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What other languages do we speak


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English - Native

Spanish - Native

Japanese - Intermediate

Korean - Beginner

French - 1 year in high school

Mandarin - Lower Intermediate

Cantonese - Lower intermediate

I can read/write more Chinese than actually speak it though D:

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English (native)

Norwegian (fluent - grew up with it at home/currently live and work in Norway)

Spanish (fluent - studied 6 years including one year in Argentina)

French (quickly-rusting fluency - studied 3 years including one year in France)

Studied/understand a few others, but either I can't use them worth mentioning yet (eg. Mandarin and Arabic) or only understand because they are so close to languages I already speak (eg. Swedish, Danish, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese).

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For me, I consider the following fluent. I define fluent as ability to easily communicate/watch tv/listen to radio/etc, but still expanding vocabulary (particularly written/formal):




Mandarin Chinese

Can understand with little issues, but can't speak:



Low Intermediate (ie. I forgot it all by now):



Currently studying:


I can understand some Shanghainese as well, but that's limited in scope, so I don't count it.

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I speak (in order of proficiency):

  • Norwegian (18 years, native)
  • English (12 years)
  • German (12 years, plus I was an exchange student in Germany for 1 year)
  • Esperanto (I was a semi-active Esperantist for about one year, but after a while I realized that the language isn't as "perfect" as they claim and that they aren't getting anywhere, so I left the movement)
  • Spanish (1 year while I was in Germany, am going to take it up again after I reach a decent level in Chinese)
  • Chinese 普通话 (Just for a few months, not studying very intensively due to school)

I'd consider myself fluent in English and German. I'm able to hold a conversation in Esperanto, but I'm kinda rusty and I don't use the language anymore. I can understand some Spanish, but not speak it. My Chinese is still very limited - ChinesePod rated me as an "Advanced Newbie".

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