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BLCU Spring Semester 2010


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@ Ingaz and SteepleJake

U can try the restaurant I mentionned earlier. It is off campus, near Chao Shi Fa which is near Uni. They have an english menu there. They would probably give you the chinese card menu. But just ask them for yin yu, they should understand. Also if you do not want chili in your dish. say : bu yao la jiao. That's the basic am using in order to survive through the restaurants here...

Hey guys hmm did any of you ever tried to get something sent from home to here? I have a few stuffs and was thinking of DHL but then does my dorm address have to be written in english, in case they do not understand the english postal address. please advise guys... Thks

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Maureen just to be safe i'd probably put both english and chinese..

On another note how many of you are actually in dorm 17? It seems like i'm one of the few that speaks english as my native language - all the others seem to be in the conference centre!

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damn right Ruds10, "CC is the place to be!"

Maureen, Chinese addresses should be written in characters (or pinyin at least). if the person back home cant write characters then a good idea is to email them the address in characters and they print it off and tape it on.

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Hey thxxx a lot guys.. think really seems safer to write both chinese and english...

will have to see how the restaurant is called and I will let you know...

Is the CC that awesome... hmm have nt been there yet, mayB will have to take a look around... :P is the price ok too?

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hey guys, my bro and I are hitting BLCU and doing the 12 week program and we have no prior mandarin skills even though we are of chinese blood!

Anyways we are hoping to find some flatmates who'd like to share a place so let us know if you're interested. We start on the 29th March and hope to be there about a week before to sort things out.

Bonjour Maureen ca va?!?! enchante! haha

How old is everyone whos going in march anyways?

Hit me back peeps.

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Euh salut drelaaa ouf au moins une personne qui parle le francais.. J'avais peur d'oublier mon francais... geezz thxxx :P

Hmmm donc je conclut que quelque part tu connais Maurice...

If you coming, prepare stuffs that you think you will miss and that u may nt find in China...

Oh for those looking for english menu u can try Tonkatsu and Curry, japanese food. u turn right from the south door and then head straight. Its like 15mins walk... Food is around 10 to 40 yuans... Its not bad and they offer home delivery too. In fact I think that most places around Uni do offer english menus, we have to look for that... :P

C u...

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I'm also doing the 12 week course starting on the 29th, and also landing in Beijing on something like the 24th! Plus I havent sorted out accomodation yet - up until now Ive been planning to just arrive at BLCU and see if there's room anywhere, but a flat sounds like a good idea!

Everythings pretty up in the air atm, but pm me if you still need someone, even if not it would be great to meet up with some English speakers in the days leading up to the 29th (Im heading out on my own, scarey stuff)

oh and im 21, male, uk

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@ ~lynks

I'm looking to get an apartment!

25 female, Chinese/Australian, with really crappy Chinese.

I think i'm going to write down all of these places that provide english menus so I can survive my first weeks.

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i got the cafeteria card, how do i use it? i ask the person who sold the card and she said just use it. can someone elaborate??

You will go up to any stand in the cafeteria and point/say what you want. Put your card on one of the electronic meters and they will deduct money after throwing a scoop on your plate. Just move down the line to pick and choose, so you will probably have your card used several times.

I think the card must have at least 5 kuai on it, but you may have money put on it at the window next to the main line in canteen 2 and in the corner near the sinks in canteen 1.

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Hey guys, quick question:

how are the classes organized? Are there different classes for speaking, reading, writing etc?

For example, can you be in level A for reading but level C for speaking? Or is all the same class with the same people?

Thanks !

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@ quynh anh nguye

I too am happy with the rooms.. just wish there were more communal areas with couches where people could study etc.. I am in 3.19 if you ever want to say hello come knock on my door

@ love_china

I think (not 100% sure about this) classes are all standard in terms of if you are in class B you are Speaking B Listening B and Reading/Writing B. I have talked to a couple of people that are good at speaking but can't read so they are stuck at a low class

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Hey again all, I'm gonna be doing the 12 week course starting on the 29th. I'm landing in Beijing on the 24th (from Dubai, landing at 14:45 Beijing time)

I'm not bringing anyone with me and have NO idea what I'll be doing between landing and registration - I'm hoping to be able to show up at BLCU and get a room - question for all the people already there how much of a chance will I have at getting a room?

Failing that I'll be looking for a place to stay from the 24th until I get a place at BLCU for the 12 weeks. I have to say I'm a little nervous about those first few days - if theres anyone in a similar situation (landing around the 24th ish for the course starting on the 29th) Id really like to meet up just so I'm not completely alone in the big city :P !

Anyway, looking forward to meeting some of you out there! Ahhh excited :)

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