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Brian US

CSC Scholarship Results - 2012

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1) What is your native country? U.S.

2) Where did you apply? The Chinese Embassy in Washington D.C.

3) When did you apply? Early march 2012

4) When was the deadline? March 15th?

5) Have you applied for the scholarship before? No, this was my first time.

6) What program did you apply for? One year language fellowship

7) What schools did you put for your preferences? 1. Beijing University 2. Tsinghua University 3. Beijing Normal University

8 ) Did you apply for your school of choice beforehand? No

9) What agency number did you use? Washington DC embassy

10) Where did you get your physical done? Student health building at my college, but it had expired (>6 mo) when i got to china (had to pay 346 yuan at a local hospital)

11) How did you get your documents notarized? I got sealed transcripts from the university, but never got my diploma copy notarized

12) Where do you get official Chinese red stamps? Nope.

Finally, for those getting results:

13) Were you accepted for the scholarship, if you were not then why? I was accepted for the scholarship starting September 2012.

14) How were you notified? By e-mail

15) When were you accepted/rejected? Accepted July 18 2012

16) What school and program were you accepted to? Beijing Language and Culture University, 1 year language program

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Hi all, I need urgent help, I beg you to help me ....

Long ago I am inquiring about scholarships from the Chinese government, I am Cuban, in my country there are many difficulties accerder to information, and when I went to the Chinese embassy in Cuba, they told me they could not help me, but I do not understand why, they would not process my application to apply for a scholarship, I read on the internet that could send my application directly to the college where I wanted to study, I wonder if this is true, and that way I can. Also I would like to give me advice about this process and how to get the university to accept me. Thank you very much for reading my desperate message, then please help me, help a friend break free, I sincerely hope you can help.

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Yes, it is true that you can avoid going through the embassy to apply for the scholarship (depending on what you will be studying). If you are going to study a degree in China, go to the schools website in which you are interested in and look for information about applying to their school online. Sometimes its as simple as filling out a basic questionnaire, sometimes its more complicated. Regardless, you can email the school also, and a teacher in the department you would like to study in. Then, when applying for the CSC scholarship, put the school as your applying organization as opposed to your embassy.

When all is said and done, you cant make the school accept you. It depends on your major of study, the amount of students applying, and how many from your country are already accepted. etc. Lastly, I dont believe you can apply midyear, so you must wait for the 2013-2014 application time to apply.

Good luck!

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Brian US

Remember that individual scholarships from universities vary greatly, so we are only discussing the CSC one here.

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i am excited about doing my master in China, conducted in Chinese (not in English)

my Chinese skill now is quite low :wink:

so i was thinking of doing 1 year Chinese language program before i apply for CGS 2013

However, there is eligibility for applying CGS which stated in several sources like this:

Applicants are not current students in Chinese universities.

If i going to China now to study 1 year Chinese language program.

wouldn't it make me ineligible for CGS, because i will have status as

"current students in Chinese universities" ?

another question is,

for master scholarship, do CGS sponsor preparatory Chinese language program as well? (assuming that I will take the Master course conducted in Mandarin)

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Brian US

You can still apply for the scholarship if you are currently a student in a Chinese university. I applied and was accepted while studying at BLCU.

If you are applying for a degree program, you can also apply for 1-2 years of Chinese language training before starting your courses.

I'll get around to starting up 2013 this week for this year's hopefuls!

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Dear 2012 CSC applicants,

Those of you that received a scholarship and came to China will now have been at your university for an academic year.

To help future students, I'd like to ask you to write something about your university and your time there. We have a list of universities in China, where you can find a link to the discussion for your university


and some advice about what to write here


If your university isn't listed, let me know and I'll add it.

I'm posting this here as it's the easiest way to reach a bunch of CSC students - over 50 of them are subscribed to this topic.


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