card and end up with 80, that means foreigners pay 25% more than the Chinese.

But otherwise, it's an excellent write-up.

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Good spot, thanks! I actually just explained it wrong. It's been edited now;

"For Chinese Language students and other visitors the government subsidy given to Chinese students (20%) is deducted each time you charge your card. If you charge 100RMB then you end up with 80RMB to spend."

That is what the Tsinghua information says any way

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Everyone has some kind of residence permit on the course.

As I understand it, think of an X-visa as just your "pass" into the country. It is just the first step to get you into China. Once you're in you need to apply for a residence permit to stay in the country. For an X visa you require a "permanent" residence permit. They take a page within your passport and stick your permit in there.

For an X visa you need to be studying at least one year. As a result, my residence permit is for one year or until the end of the language program.

The other option, which seems more popular is to come into China on an F visa.

If you have an F visa, you don't get a residence permit in your passport. You just get a "temporary residence permit" which is on a piece of paper.

If you live in dorms, then Tsinghua handle the process of registering you with the local police and guiding you through the process anyway. They assist regardless of how long you are staying or which Visa you arrived on.

If you live off campus you need to do a few steps yourself then go back to the Tsinghua visa office and they can handle it from there.

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I guess I was more confused on whether or not to have my health check verified if I was staying on campus. Btw, are there any cafeterias on campus that accept cash at the moment? The ones I have been too were all close and since I do not have a student ID or a meal card, I can only use cash for food. Thanks in advance.

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When is registration? They will tell you what you need then.

As far as i know, if you are on an F visa then you don't need a medical examination anyway.

If you are on an X visa then you will have to have it verified unless the examination was done in Beijing. If you are going to get it verified go early as some Universities bus all there students in at the same time. If you're unlucky you get there just after 50 students arrive together and have to queue behind them!

If the canteens are closed I guess its because there aren't enough students back yet or everyone is still off for spring festival (or both). If you have registered already, they give you intructions on where to get your meal card. I guess thst might be closed now too...

There is a canteen in between two dorms that takes cash but i cant remember the name. It is next to Paradiso cafe and between two dorm buildings. Around 19, 20, 21 area i think.

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Btw, does anyone here know if the tuition fees have to be paid at the registration, or is there a deadline to pay it. The reason being that I do not have a bank account set up yet and I would prefer not to pay with a foreign card since extra charges would be incurred.

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Hello everyone!

I am Sebastian from the Netherlands, a small but glorious country in the northwest of Europe :)

At this moment I am finishing my bachelor in mechanical engineering at Delft University of Technology.

I am seriously considering doing the Chinese Language Program at Tsinghua (probably for one semester) in the coming fall/winter semester.

Are there any others here starting or continuing there Chinese language course at Tsinghua in September 2013?

Is there a topic for that specific semester, or can I bother you all with my questions in this topic? ;)


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I really need help with this matter:

I recieved a mail from the China Embassy saying that all the Chinese government scholarship candidates should contact the Chinese universities of their first choice (**my 1st choice is Tsinghua University) and get a letter of pre-acceptance from the applied university. When they hand in the whole-set of paper-version application documents, they should also hand in the letter of pre-acceptance. For those candidates who submit this document before the deadline of submitting the whole set of documents, the Chinese Scholarship Committee will admit them to the desired universities according to their first choice. For those who cannot submit this document, they may be arranged to study in universities decided by the Chinese Scholarship Committee as in the past.

On Tsinghua University online application, trying to get the pre-acceptance letter, it's written that I cannot apply for Chinese Language Programe because I have applied with CSC scolarship :

The Chinese Language Programme only opens to the student who is intent to apply for study at Chinese Language & Culture Center, Tsinghua University.

Age of the applicant shall be over 18 and under 55 years old, with the valid graduation certificate from high school or higher educational certificate/degree as well as the valid personal passport.

Applicants for the Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC), intending to have a further study at the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, or pursuing for the exchange programme at Tsinghua Univeristy, are NOT allowed to apply for the Chinese Language Programme

Can anyone help me please? What can I do? Those who have been accepted at Tsinghua University by CSC application, how have you proceded?
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I have just completed my application for the Tsinghua language program(status verified) starting in fall. I wanted to apply for a year long program, but it only allowed a one semester application ending in Jan 2014. Did anyone have the same problem? I'm a bit worried as I'm intending to apply for the X-visa.


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CHTtay, thanks for the excellent write up. I'm going to merge this with the existing topic on Tsinghua language courses


as that's where a lot of discussion is taking place. I'll also add a link to the top of the topic highlighting your post.

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Hi everyone

I'm planning to attend the language course at Tsinghua this fall semester. I already submitted the online application and the status is now verified. The only thing i have to do now is send the required documents. On de website of Tsinghua it says that I have to send a hard copy of the signed application form. Does that mean that i have to send it via post mail or can I scan it send via e-mail also? Furthermore, do I have to send a notarized photocopy of my diploma or will a non-notarized photocopy of my diploma suffice? Its already in english.


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I didn't have to have my University Degree Certificate / diploma notarized. I just sent them a colour photocopy in e post with the rest of my documenta.

If the document has to be signed BUT it says you can email it... Then you would have to print it, sign it, scan it back in, then email it.

When I applied I sent all documenta hard copy by post, however, my guarantor form was signed in the UK, scanned into a computer then emailed to me. I printed it off and sent it to Tsinghua. It doesn't seem like it matters if its the original signed document or just a copy of one.

If in doubt though, just email/phone the international office. They speak English.

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On the website it says I can send the required documents via e-mail, post mail or give it in person. In the list of the required documents on their website it says I have to send a hard copy of the signed application form. This is a bit confusing because you can't send a hard copy via e-mail right? If u do that than that is a soft copy? I prefer to send all my documents via e-mail because it is faster and then I definitely know they received it. I'm a bit worried it will be lost somehow if i send it via post mail all the way to China :-?.

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