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Confucius Institute Scholarship 2019

Matheus Salgado
Message added by Lu

Dear scholarship applicants,


Please don't forget we have LOTS of useful information on this site, not just the scholarship topics. We can advise on learning Chinese, life in China, visas and if you can't find what you need to know, you can ask a question


Take a look around!



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15 hours ago, eloyu said:

Hello guys,


I applied for the one semester scholarship starting 09/19 on May 17 and I am still stuck at stage 2 推荐机构审核 while my recommending institute just told me that they already confirmed my application. Shouldn't it be automatic?


Should I wait a few more days or ask again to my recommending institute? Is there any way to check directly with Hanban whether they actually received the approval?


The recommending institute is not very familiar with me so I am afraid that they mistook me for someone else.


Thanks a lot for your helpful posts! Wish you the best of luck

@eloyu same thing happened to me, my CI told me they had already forwarded my application but it was still at stage 2 and my examination report remained blank. I insisted and called the director because I knew that if it had not moved to stage 3 then they hadn't really forwarded it or maybe they weren't familiar with the system so they didn't know how to. After a week of calling and insisting my director notified me that there had been a "problem with the system" and that my application had finally moved on to stage 3. This time, unlike the first time, my examination report did say it had been accepted by my CI. I have read on FB groups that if your application didn't even reach stage 3 by may 20 it is impossible for universities and hanban to consider your application; I don't really know if this is true ? 

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@eloyu what does your examination report says?

1)in my case when i clicked the submit button my application never moved to stage 2. and asked my recommended institution for approval and after 5 days they approved my application, all these days my application remained on stage 1, (now according to system my application was still at stage 1 which means i have not submitted it yet and technically it should not be visible to recommending institution) after their approval my application status changed directly from 1 to 3. i hope this could be the case with your application, may be its already visible to the institution of your choice and will move directly from stage 2 to 4 after pre-admission.


2) dont hesitate to contact Hanban/ Host institution, they are there to help, although sometimes host institution dont reply but keep asking.


3) Go to your on line application and click the print button, you will be able to download a pdf file. now check what does the last page says, if your recommending institution has already recommended you, you will be able to see the date on which they recommended you  and their sign as well.


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@lahore @MarleneAlv


Dear both,


Thanks a lot for your answers!

 - I can't see a print button on the platform... I am currently in stage 2 and here is what appears (see attached). As you may see, there has not been any new actions since I submitted my application

-I believe (but I might be mistaken) that I moved directly to stage 2 when I submitted my application

-CI already confirmed that they contacted and forwarded my application to Hanban

-I contacted Hanban by email, did not find a way to contact them by phone


I don't know if there is anything I can do at this stage of the process... 

Also should I contact the universities of my choice directly?


Many thanks for all your insights!

Kind regards


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Everyone moves to stage 2 when you submit your application my point was that only my application didn't move to stage 2 due to some error while it was actually on stage 2  but I could not see it.

Now according to your examination report your recommending institution hasn't recommended you yet and the other option I was telling you to check whether they have recommended you or not was that,

Log in to the website where you filled your form, http://cis.chinese.cn

Click Fill in, then click on referee, you will find this option at the bottom of the page,


Download your application by clicking the Print button and see whether the referee part of your application is filled or not. Because when you are recommended by your institution the date is automatically get filled exactly the same day your recommending institution recommends you.


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i really dont know about the stage and what will happen now. What the deadline 20th may is for? for uploading all your data? For your CI to approve or for your host university to approve?

If theres any doubt probably the best thing will be to contact the universities you have chosen and ask them, better to do this and not wait till last day! (In case you are in Stage 3, if you are in stage 2 then to your local CI)



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4 hours ago, Tuxon said:

What the deadline 20th may is for? for uploading all your data? For your CI to approve or for your host university to approve?

Tuxon  yes i have the same question! i submmited my application on march i reach out step 3 on march i waited and waited and my university didnt answered me i send them and email and on email they told me they can accept me this was on may 22 but my status didnt change a tracher asked them why and they told her the system got blocked on may 20th  and they cant push me to step 4  and there is no way ! 

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So strange they didnt changed the status in such a long period. Have you tried to contact people who applied in the same university as choice #1?? To check if they changed them to Stage 4. I guess now, past May 20th, system is really blocked and no one can change things except Hanban. Maybe in their final decision they talked with the universities of people who got stuck at Stage 3 and the whole thing will jump to Stage 5 with the final decision.

Hope this week we all get some good news!


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I got an info from facebook yesterday that some of our comrades who sent email to hanban just got a reply (seems like automatic system reply)  said that the result will come in this week, and my heart is beating faster than the past few weeks whenever I opened CIS website lol, I hope everything's gonna be okay. wish us all the best!

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I just got an email notification from Hanban & checked on the website, I got to stage 5. I'm very happy. Thank you guys for all the help you gave me on this platform. 

Good luck to those who don't know their stages yet. Let's meet in Shanghai those who'll be in Shanghai. 

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I got it!! So happy, its 7 am here, woke up 30 minutes ago, checked the system and it was blue at Stage 5!

Im HSK3 and applied for 1 year Chinese language, im 32 years old (read somewhere that age might be something negative, but in this case it havent)


Good luck for everyone still waiting! It seems they will be releasing results this hour or tomorrow for the ones who still dont got any notice, since lot of people still at Stage 4, and i guess that work hours are about to be over now in China.


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2 hours ago, 吗淑灵 said:

cogratulations   @Tuxon !!!! you give me hope for the next time !!! 


Thank you!! Why for the next time? Havent you applied? Havent seen in facebook people who got rejected! So for those who are still in Stage 4 there is still hope!


26 minutes ago, Vanderwen said:

Hello! I also applied to the 6 months scholarship and got it! somebody knows what we have to do now? Ive heard after acceptance we got three days to send the medical examinations but I cant find anything on the website.


3 days? Who told you that? We should contact our chosen university to check the next steps, i have been told that after the acceptance by Hanban we need to register into the university system (Other process to load more data), but i will wait for the university answer before doing this.

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