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BLCU Spring Semester 2010


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Hi everyone..

Hmm guess all of you are absent from this forum since u're all seeing where to stay what to do etc... or you are on your way to BJ.

like shawn said if u are going around the uni, really have to have someone who knows chinese coz most of the pple here dnt speak english. Hmm even pple at the university too do not speak english... wel never thought it will be like this...oh that idea of a tag with our names would be great lol. could do that on the start of the courses lol...

Hmmm wel I arrived yesterday and got a room in dorm 7. wel its not bad but may b was expecting more...but think there is still place in dorm 7 and oh yea u know what they actually hand you a student handbook when you get your student ID. pretty much information which could have been useful before.

Yep there is a registration to do at the police station for those staying outside uni.

China mobile is the cheapest really...

I cant wait for classes to begin to see what is BLCU all about. we gonna see...

hope we can up sometime guys...

cya all

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Hey guys, just wondering if anyone knows any good places to hang out with friends on or around the campus...

we already know about the cafe next to Dorm 17 and also that dingy Karaoke place near the gym...but what about a place with some pool tables and bar...?

Oh and is there any places around Beijing doing anything special for Lantern Festival?

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additional questions
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Mostly brought together from postings on another thread but thought it might still be useful for those arrive/arriving for this semester - please note info is about 1 yr old. This is relevant as I am told that the new building which should be finished anytime now will be hosting a MacDonald and KFC - but who wants to eat that when one can have lovely Chinese food :-?

...on Eating on Campus, Food and...Pocket Money...

Eating on Campus

You should get a dining hall card as soon as possible after you register for class so you can eat conveniently in the very cheap dining hall that is near the South Gate. You have to get someone to show you where to buy the card; it's near the dining hall but I can't describe it easily.


On campus cafeteria: about 10kuai/meal

On campus restaurants: about 20-30kuai/meal

Off campus restaurants: about 50kuai/meal

There is a friendship store in BLCU...but it’s quite pricey. Outside and near to the West Gate is a fruit shop, also expensive, but just keep walking as if u were to go towards the junction of xijiao hotel and BLCU and there is a mini market there with some of the cheapest and lovely fresh fruits and veggies u will ever buy…

Tips from BrianUS: To get a cafeteria card you must have your student ID and 100 yuan. Go down the back alley next to the Muslim restaurant to find the office. 30 yuan will be a deposit and 70 yuan will be on your card. According to my roommate, the first floor east cafeteria was only for Chinese students. It is now open to all, but it seems most of the International students eat in the west cafeteria.

The food is roughly the same on both sides, but it seems most of the dishes are prepared only once before serving. This means if you arrive towards the end of the meal a lot of the food will be gone/cold. This seems especially true during lunch (I get out of class at 12:30pm as a beginner) in the Chinese cafeteria as many come at 11:00 am. For dinner I always go to the east side as the prices seem cheaper for some of the same food. I still don't understand why a meat dish is only 2.50 compared to 6.00 yuan on the west side.

A special night out can easily cost upwards of 400rmb, especially if you have a nice dinner and a few drinks, plus cab fare, entrance fees...

Pocket Money

Honestly, it really depends on what you want to do during the month. I'm a scholarship student, so I had 1700rmb given to me by the Chinese government each month. In general, it lasted me until the 3rd week of the month and then I supplemented that with my own money. However, I don't know what your spending habits are like and what you prefer to do and where you prefer to spend your money.

If you like to eat out at nicer restaurants, if you like to go out to the bars and clubs on the weekends for a good time, if you plan on travelling a lot, if you want to make sure you have a little more of the luxuries and comfort of home, you will spend a lot more than I did. Some of my friends easily spent 1700rmb in a week, if not the very same day they received it.

Personally, I'm not much for going out clubbing a lot, and I've been to a lot of the tourist attractions in Beijing already, so I don't spend money there. I eat pretty cheaply. Most weekdays, I spend around 20-30rmb for all my meals. I do splurge a little on the weekends, but I rarely spend more than 50rmb for a single meal unless it's a special occasion. I also didn't buy sheets and whatever else my roommates did to make the room more comfortable for them, because I was fine roughing it out for the year. All that obviously adds up, especially if you want stuff that's similar to what you're used to back home. I would suggest 2000rmb to be the minimum.

Most of my money went into the 4 week winter vacation where I dropped a good deal of cash travelling around southern China.

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Hi Guys!

