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Learn Chinese in China

What other languages do we speak


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Indo-European languages:

French (fluent)

English (fluent)

German (beginner)

Catalan (beginner)

East-Asian languages:

Mandarin (speech only-fluent)

Cantonese (speech only-fluent)

Teo-chew (speech only-fluent)

Hokkien (speech only-fluent)

Bahasa Melayu (fluent)

Japanese (intermediate)

Middle-eastern language:

Arabic (I knew how to read Arabic) ....

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My native language is English. My Mandarin is quite good. I can't speak much Cantonese, but I understand a lot. I studied Russian for about 4 years, but have forgotten some of it. I am currently studying Korean. I also know some basic stuff in Japanese. And I just know a few words in Arabic, Croatian, German, Spanish and French :D

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Hello :D

My native language is English and I've had a year of French and ....three months of Chinese so far. So I'm pretty new to it :D And I know a few phrases in Japanese and a few words in Burmese. And I guess "Hi" and "How are you?" in Spanish :P.


Russian is a really cool language to learn :D

The writing looks hard to learn.

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Native English (American first then Australian-- believe me, they are different!)

Italian - near native fluency

French - near native fluency (well, used to be)

German - conversational

Spanish - conversational

Chinese - VERY beginners' level... but hoping for more.



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Hungarian - native! :)

English - Advanced

Spanish, French, German - Upper-intermediate or Intermediate

Slovak, Czech - around upper intermediate with sharp passive skills

Russian - lower-intermediate

Latin- able to translate

Japanese - getting near 3 kyuu

Mandarin - beginner! :):oops:

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English (native speaker)

Some German in high school, most of it is lost although at my peak I could understand what the teacher was saying.

Beginning Mandarin.

I would like to learn French. I bought a set of instruction tapes once but did not follow through on it. That was quite a few years ago.

I would also like to learn a Native American language, preferably Salish, which is the language of the tribes in the Pacific Northwest.

I had cancelled a trip to Boonville, CA, because Berlitz does not offer courses in Boontling. :( lol :lol: (There really is such a language!)

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English (speaking for the last 35 years)

Cantonese (born with it)

Mandarin (Madarin Chinese elementary school)

Vietnamese & French (secondary & high school)

German (4 years during high school)

Japanese (1 semester at work but hated it)

Can communicate with my gardener in broken Spanish

C, Assembly, Verilog and VHDL languages.

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Cantonese is my mother tongue.

I learned English because I was raised in the U.S., going to school, talking to people, etc.

I learned Mandarin from talking to people and studying by myself.

I learned French in middle school and high school.

I learned a bit of German and Japanese by cramming for a few days.

I can read a bit of Vietnamese if it's written in Chữ Nôm. (can't speak a single syllable of it; I pronounce the Chữ Nôm in Cantonese.)

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Well, I'm only learning Japanese and Chinese. English is my native language, but I want to learn Polish later on as it's the only overseas country in which I have relatives.

I've studied Japanese for 5 years now, with intentions to major in Japanese and Chinese in an arts degree. I'm planning to be a language teacher. I've only started Chinese this year, and I must say I think the languages compliment each other wonderfully. I find it much easier to learn kanji / hanzi these days as I'm starting to be able to recognize most radicals and particles.

I want to learn other Asian languages, as whilst I really want to travel everywhere, I'm looking forward to traveling through the Thailand/Laos area to teach. I'd also love to visit Malaysia as when I was younger I had an online friend from there. Maybe a strange reason as we're no longer in touch, but I was always interested in visiting there because of that.

As far as non-Asian languages are concerned, I also thought Spanish looked interesting.

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Mother tongue: Norwegian

Near-native: English (Norway is quite an anglophile country, and we start learning the language in the first years of primary school. In addition, I've also attended an international school in Britain, and I've been forced to speak English on an everyday basis the last three years. I just wish I could get rid of my darn Norwegian accent. Other non-natives probably recognize the stigma sometimes attached to foreign accents in English-speaking countries.)

Intermediate: German (4 years at school. Quite close to Norwegian in many respects.)

Beginner/Low-intermediate: Mandarin/普通话 1 year in Ningxia through a gap-year project program

Beginner: Modern Standard Arabic (2 years in high-scool)

And since I'm Norwegian, I have a pretty good command of Swedish and Danish, and would probably be able to work my way through an Icelandic text (at a snail's pace, though).

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