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Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)上海交通大学 CSC and Other Scholarship Applications


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I have no idea... They are telling me to fill out the CSC form via the university? But my EU Window application is "In Progress", now I'm really, really confused. I will e-mail them and ask for clarification.... Thanks for the congratulations~

I think if they chose you and you had the application via CSC filled out already, then you wouldn't have received this e-mail, so no need to worry. I think it just means that the decisions will be made soonish.

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Fill out the form and mail it to them as they say, you have to apply at http://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn

fill out the form with the sjtu agency number and the instructions in the email. then download it and email it to them

unless ofcourse SJTU is a second choice for you or something, in that case u might wana not do what they ask :D


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These guys arent very organized. basically all scholarships are handed out by the CSC
you applied through the EU window, where your application was sent to the schools you applied to.
now the school has accepted you and they will apply for your funding through the csc (which they will get easily)

this is the final step.
give them the form so they can process it further

The EU window and individual embassies are only there to collect applications and pass them on, the real work is being done in china by the universities.
and a university nomination is practically everything when it comes to scholarship decision

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Hello @hejmeddig


I also got a similar email from the Graduate School a few days ago:

Dear applicant,
We are pleased to inform you that we are planning to nominate you as an excellent CSC Scholarship (Sino-US Program) winner for the 2017 graduate program of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. However, we did not find your scholarship application on the CSC website (http://www.csc.edu.cn/Laihua/). Please register on the website, follow the application procedure to fill in and submit your application form ASAP. Upon completion, please send your application form and serial number to us via our email ([email protected]) .
When applying, please make sure to choose scholarship Category B, and fill in the agency number blank with SJTU’s agency number “10248”.
 The email mentions a Sino-US program (where I'm from) which I was unaware existed. Before, I had applied directly to the school (my first choice) instead of an embassy, MOFCOM or some other program. Since replying with the documents 4 days ago, I have not heard back from them. So I guess like everyone else, the only thing left to do is dig in and wait 
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@Nhq0117 Congrats buddy!, yeah unfortunately only thing now is to wait. Youve been nominated that means that now you have to wait for final aproval from the CSC which is in late june early july i think. But dont worry Your practically in.


In other news a friend of mine got nomination for A-Type for his PhD from SJTU, does anyone know a masters student who applied directly to the university who has been nominated?

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