May I ask who is currently on campus? Also, would anyone be interested in meeting up in the afternoon for lunch or tea? I'm starting to miss speaking English to English speaking people. :help

Btw, I can speak conversational Chinese so if anyone needs help communicating with the locals etc I'd be glad to help out (:

Altea: Thanks for the useful information (: You been a student here for long?

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Hi Wasabi! I advise that you just read through the threads and you can see where all the different people are. However, Dorm 17 and CC are good bets and just listen, as most new students will be speaking English!

I know that MontyMike could do with help with Chinese as he needs to get things sorted out at the Bank. :roll: He was planning to do this sometime on Monday, unless Banks are open on Sunday? He is staying at the CC (as are so many others)

I am aware that Monday is day for placement tests and also for registration and that classes are starting Wednesday and that Tuesday could be the day for the medical check...as they need to organise all the busses in advance.


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internet and mobile phone :

I prepared quite a long post on this on another thread. I gathered the info from other posts, less than 1 year old. Prices have not changed that much and most are still valid now.

Just go to the post dated 13 January 2010 on


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Registration and Placement Test and Class Locations

OK, next days are important and as this is another thread, here is info (gathered from other threads) on:

Registration (a really useful post by 'ferrarii' :clap !)

I had a problem with my registration as I TelegraphicTransfered the tuition fee and I did not have the confirmation receipt from admin which i now must get on Monday. Reckon if u want to register try to...

Come extra early when it opens, from 8 or around 11-12. I came at 10 and it was packed and I had to queue like crazy.

If you're registering on Monday: go and do your placement test first.

Registration Process

If you transferred money telegraphically (TT) then

• you need to get receipt from administration office on Monday

• Then basically, for your 1st queue just give the person your admission notice

• You will in turn be given a tuition bill

• Go to 2nd floor for the 2nd queue to pay your tuition bills

• 3rd queue on 2nd floor for your medical insurance (just give the guy/girl your passport).

• Last queue downstairs for student card/handbook/class schedule, prepare all docs you have with you.

• Lastly get your placement test info on the big billboard and your done.

IF you TT-ed, , then bring the receipt to the last queue and get your stuff there.

Overall a bit disappointed as I was not given appropriate direction to solve my TT problem. A bit unorganized on the BLCU side I guess.

Paperwork to bring when you register: From XiaoBin:

Again I only know for the short term but think it's the same for long term students

- Passport

- Admission notice

- JW202 form (not always needed but bring just in case)

- Pictures for your student card (believe that you need 2)

- Temporary resident papers or proof of where you are staying, you can get them from your dorm (not really sure, heard that some ppl registered without them)

- Receipt that you paid the administration fee

- Money, bring cash if you can. Payment by credit card is possible but there will be a fee, and you might need to go to a different building to pay.

The photo shop next to the Friendship Store will give you 16 passport pictures for around 40 yuan, so perfect for admissions.

Class Locations

- 6 hrs/day, 12/20 weeks. Building 3

- 4hrs/day, 20 weeks. Run run shaw (Yifu building)

- 4hrs/day, 12 weeks. Not sure think it's building 2 and 3

- Long term students. Blue Building -Building 1

Here's a link to Yueni's campus map: http://www.blcu.edu.cn/blcuweb/engli...campus-map.jpg

Placement Test

When you get to BLCU, you will have to take something that's called a "placement test".

On your application form you have to circle the amount of words you know (A=0, B=800, etc) Everyone that circled A will take the same placement test, B and so on. The test will be written, reading and spoken. The teacher will evaluate this and put you in the right class. i.e. If you circled B and your written chinese is B level, but spoken is C level they might concider putting you in C class.

Don't worry about it too much tho. You can decide to switch classes the first week that you get there. So if you think it's too easy then go a level up, or vice-versa.

:clap:clap Upgrading classes

After the diagnostic/levelling exam, discuss with the teacher about the class where he/she will place you in. If you feel it is too low, you can ask if you can make it in a higher class.

If this fails, wait for the books to be released in your class and then determine if it is OK or too easy. If it is, go to the upgrade process where you will be interviewed again by another teacher to determine if you can make it or not.

For me the best level is the level which is not easy or too hard.

Results of Placement Test from 2-5 pm

Have fun! :D

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Hmmm think there is the blablabar near dorm 7 where u can hang out.. have not been there either...

There's a small place I like near dorm 2, its friends cafe... its quite good and not filled with much students...

