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CSC Scholarship Applications/Results - 2015


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Hi there,

I'm applying as a non-degree Chinese student for a 2-year scholarship (ideally) for The Ocean University of China (OUC) this year. I'm a current student studying Chinese there. I've several questions:


1) Do I need to submit 2 recommendation letters? I've read in the introduction page of this thread that as a non-degree, recommendation letters are not required, but on the CSC online application form, it says it's required.

Would it be good to ask 2 of my current Chinese teachers at OUC to write recommendation letters for me?


2) I noticed that I need to have a photocopy of a notarized transcript and notarized diploma of the highest level of education (which is Bachelor's for me).
Where do I need to get these documents notarized?

Does that mean I should order an official transcript via my former university (UBC): http://students.ubc.ca/enrolment/records/transcript? Would that be considered notarized? Or do I have to get my former university to officially notarize the transcript and diploma? If so, how do I go about doing that?

And would having the final term of my transcript be ok or do I need my entire transcript?


3) Do I need to submit 2 or 3 photocopies of all the documents required?

4) Also, do I first send all of my documents to the Canadian embassy or somewhere else?

Thanks in advance! :)

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Yep, let's close this.


大家,please check out our 2016 CSC Scholarship threads (a whole subforum this year! golly gee whiz bang!) and add to that one now.


Warm regards,

Chris Two Times

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I just moved a few posts to the "CSC 2016 Applications" thread. Please visit that one to post questions and comments about the upcoming CSC application cycle for 2016-2017.


This topic is hereby closed and locked.


Warm regards,

Chris Two Times

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