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CSC Scholarship - 2014 General Discussion


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@Kat, if I understand the Approval and Notification section of the scholarship description right, the process is as follows:


(1) dispatching authority recommends you to the CSC,

(2) if qualified, the CSC forwards your application to the university (regardless of whether you'd already applied to the university)

(3) Chinese university accepts you (if you haven't already applied)

(4) if accepted by the university, the CSC will award* the scholarship


Based on the above, the dispatching authority must nominate you, the CSC must qualify you, and the university must accept you.


So to answer your question, I believe the dispatching authorities make a preliminary selection and the CSC+universities make the final selection.  




*edit: based on the website wording "with the approval from CSC," it's difficult to say whether the CSC or the university has the final say!

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Hello everyone. I have sent my application and other documents to Chinese embassy in my country, before that I have sent my documents to university that I wanted to apply for this scholarship. And then they (university) sent me back letter of acceptance. By the way is letter acceptance same as admission letter or is there any chance that I already accepted and got the scholarship? Please, anyone who knows kindly answer this. Thank so much.

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@brenda, that's a good question.  No, the letter of acceptance from your university does not mean that you received the scholarship.  This is an important part of the scholarship process, though.


I would contact your embassy to let them know you received this acceptance letter and ask them if you should email or forward a copy to them.


Most likely, they will want a copy right away (at least mine did) to include with your application.  Having the acceptance letter may not guarantee the scholarship, but I got the impression from my embassy that they definitely preferred to have the acceptance letter (for this year's applicants).

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Hi everyone, I'm a bit late to the forum this year.  I haven't applied for the CSC...still thinking about it.  My country's deadline is in 2 weeks and I haven't even done my physical examinations yet.  I am in China right now on another scholarship and I have learned that this year, the CSC scholarship application has changed just a slight bit.  Hope your applications have been going smoothly!

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Hi, everyone  --

I got word from the post office that my application arrived to the embassy back in March, but is being returned, as "the addressee moved and left no forwarding address."

The address I used was:

Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the United States of America

3505 International Place, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20008 U.S.A.

Did I use the wrong address? Did anyone applying in the US use a different one? Or is there an ATTN that I should have used to make sure it went to the correct place?

I'm hoping that there's still time to get the package back to me, then back to Washington in time for the deadline, but I'm feeling a bit pessimistic.

Let me know. Thanks! 

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I got the recommendation from dispatching authorities. Few days ago I received an email from the office responsible for handling scholarships in my home country and they told me that I was chosen by them and the Chinese embassy to be one of the students they recommend to receive the CSC scholarship.


The final decision is made by CSC commission in China. Maybe someone who knows more about the process could say if this means my chances are rather high or not? I feel it's quite sure after talking with the official in charge of these things.

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@geometry,  I may depend on the particular scholarship.  For example: most of the local scholarships I viewed say that you can't receive any other scholarship money.  Does this mean that you can't apply to both?  (If you get both, do you get disqualified?)  


One of the local scholarships was explicit in this requirement: "Applicants should not apply for other scholarship in the same time."


Another one had no mention of it whatsoever.



If anyone has experience with this, I'd be interested to hear!

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@Kate00024, That's very odd!


That's the same address that I used in February (and David Ma used in March).


Have you been in contact with them?  I would send them an email at admin<at>sino-education.org to clarify the address and any other details they want you to know.  I've been in contact with Mr. Liu via email and he's been very helpful!


Here's the address I used for what it's worth (I confirmed by email that they received mine):


Educational Affairs of Chinese Embassy

Attn: 刘江义

3505 International Place, N.W.

Washington, D.C. 2008


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@Razumihin, congratulations on being recommended by your home country!  It sounds like the process varies a little from country to country and appliant type to applicant type.  However, here is how I understand the general process to work (link to post #162).


So, depending on your country, you may have made it farther than many other applicants!  I can't speculate on your final chances, though (yet).

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**Shameless Plug**


By the way, for all of you wonderful Chinese enthusiasts and scholarship-seekers, make sure you check out the other parts of these forums!  They have a lot of great advice about studying Chinese, living in China, etc.


A couple highlights:

Write-ups from various Chinese Universities  (You should write in this section about your experience once you get there!)

Aims and Objectives (See the ambitious goals of your fellow leaners and contribute if you dare!)

Why Chinese (What got you interested in starting this journey?)

And more...


I know some of you are already familiar with these other sections, but the more people who participate, the more information will be available for everyone!  

(Oh, and hopefully we'll have a lot of scholarship veterans on here this fall!  :)


**/end Shameless Plug**

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Thanks for the info! Your response has been very helpful and reassuring to me. I sent an email over and they responded with this address: 

Jiangyi Liu (Mr.)
First Secretary
Education Office
Chinese Embassy in the U.S.
3505 International Place, NW
Washington DC 20008

So it looks like Mr. Liu  is holding down the fort for us applicant. Hooray!  :D  
The post office said that they can try to get the package back to me in the next few days, so I feel much better about re-addressing it and sending it back off.

The last time I applied to study abroad, UPS lost my passport and visa application about a block away from the UK Border Agency. It dropped off the plane of existence and stayed lost for a full 2 months. Everything turned out okay in the end with a good bit of last minute travel and housing, but needless to say, I'm quite paranoid about sending documents in the mail now. Next time, I may just make a road trip of it. Haha.

All best!

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im  new girl here i wish all the best   :)


I have submitted an application to the Chinese government scholarship...

I hope that I have a chance and that are accepted for scholarship


I have applied to sjtu for one year language and 2 years for master wish me luck  :D   :D   :D   :D  


by the way our  Embassy does not accept any applications  are not all the way 


i apply directly to the university do I have a chance? i hope   :wall   :wall   :wall   :wall


can i apply  more than ones  ??for more chance !!!!


with all my respect an wish luck  for all of you guys    :)

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@Kate00024, glad it was helpful!  Thanks for posting the response from Mr. Liu.  (And that's quit a horror story about the passport!  :(  )


I hope everything works out well for you with this application!  :)

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