Do we really need med check up? coz when I got my student ID I asked the lady if I needed medical check up and she said no... anyway dunno how they working things out...

For those that want food they can get out of uni, there's a place near Chao Shi Fa where u can eat out cheap... have been there only once...Chao shi fa is also the place to go if you wanna buy some stuffs... Its found on the left when you leaving from the south gate.

There Hua lian which is about 15mins walk from Uni. there u get to buy things etc.. and shopping too... Just cross the road from the south gate and walk straight until you find it...

for those students who are yet to come and are reading this thread. be prepared especially if you dnt speak chinese... coz the staff members dnt know much english...

hope it helps

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Don't worry about the placement test as I'm pretty sure 70% of all students will be placed in the WRONG class. I filled in three questions out of 150+ and handed it in. I was placed in the beginner pinyin class, but was able to move up the same day. Many students had a go with their ego and went for the highest class possible. After a few months I could tell their basics were hurting.

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Banks work on saturdays and sundays. But if you're thinking of changing foreign currency during these days, th ebanks inside BLCU won't do it. So you will just have to go to bank of China which is like 15mins from BLCU when you take the 'dong men' - east door. Just turn left from eastern door and walk straight, u will see a bridge then after traffic lights. Bank of China is just there. Bank of China is said Zhong Guo Ying Hang.

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@ eddy83

Thanks for the advice, although I would think that if there is an oral component (to the placement exam) that I would have to be there in person?!

Anyway, seeing as everyone is already finding their way around I'm hoping there will be charitable ones willing to help me out! I have better listening than speaking Chinese, so I may be useful to people who speak Zero.

I am going to be jetlagged and totally confused. Excited about hearing about everything though. I'm looking to get an apartment if anyone needs a roomie! I've got a contact (who speaks Chinese, currently studies at BLCU), that will hopefully be available to help me find a place. She said you need to go through an agent?!

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Banks inside campus is ICBC.. there's an office where you can open up and account and an ATM too inside the building, not inside the bank though, its inside the same building of the bank, so you will have to get out of the office bank and wall around until you see the ICBC sign. Hmmm forgot how the building is named, sorry guys... But one thing for sure it is near Yifu building (also named Run Run Shaw).

Hmmm you also have another ATM near the south gate, on the left side when going out...

Think there's another bank too on campus, will have to confirm.

Hmmm for Bank of China ATMs I don't know if the one I mentioned earlier has an ATM there. Think you will have to check.

http://www.bankofchina.com/sourcedb/atmdist/ This link provides you with the location of the ATMs in Beijing for Bank of China. If you can have someone read chinese for you that would be great. He may tell you which one is nearer to Uni.

Hope it helps guys...

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Have you tried furunjiayuan? it is near BLCU and the first thing you see upon entering the apartment vicinity is an apartment agent office. Best to get your friend to take you along and get them to speak chinese to them. I was quoted 3500-4000 a month for a studio apartment there and you really have to take care all the utilities stuff i.e. electricity, phone (you have to get a phone and an account + internet), deal with the land lord, and stuff like that. With Zero chinese it will be quite hard. Any area within wudaokou is pretty near to BLCU with walking distance within 5-15 mins.

GL apartment hunting

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ICBC is in the Administrative Building. I'm Aussie and when I went there with my foreign currency, I found that they don't want mine! They only take US dollars, apparently. Oh well. So we went to another bank to change and then came back to set up my bank account. :)

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Anyone know if returning students can register on the 8th? My classmates informed me registration ends on the 5th and classes start on the 8th. I'm having problems getting a plane ticket and might not make it back until the 8th. I'm going to try and e-mail the school, but I'm not guaranteed a response.

I already paid the whole year and I think I just show my school ID to start up again...

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Can anyone recommend any restaurants on/near campus with pictures or English in their menu? My spoken Mandarin is pretty poor and I read hanzi even worse. It's particularly hard to find Chinese restaurants with menus I can use, since many of the korean/indian/etc. places tend to cater more to the hanzi-impaired crowd.

Also, I prefer *cheap* eats. <20rmb per dish would be good, ~10rmb would be ideal. Right now I'm subsisting mostly off of those egg pancakes from street carts (breakfast) and ramen from the convenience store (lunch), but a real dinner would be nice.

I went to the big restaurant on the second floor of the dining hall, and tried to guess my way through the hanzi menu... and failed. Also, whoever said the service there was bad was being kind! Really, the only bad service I've had here.

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